be the calm in the storm

Passion, ambition, emotion, what good are they if they hurl us about? What good are they if they create more destruction to problematic situations? In my life as I approach my fiftieth year (wow is that really coming so soon) I am more aware than ever that these things are not beneficial if not completely […]

one life

Momento Mori, “you could leave this life right now” Seems straightforward but upon doing a reconciliation are we conducting our thoughts and actions with deliberate focus on the bigger picture? We need to surround ourselves only with those who want the best for us but it’s deeper , it’s unconditional love which means not if […]

It is always a war within

Focus and inner peace comes at a price of choosing Less. My war within is one I am not proud of. It is filled with procrastination, negativity, depression, fear, disregard, anger and resentment. Placing blame on anyone except ones self in most matters is a foolish thing. The only true resemblance of contentment comes from […]

Lets begin……again

As I have not invested any time in this blog nor have I began my journey that I have planned to journal though blog and podcast I have to take inventory of my inaction, my procrastination, my laziness and my hiding from the work I deep down know I need to do. So today I […]

This is a test

Everyday we are tested. Right or Wrong is not really so simple. There is only striving towards virtue Everyday is a test Do we escape the day? Avoid the hard parts? Live in the stress? Or, Do we speak our Truth? Understanding Actions we take dictate our outcomes “Do not pray for a easy life […]

Rear view mirrors

Dwelling on the past is a handicap if taken to the point of limiting todays decisions Sunk costs and understanding not to allow yesterdays decisions to hinder todays opportunities is REAL But I’m not referencing that… “Sometimes you gotta go back to go forward, and I don’t mean goin back to reminisce or chase ghosts. […]

Social Distancing

This week I deleted #Twitter This week I deleted #Facebook This week I deleted #Instagram Well, I deactivated them. Why? Simply, because I began paying attention to Am I posting for nothing more than social approval? Am I wasting productivity time on mindless scrolling? Am I inclined to break from work that matters to check […]