Train HARD or Train Long, NOT BOTH

Arthur Jones famous quote is today’s title and how absolutely TRUE The early morning HIT session was Back/ Traps/Chest. Yes, I made the decision to switch up things a bit. I was up at 4:30am and below is my bullet list and actual workout Upon waking 1 serving Organic beets powder with 24oz lemon water […]

Respect the Pullover

One thing that remains a absolute cult favorite and justifiably so is the attachment many Old Schoolers’ have for the Nautilus Pullover machine which has developed a mystique for its role as a core element in some of the sports greatest backs namely Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates. If you can locate a Old School […]

When nobody cares

As a professional I am amazed at both the opportunities in today’s marketplace as much as I am the limitations. The limitless opportunities to connect and provide something real to a specific consumer has never been so real. The limitations in trying to please everyone has also never been so real either. Nobody cares unless […]

More or better ;-)

It has been some time since I have stepped away from social media as well as writing on this blog platform. I made a commitment to myself to not make noise for attentions sake but rather to remain consciously aware and dedicated towards adding value. I have been attempting to make sense of it all. […]

Monday pondering on a train

The thing about life is nobody gets out alive A funny statement but deeper upon reflection The older I get the more inward I turn No longer seeking approval from certain tribes with certain status areas No longer seeking as much superficial Still status is a determining force Always will be I guess The secret […]