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  • Where to start?

    The ultimate paralyzing question But very necessary What do you care about? What do you want to create community around? Is it being done? Is it being done generously and with intent? It all starts with a question seemingly easy but not really if we look within “What is the change we seek to make?” […]

  • Whatever it takes

    Today I call on inspiration from recently deceased Icon Rich Piana 5% is a attitude 5% is a way of life 5% is Not Ubiquitous 5% is really important to it’s INTENDED 5% HAS THE GUTS TO EXCLUDE THE MANY LET ME SAY ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR SIGHTS ON ANYTHING THAT IS WORTHY OF YOUR […]

  • Enroll together

    en·roll·ment inˈrōlmənt,enˈrōlmənt/ noun the action of enrolling or being enrolled.” What is it that you really wish to stand for? To be defined by? What drives you? Now within those answers WHO? ( time to get really specific , really granular) When you get this far it should Inspire you- does it? There isn’t a […]

  • SHIP Ugly but SHIP

    Starting anything is ultimately where the resistance makes it stand and backs us off: self doubt Fear of looking less Fear of criticism Today, Everyday – its not about the stacks of notes, thoughts, post-its Its all about what is SHIPPED, Started, Created None of us have all the answers and there is not secret […]

  • SIMPLICITY (Program Phase I)

    “When the intensity of an exercise is increased, the amount of exercise must be reduced. When you train harder, you must train less” Arthur Jones “It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” Bruce Lee   I have completed the initial detoxification & Cleansing portion of my Simplicity program. I […]

  • Prompt #7….my 25

    Make a list of 25 ways you could take responsibility (without authority) If you cared more about changing things than credit, authority or blame… This was a prompt that at first halted me in my tracks. I truly appreciate the great content others put out for this prompt. I viewed my life, career and ambitions […]