Where to start?

The ultimate paralyzing question But very necessary What do you care about? What do you want to create community around? Is it being done? Is it being done generously and with intent? It all starts with a question seemingly easy but not really if we look within “What is the change we seek to make?” […]

MILK – does your body good……..raw

I still remember the 1990s and the introduction of Designer Whey to the supplement industry. As far as many today believe this was the introduction of high quality protein products to the market. Make no mistake, I still remember my old apartment on grand moms 3rd floor, stacked on kitchen floor was at any moment 3 cases of the mix able, easily digested Designer Whey. Yes me and my friends consumed plenty. However truth be told whey was new on the scene but once again the standard had been established in the 60s- when RHEO H BLAIR introduced his protein formulations and more importantly the protocol surrounding it. The concept, the legend is based off of a very natural Total Milk in complex with extremely high quality whole egg protein however usage called for mixing with Raw whole milk 1:1with Raw cream. This created a ultra low carbohydrate high Protein, fat shake ( name muscle milk ring any bells). One can search and find volumes of great reviews from former Blair’s consumers – many accomplished competitor as well. One fact often left out was the use of high potency proteolytic enzymes to ease digestion, because you can only use what you can digest. The other component forgotten was the way to consume the shake. Blair recommended crimping the straw and sipping, never gulping. This almost mimics natural feeding and eases potential gastro issues. Great advice in 2014 isn’t it? Enzymes! What was the last big company educating on enzymes or omega 3s? I could never leave the origanol Met-Rx from this equation. Another gem based on the whole milk,milk isolate, milk concentrates. The current additions are so many versions removed from those amazing first couple years. Yes this was a truly amazing protein that seemed to transform physiques almost overnight. I guess that first brings me to what I believe is current state of protein market and my Top 3 (as late night hosts do)
The current state of the category- in my opinion is lackluster at best. When economy tanked, and protein costs soared it seems that all the biggest companies gravitated to value/ economy whey or complexes or they simply put fancy proprietary names to what in essence is nicely labeled crap. Non GMO crap, indigestible manure. Some even have taken to tricks such as amino spiking which is essentially adding indigestible single aminos or collagen, silica to give a basic nitrogen reading that appears to show labeled protein content not truly in product- this is scumbag stuff period. A black eye to us all. Disgusting.
Most reputable brands simply all gravitated to producing standard proteins, nothing special with no science dictating why and ratios in complexes.
The one beacon in my humble opinion was CNP Propeptide- the brainchild of the wisest protein scientist, behind the sciences genius we have been given in recent decades. This protein was special. Truly. Based on milk protein and all intact fractions therein Philip went a step farther culturing “unlocking” this proteins digest ability ” it is complexed along with Egg white albumin as well. This is a amazing product that is all but extinct in the marketplace.
I believe the top 3 protein products available currently are in rank as listed:
3.B’more organic skyr ready to drink shakes
2.Beverly International UMP
1.CNP Propeptide

I am seriously in discussions with the authorities on the topic attempting to bring or source the next generation of protein. 100% as nature intended. Remember as someone very wise once stated at a education clinic I was involved in ” let NATURE NUTURE” the best protein you can consume is not created but found. Thanks Doc Rob!
More to come as I learn more.

Live life passionately,


Keep it Simple

I am a nostalgic kind of person. I realized this long ago. I have been described as “old fashioned” to “a old soul ” and I gravitate if left to my own devices to… Simplicity.
In my 42 years I accept and embrace these “facts” and wear them as medals of honor. I say how absolutely arrogant are we that we believe in essence we can improve upon and innovate on that which needed not improving.
Enter exercise or more specifically bodybuilding. I have spent a career and long before totally wrapped up and fascinated by the ability to sculp, alter and improve what we are given by The Lord as a starting point. I would like to note at this point that ultimately genetics should always with proper diligent work and determination win out.
What I must state, that needs to be said is when I look at my industry in Sports supplements and training specifically it is not improving. In fact it seems transparent to population as a whole- weak.
Not weak in a physical sense but weak, lame, without passion. Oh let me guess another magic pill or amino blend from another dimension!
My memory takes me back. I remember scraping together my quarters, nickels and dimes and begging mom to drive me to Harry’s health food store-Yes at one time body builders and health nuts were one in the very same. This Is exactly part of the concept I intend on attempting to bring back to the sport I love, even if only to the few that embrace my writings. If my writings help a few then I did as intended in paying it forward.
I will be initially posting as often as a possible. My initial focus will be two part- reviewing what confusion is rampant in Diets, Supplements,training systems and yes Drugs. I will have no issue laying negativity to those that deserve it and those complete deliberate frauds beware. I will also happily endorse and advocate the many true beacons that are still present but muted by the fantastic sensationalism and sex appeal of mainstream corporate marketing.
Funny but in the end the only thing true was in the start.
So I will be starting my first posts and reviews discussing Food. No matter your goal and desire Food. Quality not quantity. Learning food in its simplest form will build the start point on which we grow stronger, healthier, more assertive.
So initially I will educate and endorse much. I will enlighten as to ingredients to fear and foods to avoid. I will give credit where it is rightfully due and begin the networking of each that reads my writings to the many that inspire me and deserve it.
So with that being said I end my pilot post as I will all future posts,

Live life passionately