The Long game and feeling overwhelmed

Doing work that matters actually does matter

In fact, getting really specific about the change we seek to make is vital

With getting really specific comes the resolve and accompanying anxiety of choosing one path

It requires a trust in the process however trusting the process requires that there is a process

That we don’t just take on the dilution all approach that it will simply happen

It requires that we stay ever mindful

It requires a focus

It requires that we hold ourself and our team accountable to DO THE WORK

Understanding that the long game is won day by day, drip by drip

What is executable is all that matters

Focusing on the goal means not getting stressed and taking a shortcut

It means that it’s never about a all at once, storm the shores approach

Instead, it’s always about shifting culture

Day by day, drip by drip, engage, care, listen, repeat

Before we get excited it’s essential to script the first quarter so to speak of our 90 minutes

To start our 90 minutes in zone coverage before we see what the opposition brings to the pitch

The script- simple- executable- drip by drip

A framework

Becoming a unit of execution

Because after all it’s very rarely if ever a sprint

It’s a race and having the endurance matters when we hit those walls and hit them we will

So let’s start with Them

Let’s start why the Change we seek to make

Let’s look at the vehicles and nuances within them

Let’s show respect for those platforms

Let’s illustrate a worthiness of trust

Let’s not look rushed

Day by day

The long game

Now pick- what is the change You seek to make- go make a Ruckus 😊

Where to start?

The ultimate paralyzing question

But very necessary

What do you care about?

What do you want to create community around?

Is it being done?

Is it being done generously and with intent?

It all starts with a question seemingly easy but not really if we look within

“What is the change we seek to make?” And for WHO?

In my life, and in my career I have been part of cash poor startups that soared and part of highly capitalized brands that cannot get out of their own way.

I have seen amazing innovation stifled by egos

I have seen growth mindset in action

What is common amongst winners

1. Ability to see a goal

2. Starting ( as Steve Jobs famously stated ” Real Artists ship”)

3. Knowing exactly who it is for( because you can never have them all)

4. Knowing what the change they seek to create is

5. Thick skin for Haters because everyone has this to overcome to do the bad work that eventually leads to the good and sometimes, Great work

It is always about taking and putting on your plate only what you can finish.

It also comes down to maximizing connections

As I start out to do the work of creating the T2 experiment the change I seek to create is to create consciously connected people seeking something more

Within that is the passionate mission to enlighten a healthy ketogenic lifestyle and truly alter & optimize each one of us

This I promise will be fun

a game in perception

I woke to a beautiful spring morning

But it prompted a reflection that has been in my brain since I was a young boy

The quote is “perception is reality ”

But are we looking through similar lenses?

What if what I call green differs from what you call green?

What if we are not really all that connected?

What if left to me and left to you in reality are completely different

What if we see only fixed to our perceptions

What if we hear only fixed to our understandings

What if what we hold as reality is only perception?

I know it’s exaggerated but doesn’t this illustrate what we need to realize when we do this work we set out to do?

When we seek to truly empathize would it be best to go to edges and then settle back to reality

I don’t know but what would you do , say and how would you act if the assumed could no longer be assumed?

2018 Paradox

Lets start with the definition of paradox:

a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.
“in a paradox, he has discovered that stepping back from his job has increased the rewards he gleans from it”
synonyms: contradiction, contradiction in terms, self-contradiction, inconsistency, incongruity

In business and within brands there seems to be a chasm presently, maybe a space between the old Industrial and the new connection. Within this is the opportunity to become a Linchpin, a Anomaly.

  1. Leadership vs Management- No-one is inspired to be managed, boxed in, watched and told what to do. For years the industrial economy taught us that their was safety and security in being managed- but that really never was. it made us a COG, a number, a easily replaced one at that. sure when I speak with a retail chain manager a a big supplement retailer who has dismal sales and ask what can his store do, contribute and stand out to his community he assures me that any attempt to stand out is and has been squashed by ‘corporate” – yes this is industrial machine at its managerial best! The worst and a reminder of exactly why mattering more, taking risks really isn’t that risky at all!

Leadership- Thats where we all win! We strive to make a impact. We encourage people to be special snowflakes because we all are. We take a team of workers and empower them each as individual snowflakes. We strive to develop a culture within our walls. It in my humble opinion is where I see so many good intentioned get it so wrong.

