The Long game and feeling overwhelmed

Doing work that matters actually does matter In fact, getting really specific about the change we seek to make is vital With getting really specific comes the resolve and accompanying anxiety of choosing one path It requires a trust in the process however trusting the process requires that there is a process That we don’t […]

“END with WHY”

“People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it” Simon Sinek #StartwithWHY #SimonSinek If you are one of the few who has not been “Moved” by this TED talk I highly suggest clicking the link and really paying attention. Start With WHY so whats with the END with WHY? because in a […]

Know the secret handshake

  #Caremore #Mattermore #Beremarkable All of these hashtags are catchy-YES But as @thisissethsblog #SethGodin plainly states, Tell your #Story – a #TrueStory vs a #Manipulation aka ( a lie) #TrueStory is told because it needs to be told. Not for everyone For someone, a specific, maybe YOU? Maybe ME? a story that that special someone […]