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my “Jerry McGuire” moment

“I’ve lost the ability to bullshit” from Jerry McGuire

So it seems I have as well

There have been many Change Catalysts

The #AltMBA #SethGodin #Linchpin #Pokethebox #Purplecow  #theresistance #dothework #Stevenpressfield #Stoicism #TimFerriss #myFamily #my Daughter #Epictetus #Seneca #MarcusAurelius #GrowthMindset #DerekSivers #SimonSinek #StartwithWhy #ZigZiglar

I am missing many and I will hopefully add many many others I my journey continues

How have I changed?

I have changed in my #Mindset. Learning every day. Trusting the process more everyday day. Respecting it.


I have evolved

Its left me with that deep understanding that there is MORE I must do

That Products are not remarkable, a True Story filled with #Generosity (for the right reasons) and #Empathy is.

A Story that ultimately tells us WHY you do what you do

and more importantly WHY we should care?

A sense of security that we cannot be everything to everyone and thats actually a pretty great way to be

Its as Zig Ziglar stated and I respectfully repeat daily “Be a meaningful specific, not a wandering generality”

Be a meaningful specific…Matter More, Care More, People DO MATTER

Wake up happy to engage with your Tribe

Live by the mantra Seth Godin states “People Like US do things like THIS” but unlike all the manipulators- MEAN IT DAMN IT!

Going through the #altMBA was eye opening for me and life altering, its really and truly NOT about added features or “Widgets” and its 100% Not about Price manipulations

Its about Mattering to someone dearly and learning how to matter more – showing you care

It brings me back to the manifesto and how this all ties in ( sloppily at times however Im a work in progress…on my way…striving towards that ultimate goal of Virtue)

I LOVE the industries I am in

I LOVE what I do

In general

I HATE, DESPISE, have absolute DISDAIN for the manipulative manner brands position themselves…Its almost as disgusting as #politics

I simply don’t get it

So I feel its my right and responsibility to do my part, my part and not directly for personal gain. I hope that doing the right thing creates a new movement and if I benefit from that- awesome!

Here are the Problems I see

  1. Brands are created out of one sole vision- Money, Grow, Sell. Thats Fine by business standards but we need more.
  2. Brands Create “touchy feely” story based on Spin. A Truthful story as to WHY you do what you do matters. “People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it” Simon Sinek . A brand can create a illusion however eventually they will slip, mis a detail and then we will know its a manipulation NOT a Story.
  3. Brands are created for the Mass- Think about it. Whats so special about mass produced, commoditized goods? In the Natural/sports nutrition industries commodity we have too much of. Give us the “outliers” the “Fringe” “small Batch”
  4. Brands Broadcast they don’t engage- why? you guessed it, they do not care
  5. Brands don’t understand #Remarkable often doesn’t SCALE…
  6. Sales teams Bastardize Science- I can promise that whats coming will be very Unpopular with these folks and embraced by the victims of the lies.

Consider this a sort of Project Veritas of the Natural Products/ Sports Nutrition industries

How? Who? What? Ok, Ok

This will NOT be funded by any Brand or entity.

It will reside here on the T2 Experiment and I will also make content available on high profile industry vehicles

Price Plow

Supplement Reviews




etc ( any favorites- please email me TommasoSalvatore1215@Gmail.com)

also feel free to email me

  1. Topics / categories of interest
  2. people/ thought leaders of interest
  3. anything you would like considered, I am honestly doing this for you

The vehicles

  1. This website www.T2Experiment.com
  2. @Romarenegade Twitter
  3. T2Experiment Podcast (Coming Soon)

Well whats First or should I quote Bill Goldberg “Who’s Next”?

Based on the level of time served in the Functional Foods booming category of

Protein bars


I will start there…My Title “UN Coated”  Uncovering the Protein bar confusion

Part 1 will post here This weekend..Please if you know of any “Special” and remarkable brands email me




Extreme times


We live in extremes

Sports- our team

Politics- our Party our Candidate

Indulgences of Food, Drink

Polarized towards a absolute in lifestyle



after all we have to be righteous don’t we

heaven forbid we don’t have it all figured out

heaven forbid we embark on collaboration

but wait,

I would like to state my case for the Balanced life or,

the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

As a young professional  and also avid Physique athlete I made my home in Extremes…

I will not lie in stating that in the short run extreme approaches – immersion, polarization, work and work well

They lose the midas touch when we seek a full and rewarding life

when it becomes about the WHOLE and not the parts

the Sprint might be for the extreme

but life isn’t a Sprint its a Triathlon, and one on another level of challenging

Balance, understanding, perpetual growth, steady growth gets us there and gets us there fulfilled knowing we lived well

here is to living well


Everyone’s a Expert….what to read?

Those who know me realize I have been on a mission of absorbing as much “knowledge” as possible over the past years. This year thus far I can notch no less than 60 books to that list. The tilt has been on the following subjects:
1. Business / entrepreneurial. 
2. Self improvement / motivational 
4. Physical culture
The summary is this- 

1.Do not overload oneself with reading everything on given topics. 

2.System overload is REAL

3. Reading bests watching BUT DOING TRUMPS ALL. 

4. Pick a thought leader/ writer/ influencer and immerse oneself. The Stoics even wrote of too much reading and nit enough applying. 

The greatest PREMIUM we have access to ( we all do) is TIME. VERY LIMITED/ FIXED – the challenge is to maximize Time efficiency. As in:

1. Dedication of a percentage of time to pursuing career aspirations. 

2. Time slotted to pursuit of Experiences- travel, play, hobby whatever that looks like for you. Mastery of experiences. This is critical in the grand scheme of happiness and life fulfilled. 

3. Family & Friends- this is a tricky one because in some ways this can be a guilty hinderence. The key is to identify who/ what matter most and make time for those people. There are simply some that want to directly or indirectly keep you static ( which is in fact dragging you backwards). This is probably the most difficult area of personal exploration but also very important.  You cannot see or please everyone. You should not expose yourself to those with agendas conflicting towards yours dreams. Make time for what matters and do not guilt over trying to be everything to everyone. 

4.creating work balance – it should be obvious from the items listed below that balance is critical. 

5. Daily time for (3) things that will ultimately make life more enjoyable 

       1. Daily reading of Philosiphy – I prefer the Stoics Epictetus, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius however that is entirely up to you

       2. Writing/ Blogging- as Seth Godin plainly states – blogging daily is one of the best things we creatively can do. Just start a WordPress page and rant , ramble- matter. Who knows what it will lead to. If you prefer writing just set a time to be alone with your thoughts and write. 

       3. Meditate / unplug- I am type A however I see the absolute value in clearing the dry erase board of my mind. I am not great at it but dedicated to making improvements 
For me as I stare at my book shelves and my desk here are the texts that are in my Backpack – Go to list. 
1. Tim Ferriss- the 4 hour work week ( expanded) – this is the one book that changed me. I suggest Tims Blog and podcast strongly 

2. Seth Godin- anything/ everything Seth writes but for this post I’ll say TRIBES, also Seths blog is awesome- subscribe 😊

3. Peter Diamandis- BOLD- it’s business/ entrepreneur and leadership but conciousness and enlightenment. It is really eye opening – ABUNDANCE is something I am reading and encourage anyone to read to open awareness to a world view of living. 

4. Seneca/ Epictetus/ Marcus Aurelius / St Paul- all stoic because for me the key understanding has been dealing with the reality of life. 
So that’s a wrap for today! Talk to you all soon