Invest in making your greatest assets happy – your TEAM, then create a environment where each one contributes something that empowers them, builds their personal brand and thus making a super culture where the company benefits and ultimately creates a Tribes of totally loyal fans

This is why dysfunctional unfunded startups beat highly funded corporations- In the early stages the dysfunctional startups have one huge advantage – connection/ realness and care

So create your own content

encourage constant iteration

encourage FUN


Help US Help YOU

As I listened and observed I could not help but to realize that the best analogy I can use to illustrate with Amazing Relevence , the dynamic of Today’s #Linchpin #Marketer and #Brands a dialogue straight from one of my favorite movies ever , Jerry Maguire
From the scene I have embedded in this post I will each day list a new qoutation from a line of dialogue and a comment on why it relates to the work we must do as #linchpin #Marketers #remarkable #Purplecow
I hope you all enjoy this but more importantly I hope it creates the questions in your mind as to how we can truly #beRemarkable

“We want More from them, so let’s Give them More”

We want MORE, we should and we need to,
It all starts with a Empathetic posture
It all starts with Generosity
It “should” all start with the desire to solve a problem, to provide a solution “They” will embrace
But we also have to get really really specific about WHO it’s for
Who we wish to create this change to serve
Connection / Technology allows us a amazing situation where we can and should get really #granular with this because it’s what is our Brands DNA
BRANDS ! – Remember the statement above

Jerry Macguire

Whatever it takes

I call on inspiration from recently deceased Icon Rich Piana
5% is a attitude
5% is a way of life
5% is Not Ubiquitous
5% is really important to it’s INTENDED







Not the brand


Enroll together

en·roll·ment inˈrōlmənt,enˈrōlmənt/

noun the action of enrolling or being enrolled.”

What is it that you really wish to stand for? To be defined by? What drives you?

Now within those answers WHO? ( time to get really specific , really granular)

When you get this far it should Inspire you- does it?

There isn’t a wrong answer except the answers you’ve been giving

Possibly to fit in?

Possibly to shift focus from our self?

Possibly because we’ve been brought to believe fitting in is Safe?

It isn’t

Honestly never was



Average PEOPLE

i.e. MASS isn’t so warm and fuzzy anymore

So let’s all circle back together and complete this in the comments

I will join you

Lets percolate on it

And always remember that it’s about the SMALLEST AUDIENCE – START THERE

if it’s media

Then you maybe do not have a sound and video studio


So FaceTime someone on your topic


Zoom room 2 people

Or Skype

See where I’m going,?

Let’s start daily ACTION

Let’s jump in!

Boom let’s go go go

I cannot wait to reply to the awesomeness I’m certain I will be in awe of.

Certain Ramblings

Some statements are certain
Certain statements or Facts

-Your brand isn't a list of features and benefits
-Your brand isn't guaranteed placement
-Your brand isn't guaranteed our trust or loyalty
-You are not welcomed to spam me
-If I do not trust you I don't care what you cost monetarily because the true cost is what will I tell my friends ( Tribe) and what will I tell my boss
-Marketing is about taking frequent calculated shots
-Marketing is ideally a one on one , eye to eye relationship- scaled
-Only scale to where you are still in the conversation actively
-Show empathy because it matters to you Not because it's the word of the hour.
-Generosity matters most when it's done in privacy
-Caring always matters
-If you don't take time to daydream you are limiting yourself considerably
-Always ask What if? Why not? How can we?
-Habit destroys many , be the car that swings a UTurn, turns off that side road, after all it's the journey isn't it?

Ok good luck everyone

Just some ramblings I thought I'd share

SHIP Ugly but SHIP

Starting anything is ultimately where the resistance makes it stand and backs us off:

self doubt

Fear of looking less

Fear of criticism

Today, Everyday – its not about the stacks of notes, thoughts, post-its

Its all about what is SHIPPED, Started, Created

None of us have all the answers and there is not secret process only the most gifted have access to

I do believe it is a responsibility of high order to start as much generous work as possible

FEAR is real

I won’t lie, I internalize much too much

I over analyze way too much

but a perfect analysis may never be complete, that means no starting , that means no generosity and  that means I would have failed

So I will SHIP

The promising thing in the modern era is that we have all the intelligence we ever desire a swipe away at all times.

Go make a Ruckus TODAY



Take a Practitioner approach to your personal brand

What does that statement mean?

put in the #Work

How and in what way?

