More or better ;-)

It has been some time since I have stepped away from social media as well as writing on this blog platform. I made a commitment to myself to not make noise for attentions sake but rather to remain consciously aware and dedicated towards adding value. I have been attempting to make sense of it all. […]

Monday pondering on a train

The thing about life is nobody gets out alive A funny statement but deeper upon reflection The older I get the more inward I turn No longer seeking approval from certain tribes with certain status areas No longer seeking as much superficial Still status is a determining force Always will be I guess The secret […]


Between Myths and Legends Truth What’s one persons Myth Is another’s Lie Worldviews matter immensely How many Truths each of us holds are in reality a luxurious lie When I hear legends from even my own life The mind is so powerful We sculpt and bend history We need immense levels of empathy now more […]


How many decisions and actions are truthfully linked to where we desire to go? i.e. our Goal? As I cross the country after a California work trip I cannot help but think Not about summary’s or actionable details but more importantly regarding honesty – each of our own Truths How many decisions do I make […]

Knowledge vs Belief

I am closing in quickly on year 47 lately I find myself scrambling for meaning and desperate for that one thing. I find that in my life it is time to put my knowledge to the test. What good is all the reading, blogging and discussing if when put to the test we do not […]


To quote the iconic band the Clash “should I stay or should I go?, if I go there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double” The DIP We all know it even though it may presently be unnamed But “it’s complicated” It is complicated because it isn’t so simple We need […]