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Where to start?

The ultimate paralyzing question

But very necessary

What do you care about?

What do you want to create community around?

Is it being done?

Is it being done generously and with intent?

It all starts with a question seemingly easy but not really if we look within

“What is the change we seek to make?” And for WHO?

In my life, and in my career I have been part of cash poor startups that soared and part of highly capitalized brands that cannot get out of their own way.

I have seen amazing innovation stifled by egos

I have seen growth mindset in action

What is common amongst winners

1. Ability to see a goal

2. Starting ( as Steve Jobs famously stated ” Real Artists ship”)

3. Knowing exactly who it is for( because you can never have them all)

4. Knowing what the change they seek to create is

5. Thick skin for Haters because everyone has this to overcome to do the bad work that eventually leads to the good and sometimes, Great work

It is always about taking and putting on your plate only what you can finish.

It also comes down to maximizing connections

As I start out to do the work of creating the T2 experiment the change I seek to create is to create consciously connected people seeking something more

Within that is the passionate mission to enlighten a healthy ketogenic lifestyle and truly alter & optimize each one of us

This I promise will be fun

Why I LOVE the edge

The “thing” about what they leave out

the things they avoid telling us

they say things to uplift

they say things to mislead

they live on building false hopes

false hopes that crumble when tested

They tell you you can eat whatever you want and still attain your target body

Not True

They tell you that you can undue years of neglecting your health with a couple capsules

Not True

They tell you a $9.99 juice a day can replace developing a taste for wholesome foods

Not True

They tell you a Organic seal on a fruit from South America means more nutrition inside that that local farms “un certified” fruit

Not True


Always telling you what they think will get a short term approval, sale, endorsement, vote

and Unfortunately they leave out the piece, the thing, the magic …WORK…..EFFORT…EXECUTION….INTENSITY…

There is a great way I can personally explain this

In training I have always been a disciple of the Arthur Jones High Intensity school of bodybuilding

The sexy parts you see in magazines, HIT Training- massive muscles in minutes, one set to “Failure”, train for muscle in 30 minutes or less

WOW, 1 set to “failure”

So appealing, since the average person REALLY has a grip on what this entails…They do NOT

What it means, What it looks like, I will video the way it looks

Effort, Intensity, the juicy bits they purposely leave out

Its found in a bucket your puking in because you cannot breathe another breath

Its found in literally not being able to even more that bar another inch

its where the Juicy Bits are

In training

In life

In it all

they leave out what most always Trumps talent- WORK, EXECUTION, TENACITY its nice to talk MED (minimum effective dose)

BUT that only matters once you set the standard of EFFORT

Then its a Force Multiplier

Then is lightning  #mecca1BOOM!

In defense of the Q…..

What a odd title. The former Natural channel director evoking my old brand. 

Yes. I feel it necessary. 

Any of you that know me know I am consumed with unbridled passion towards the Remarkable, forward moving, doing better than they say efforts especially in relation to my career. 

My time at the Q was eye opening and honestly empowering. Why did I leave?  Honestly, because it was time. I have a entrepreneurial fire and desire to create not work – that’s not a bad thing! 

My friends keep killing it on the Q vs metabolic disease ( a passion which I 100% share). 

The difference is Ubiquity. I witnessed the “Tipping Point” the success and the drifting from early adopters/ the Core to the everyday masses. That is success. However that’s not me. 

So what is the “In Defense” mean? Ok. So since Q, I have seen all too much of what is in the market today. Q remains special because it was born out of integrity. Born out of passion. There are now dozens upon dozens of copycats that quite honestly are very unimpressive and uninspiring. The mission has nothing to do with YOU or your goals and lifestyle. The vision is stealing marketshare. The ugliness of the market. 

Secret is that all of these knock offs are produced by contract manufacturers and often are the same products in different brands labels. 

Really inspiring huh? Sigh. 😞

Ok ok. Enough- what’s my angle? What’s my horse in the race? Hmmm

So after completely giving up on the functional foods category and anyone doing something #Remarkable , I met a amazing team of artists – food artists based in San Diego.  

Our relationship was initially was heartfelt dialogue of  what ifs, and wouldn’t it be amazing if moments….

And then it got REAL 😊….”What If became WHY NOT!”

11 months later, full of ingredients, tasting and testing and the absolute most stringent transparency standards BHU FOODS was born! 


For the ignored and the forgotten. 

For US. FOR ME. 3 divisions with one mission. The absolute purist ingredients, the absolute most arduous transparency. Open door always. Everything wide open. 

Doing everything absolutely right. 

The 3 divisions 

Paleo BHU Fit- free range egg whites, organic ingredients and the best and most decadent double chocolate protein bar period. No sugar alcohols. No artificial sweeteners. Non GMO project verified. Sustainable certified Palm oil. Every ingredient Artisanal. 

Primal BHU fit- local California Grass a Fed Whey Protein fueled. Simple ingredient list. All the absolute finest ingredients with zero comprising EVER. 3 flavors

-dark chocolate +Coconut+Almond

– Salted Caramel + Sea salt+ Pecan

– Madagascar Vanilla+ cashew+ Almond

Vegan BHU fit – lowest carb/ USDA Organic/ NON GMO verified and totally sustainable certified. The only! 

We hope others get the hint – Vegans want premium ingredients- Vegans want decadence without Sugar or JUNK. 

– Apple + Cinnamon+ nutmeg

– dark chocolate + tart Cherry + Pistachio 

– peanut butter dark chocolate chip- 



And we are Just getting started….BHU Paleo treats ( after 1 1/2 years r&d)

– chocolate chip macadamia

– chocolate Chip 

And USDA Organic frosted fudge brownie

Check out BHU www.bhufoods.com
And ask yourself- DO U BHU??