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Extreme times


We live in extremes

Sports- our team

Politics- our Party our Candidate

Indulgences of Food, Drink

Polarized towards a absolute in lifestyle



after all we have to be righteous don’t we

heaven forbid we don’t have it all figured out

heaven forbid we embark on collaboration

but wait,

I would like to state my case for the Balanced life or,

the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

As a young professional  and also avid Physique athlete I made my home in Extremes…

I will not lie in stating that in the short run extreme approaches – immersion, polarization, work and work well

They lose the midas touch when we seek a full and rewarding life

when it becomes about the WHOLE and not the parts

the Sprint might be for the extreme

but life isn’t a Sprint its a Triathlon, and one on another level of challenging

Balance, understanding, perpetual growth, steady growth gets us there and gets us there fulfilled knowing we lived well

here is to living well


be For or be Against , but stand for something

I must begin with a biblical passage that in my opinion sets the stage for all of life’s decisions….

Matthew 12:30

King James Bible
“He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad”

Indifference is NOT a option its a OPT OUT.

A Excuse

Its a let down to all that care

@thisissethsblog struck a nerve

Please Read Ketchup and the third party problem

sooner or later we must all accept the facts that

everyone has a bias

the only way we all work together effectively is by all vesting in rational discussions to advance the whole

This election process is a powder keg for sure

but WHY

Can anyone truly state America is in a “Good Situation”?

we all agree I believe that we need CHANGE


and so when people opt out

people do not pick themselves

people say they do not like the options

ITS A cop out
phrasal verb of cop
avoid doing something that one ought to do.
“he copped out at the last moment”

rarely in our personal lives is a choice 100% what we desire, but we find a way to see to it that we progress towards our objective…why then are we so adverse to commitment in these decisions that effect the whole of us all?

I believe that our “3rd party problem” is partly a “monday morning quarterback ” problem put another way

we love as a society to cast blame and say “well I told you so”

but thats NOT what we need

What we NEED is all of our best

What we need is CHANGE

what we need in my opinion is a CHANGE #Catalyst and thats why I am supporting @RealDonaldTrump

He is flawed

He is abbrasive

But I do believe he cares

and no matter what he will bring #REALCHANGE thats for certain