For me and my brand the T2 Experiment that means being a information conduit

so where is the #Work?

well its the daily work


  1. Spending hours per day reading the content on my Focus subjects and extracting great value.
  2. Spending hours per day locating #brands, #Trends and #Thoughtleaders who can help increase the value to my #Tribe
  3. Collaborating efforts in a generous way with others in a effort to #Dothework that #Matters
  4. Showing up #Everyday and #delivering #Value to my #Tribe, Going #Deep because I 20140426-140523.jpg#Care. Understanding that #Trust is EARNED EVERYDAY through Showing UP and delivering Value

As I have been digging VERY DEEP in #Self I am exposing MORE and seeing this will be my #ARBITRAGE

My 2017 Commandments to SELF :

I. my  #UTOPIA , My #Bigleague #Goals….No Holds Barred….

For me its NOT a dollar specific goal. For me its not a Possession quantity goal. For me its #FREEDOM to do Whatever I desire (within reason).

 I do have a couple lofty items in my Goals:

1.Ferrari California in bright Red with tan leather guts

2. Home in Haddonfield historic grande style

3.Office in Central Philadelphia with a view of Rittenhouse Park

4. Vacationing property in Italy, preferably Firenze proper

5.  Childrens Boutique business for my wife and daughter

II. I AM MY BRAND…So FOCUS on developing #T2

The big million dollar mistake I feel at this point I have made on many occasions is vest ALL my integrity, passion, tenaciousness in my employer at a cost of not growing #T2, don’t get me wrong, I am pouring it all into my work however understand that the #REDPILL for me is #T2 and the opportunity developing it has for me and as a side effect for all of my work in the process. A true win win. Become a #Linchpin Its #Work to build #T2 so that is not in lieu of my paid work, Thats in addition! So ;

  1. Kill IT in my J O B
  2. #Grind #Focus on my personal brand while my peers watch tv and watch sports…

III.SIMPLICITY , In ALL things- and this is perhaps the most difficult for a high energy #Passion #Driven professional. Its the constant reflection  and question of “How is this getting me closer to my Goals?” Honestly answered this is what can facilitate LESS distraction more FOCUS and with focus , more #WORK


Depth in engagement with #Tribe is a given. It is something I believe deeply. Simplicity is KEY however because taking on too much will assure you can’t be DEEPLY connected and thats what the #WORK demands if we wish to #MATTER. All of these “Rules” I want you the reader to be aware are not simply applicable to the career facet of my life. No, I will apply and regularly post about the benefit of adding all of these “Tools” or lets call them “BLOCKS” to the building of the T2 foundation.


V. ENGAGE like a Mo____

So far I am vigilant on the amount of opportunities I take on. I Focus more. I put in the WORK in going deep with each and that feeds directly into #ENGAGE like a MOFO! Talk to LESS, take on LESS so I can really be present and caring in a meaningful way with the specific TRIBE I am trying to deliver value to. Ultimately whats the VALUE  being provided because that is absolutely what matters most of all.

VI. ” A Tortoise dressed like a Hare” PATIENCE….

Super tough for a “Jump outta my skin, run through flames” kind of personality that I am. Im a Type A++ and anyone who knows me can attest that its in my veins and never staged. So Patience? YESSS, Drive focus in the WORK but at the same point don’t FORCE a result…be willing to TRUST THE PROCESS because you don’t hack your way to a longstanding amount of Brand equity- Thats earned – and as I say often and believe – Re Earned DAILY! i.e. SHOW UP! CARE! So the ability to be patient when it serves the situation is a daily practice. It also ties into another very important habit to develop- ACT don’t REACT! Never reply immediately to a aggravating email or call, WAIT, revisit it, Percolate-BE #PATIENT. Reflect on all decisions and never be afraid to totally change the plan. Thats what Winners do. It starts with a steady hand.


Create your own “League of Extraordinary _”. Find “Like minded” people looking to create value and find creative ways to connect and extend maximum value to those you both serve. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades, master of NONE” rather “Collect” ethical, affluent thought leaders to partner with and help provide the best work you possibly can.

I want to absolutely say Thank You for reading this post. I promise I will have a FOCUS list on what the T2 experiment will be Phase I in the next post. I promise I will do everything to always have FUN and Deliver VALUE to my TRIBE. I started this journey with a mission/vision to deliver a truly Unbiased stream of relevant information to those in my TRIBE and in the process unifying the BEST of the BEST Thoughtleaders I have such humble thankfulness to call friends. I simply want to open the awesome degree of their knowledge to YOU and in the process have fun in my Quest to be the best version of Tommaso I can be – To be T2