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Agent Smith


AKA #Resistance #LizardBrian #FEAR

We Evolve and realize that it isn’t about the Result

Its about Doing the Right Thing(s)

Its about Creating a Culture of Excellence or as Bill Walsh coined “Standard of Performance” because as he and another legend John Wooden said

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”


#Respect it

In the end remember to Remove Emotion to gain greatest clarity

I have spent a lifetime in sales and trust me there is no greater “Bi Polar” rollercoaster than sales…

High of the Highs to Low of the Lows…a Gamblers life…#Dopamine laced

add in todays #Connection society and it can spell a lifetime of Euphoria to Anguish

It doesn’t have to be this way

Remove emotion , Stay even keel in the emotion involved :

Success- Its not about me

Failure- Its not about me

This is NOT a excuse to divert responsibility

NO , I say we need to #OWN our actions

I love the quote “The Buck stops HERE” Pres Harry S. Truman

It always swings back to #SELF

Gaining #SelfAwareness and #Believing IT is KEY

Once you do as #AskGaryvee says

“All chips in on your Strength” Its about this that I believe all BIGTIME success stems from

I am at this point in my personal journey

Agent Smith kicks my door down everyday! Every morning I #Fear , have nervousness, Should I just re insert myself back into the #Matrix

and then I find the strength…To carry on …HOW? #Community #Friends #words from a comment from one of you

I promise I will press on and promise I won’t forget to reach back once I’m out to help some of you FREE THE MATRIX

Have a Great Day



Let me outline what I am learning in a short form post

  1. Find that “Change you want to make” the #WHY behind what you do, you personal mission statement.
  2. Dig in and understand and most important Accept your Strengths and Weaknesses- Be truly #SelfAware and embrace that. knowing once you accept the stuff you suck at its time then to push ALL IN on the Strengths- Focus on that!
  3. Pick your Platform(s)- what medium- voice, Video, Pictures or written word? Its not about balance , ITS ABOUT DETERMINING WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU



Thats right ladies and gents….WORK

Its not about less, balance yada yada…now its about OUTWORKING EVERYONE…

always remember Tom Brady was drafted #199 overall

Chad Pennington was #18 overall…Brady outworked Everyone…still does! #BeBrady!


I often have issues with brands and the marketing efforts or lack of they project.

Truth is that no marketing firm is going to do whats needed, necessary to be the BEST

Its about #Giving and #Mattering to those you would call your #Tribe

That means IF you have the audacity to claim the title of #Thoughtleader or #leader you owe us #MORE so #CARE and #MEANIT


That is what #AskGaryvee opened my eyes to in #Crushit

once you know the target, the focus, then go ALL IN GIVING, COMMUNICATING, ENGAGING…do NOT wait to respond to comments- Thats Lazy ass shit

NO- its WORK, Thats HUSTLE- Search for groups, conversations, forums, and JUMP IN!

Be Generous and do not try and sell shit….nobody likes that!

instead #Contribute because YES, You #Care

Show #empathy too…be real

Funny thing is it is always about WORK…you simply get to have the privilege to do something you love and are uncontrollably passionate about if you chose to….but you must work…

So #Doit we definitely need more from the ones who care!

your MAP, where is your treasure?

A treasure map

at the end is the treasure you desire, whatever that treasure might be

we begin the journey with Integrity, Passion and a true #STORY , your #STORY

terms define the start such as






In the beginning we know and are ultimately aware our #STORY holds value because its for US, our #TRIBE and as Seth Godin perfectly states “People like US do things like THIS”

see in the beginning we have not been “infected”

Infected with “Delusions of Grandeur” we are NOT thinking #QVC #WALMART the #MASS



Ive been around a while

Ive seen Special ┬áSTORIES become “NOT SO MUCH”

Ive seen Fame addicts infected with there own marketing

Ive seen a real #STORY become #BULLSHIT

and I ask you all now




it comes down to the FACT that the brands that stay “Special” remain harder to find but that scarcity makes them even more remarkable

they are the brands we should be seeking, supporting and embracing

Im sorry but I have yet to see #SPECIAL at #SCALE