Where to start?

The ultimate paralyzing question But very necessary What do you care about? What do you want to create community around? Is it being done? Is it being done generously and with intent? It all starts with a question seemingly easy but not really if we look within “What is the change we seek to make?” […]

Certain Ramblings

Some statements are certainCertain statements or Facts -Your brand isn't a list of features and benefits -Your brand isn't guaranteed placement -Your brand isn't guaranteed our trust or loyalty -You are not welcomed to spam me -If I do not trust you I don't care what you cost monetarily because the true cost is what […]

Calling the PRO

“You can get everything you want in life you want, if you help enough people get what they want” Zig Ziglar This post is a reminder to self of the steps and order to truly turning PRO Self Awareness- Understanding – and not just saying the words but truly understanding ones strengths and weaknesses…then pushing […]

revisiting the Craft

“Every sale has five basic obstacles, no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust”  Zig Ziglar As “practitioners” these obstacles should always be pillars we remind ourself of daily. The problem with sales professionals is that the majority are Not sales and Not professionals Order takers when the brand does its work to […]

Extreme times

We live in extremes Sports- our team Politics- our Party our Candidate Indulgences of Food, Drink Polarized towards a absolute in lifestyle Unwavering Uncompromising after all we have to be righteous don’t we heaven forbid we don’t have it all figured out heaven forbid we embark on collaboration but wait, I would like to state […]