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Where to start?

The ultimate paralyzing question

But very necessary

What do you care about?

What do you want to create community around?

Is it being done?

Is it being done generously and with intent?

It all starts with a question seemingly easy but not really if we look within

“What is the change we seek to make?” And for WHO?

In my life, and in my career I have been part of cash poor startups that soared and part of highly capitalized brands that cannot get out of their own way.

I have seen amazing innovation stifled by egos

I have seen growth mindset in action

What is common amongst winners

1. Ability to see a goal

2. Starting ( as Steve Jobs famously stated ” Real Artists ship”)

3. Knowing exactly who it is for( because you can never have them all)

4. Knowing what the change they seek to create is

5. Thick skin for Haters because everyone has this to overcome to do the bad work that eventually leads to the good and sometimes, Great work

It is always about taking and putting on your plate only what you can finish.

It also comes down to maximizing connections

As I start out to do the work of creating the T2 experiment the change I seek to create is to create consciously connected people seeking something more

Within that is the passionate mission to enlighten a healthy ketogenic lifestyle and truly alter & optimize each one of us

This I promise will be fun

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh caught in a bad romance

phlRelationship-the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.

Virtuous-having or showing high moral standards.


Unethical-lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct.

Its about time we as professionals do serious examination and accountability towards the “relationships” we have

-Relationships with  partners we do our business with– The companies , corporate or private , enormous or small, the partners we entrust with the keys to our careers, our growth, are they in a Virtuous relationship with us? Are we truly acting in a giving and Virtuous manner with doing all we can to be integral to them when provided with their “keys”? Or are we simply continuing a bad cycle in a “Unethical and Toxic” relationship? Are we the abused? or the abuser? or possibly, as most often a shared hand in bad and unethical practices, not in a malicious manner however still not a relationship thats worthy.

-Relationships with employers –Are we in a relationship with our employers? Is it a environment simply and honestly:

  1. Provides clear goals?
  2. Empower towards growth and learning through ambitious mistakes without fear?
  3. Provide a #Worldview we can deeply embrace and believe in?

-Relationships with employees, the people we are supposed to #Lead and #Inspire and #Empower to be MORE, to achieve, to take chances and make mistakes. ARE WE?

-Relationships with our #TRIBE –Do we know who we best identify with? Have we taken the time and continually take more time to know who our Tribe is, to communicate with them, and develop that network both from a personal and professional perspective?

-Relationships we have with our #STORY- Do we know our own “soundtrack” , our deep down, jump out of our skin with excitement narrative? Our STORY is what makes us so special, every one of us. Do we take the time to be certain the puzzle pieces we currently are holding actually ‘FIT”?

Life moves FAST

we all are guilty of taking way too little time to examine what we do to make certain it quite simply Makes Good Sense.


They are all similar to a degree in that they are “virtuous” and moving us towards VIRTUE which to the ancient Stoics was the lifelong ideal


They are “unethical” and thus from one side or the other or both a BAD and festering situation moving us away from the ultimate life goal of attaining VIRTUE.

I could do a examination on all levels and spout advice here that I quite honestly am not qualified to give. I am proudly striving towards VIRTUE in my own life in both my personal relationships as well as my career/professional relationships. I seek Progress in incrimental strides of progress daily, fully expecting setbacks along the way.

This however blog post is NOT about all of these.

This was a build up for me of looking at the “ideal” and “Toxic” relationships a brand experiences in todays rapidly changing enviroment and a honest rational approach.

We are in a current market that I truly believe has shifted 180 degrees to favor any truthful brand that actively wishes to engage and embrace its TRIBE.

I believe Brands are still locked into a false #Mindset of fast growth, and allowing these potential partners to essentially become their voice and build their relationship with the Brands potential TRIBE.


Its a Shortcut

See, I believe in what I am Experiencing. I Truly DO

No retail chain, Retail Website, Distribution partner is going to be the “Secret Sauce” thats going to build your brand.

You have to CARE enough

You have to let them KNOW YOU

the real you, the WHY, i.e. your STORY

don’t worry it doesn’t have to be polished and perfect

Thats staged and fake if it is

They simply want you to SHOW UP to LEAD

but do you CARE ENOUGH?

I honestly believe the ZERO to HERO Mindset is so problematic within start ups

I truly have been part of and witnessed a rushed approach destroy what CARE and Time would of potentially molded into something REAL, NEEDED, and EMBRACED


or Is your Brand in old and “Unethical” Toxic relationships? If the latter, say it, speak up!

Most times Brands would be best suited to stop the bad relationships and more robustly be present in the potentially good ones.

comes back always to KIS

K eep

I t

S imple

Fewer Clients- more attention

Fewer Tasks- more dedication

Fewer but MORE


we all need MORE after all don’t we?


Know the secret handshake






All of these hashtags are catchy-YES

But as @thisissethsblog #SethGodin plainly states, Tell your #Story – a #TrueStory vs a #Manipulation aka ( a lie)

#TrueStory is told because it needs to be told.

Not for everyone

For someone, a specific, maybe YOU? Maybe ME? a story that that special someone embraces because it #Matters

a #TrueStory can still have a driving force of creating wealth, revenues however for integrity sake ( NOT as a selling feature), It must have some component of #generosity

It must have a internal worldview that expresses #Empathy- yes

#Empathy does NOT mean to change to stretch the #Story to be everything to everyone

because Thats NOT special

as ZIG Ziglar famously said “Be a meaningful specific and not a wandering generality”

call it whatever you wish, I am all about being a #Meaningfulspecific #Fringe #Purplecow

and then there is the other side, sometimes hard to decipher

The #manipulator

sometimes these companies or individuals  with HIDE and use a properly funded marketing #Manipulation to appeal to a specific #Tribe

sometimes it is dynamic


Often times not truly #Caring means you aren’t one of the #Tribe and remember the secret  club saying “People like US do things like THIS” but they don’t know that ( or the secret handshake)

so they are eventually ( and rightfully ) Exposed…Shameful

see our #Tribes do not mind you being #Pro

we don’t mind you being in it for the money

as long as you are not manipulating us with a buffet of lies

thats where they get it all wrong

thats where the con is up!

For you with your head spinning right now wondering, What do I do when it comes to seeking a great opportunity, a great company to put your skills to the test, how do you not find yourself manipulated?

Best answer I can give is interview your potential new suitor

ask them “WHY”, WHY do you exist as a company? Why should someone care? What is your STORY?

and after asking these questions hopefully your answer will be clear