Battles and The War

These days really lend themselves to game theory and finite vs infinite games. As we each day enter a new and uncharted world we would be very well served to practice several principles as leaders. I try to wake very early, think and meditate on the day ahead ( the days battle) while keeping vigilant […]

Letting go

Everyday this journey, this path gets more worn and when I step away and look from above I can see something I cannot within the chaos of each day- I am closer to my Goal to make a positive impact. I am closer to my goal of creating something special, something that ultimately advances not […]

Why it has all changed

I often reflect on my start in this career I feel so lucky to have literally stumbled upon as a young man. At 47 I was fortunate to begin in a very personal, face to face / relationship driven retail environment. Everything was different but everything was the same. The best “brands” understood who it […]

Ideas, opportunities and identity

I keep coming back to several key points that are undeniable in the full on connection economy A brands in order to truly be a brand must have a direct line of communication with a specific community. The internet fundamentally changed the dynamic of how a brand relates with its community and provides the means […]


As I have been in this beautiful Iron Game since the age of fourteen I truly miss the old magazines, waiting for the issues to show up at local bookstores ( well before B&N became the only bookstores), the mail order supplement companies that would ship my Beverly liver tabs, Aminos and Protein (giving me […]

Welcome to the Gun show

Nice title huh? Cheesy yes! I know. This mornings workout was a HIT Heavy Duty Shoulder / Bicep & Tricep day. Since I am leaving all pressing to Chest workouts which will also fatigue the anterior deltoids I am focusing on lateral and posterior deltoids . What I am attempting to implement in my version […]