“Fuck you are gonna, GO DO” Gary Vaynerchuk At some point, Once you see the PRIZE Put down the books Stop reading everyones book and DO Learn though losing Let them laugh at you Let them read If I told you the #9 start you do will be the ONE how fast would you START […]

Agent Smith

AKA #Resistance #LizardBrian #FEAR We Evolve and realize that it isn’t about the Result Its about Doing the Right Thing(s) Its about Creating a Culture of Excellence or as Bill Walsh coined “Standard of Performance” because as he and another legend John Wooden said “Things turn out best for the people who make the best […]

What will you offer

Connection Society People who can : Influence your companies growth Influence your Sales Companies that could provide rewarding opportunities for you All a #DM away The greatest reward will go to the greatest #Hustle #Grind #Work but lets NOT FORGET one crucial fact: Deliver #VALUE Not what YOU perceive as #Value What “They” see as […]

The thing about a “Story”

I am a very avid believer in the #BeRemarkable #MatterMore #Mindset however  after my first #altMBA #Collision with the Philadelphia group I was spiraled into a solid day and night of introspection. in·tro·spec·tion ˌintrəˈspekSH(ə)n/ noun the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes So the “thing” IS- how do we determine what […]

Extreme times

We live in extremes Sports- our team Politics- our Party our Candidate Indulgences of Food, Drink Polarized towards a absolute in lifestyle Unwavering Uncompromising after all we have to be righteous don’t we heaven forbid we don’t have it all figured out heaven forbid we embark on collaboration but wait, I would like to state […]

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh caught in a bad romance

Relationship-the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other. Virtuous-having or showing high moral standards. or Unethical-lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct. Its about time we as professionals do serious examination and accountability towards the “relationships” we have -Relationships with  partners we do […]

Know the secret handshake

  #Caremore #Mattermore #Beremarkable All of these hashtags are catchy-YES But as @thisissethsblog #SethGodin plainly states, Tell your #Story – a #TrueStory vs a #Manipulation aka ( a lie) #TrueStory is told because it needs to be told. Not for everyone For someone, a specific, maybe YOU? Maybe ME? a story that that special someone […]