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Where to start?

The ultimate paralyzing question

But very necessary

What do you care about?

What do you want to create community around?

Is it being done?

Is it being done generously and with intent?

It all starts with a question seemingly easy but not really if we look within

“What is the change we seek to make?” And for WHO?

In my life, and in my career I have been part of cash poor startups that soared and part of highly capitalized brands that cannot get out of their own way.

I have seen amazing innovation stifled by egos

I have seen growth mindset in action

What is common amongst winners

1. Ability to see a goal

2. Starting ( as Steve Jobs famously stated ” Real Artists ship”)

3. Knowing exactly who it is for( because you can never have them all)

4. Knowing what the change they seek to create is

5. Thick skin for Haters because everyone has this to overcome to do the bad work that eventually leads to the good and sometimes, Great work

It is always about taking and putting on your plate only what you can finish.

It also comes down to maximizing connections

As I start out to do the work of creating the T2 experiment the change I seek to create is to create consciously connected people seeking something more

Within that is the passionate mission to enlighten a healthy ketogenic lifestyle and truly alter & optimize each one of us

This I promise will be fun


I seek to help the passionate, caring and invested people and companies find the people they seek to serve and realize that their power in this connection economy is NOT in quantity of connections but rather in the Quality found within generous connection and that is at best a deep emotional exchange.

I seek to help them see that it is a absolute privilege to earn the trust and attention of someone and with that , in every action, every single action we should never take this lighyly.

That when THEY, say in their actions “I trust you” , we must embrace that and say thank you , we wont let you down.

The goal is understanding this and helping others seeking to create a change to understand this also.

Change for the better

Embracing the tension that will come along with going against the status quo
Knowing that this might fail and thats ok
because the status quo is broken and many need someone to lead, so why not I?
So here is to Change
Here is to embracing tension and waltzing with that old friend the lizard.
after all, we know he will always be there so might as well teach him some steps!
Ruckus ON y’all!

When their is no wrong answer

Society tells me what success “looks like”

Society tells me how a successful entrepreneur dresses

Society tells me how a successful entrepreneur lives

what he drives

what occupies his free time and pursuits

The internal narrative that is our true DNA is in a lifelong struggle

the battle between what our self wants and what it believes we need

many many times these do not sync

For me , a wide eyed dreamer this has become very obvious

Obvious in setting goals, in what my laser focus is locked in on

for me it is not about material items, possessions

for me it is about Freedom, Experiences, Passion

the problem is that does not always fit the hole of what is reality

So what to do? Soldier on? Hustle? well to Hustle for something that does not contain the potential to dyanmicaly bring me closer to DREAMS is futile isn’t it?

Wow , this is exploding in my mind! Its NOT about jockeying another owners horse to victory


How many owners can I watch  ruin a tremendous  opportunity?

A business is the creators own Oasis, a Utopia, where all the rules are based upon what I Matters most to the creator. Period.

The business can be spectacularly Small yet incredibly large

I am different I guess however I love the nimbleness of the small, being able to make decisions without a week of worthless meetings, calls arguments

I love personal connection, with all partners on the journey, such a deep connection that leaves a virtual “fingerprint” on everything I do

Just because the connectivity of 2017 can allow us to reach the entire world does not mean we need to matter to the entire world.

not only that it is impossible to appeal to everyone and still be absolutely important as air to “someone”

I believe deeply in what artist Kevin Kelly explained in his blog post that started my stepping out of the Matrix

1,000 True fans

I also cling dearly to Derek Sivers manifesto blog post regarding “Opportunity”

Hell Yeah or NO

I am proud to be part of a community through Seth Godins #AltMBA that truly empowers leaning forward always or as we term it to #SHIP to push past #lizardbrain #theResistance

Nothing Wrong with having standards

so where does that leave me at 45 years young and more motivated than ever?


What is Utopia?

Utopia for me is doing work that matters

All things equal my Goals are to afford the ability for my Wife to be able to not work

for us to be able to complete the dreams we have for our happy home,

for my wife to pursue her passions

for me?

to call the shots on my brand that is in everything we do dedicated to someone,

to own a property in the city that houses my personal passion

Cafe Firenze, a place where walking through the threshold transport one to my citta i adore, true #GustoItaliano

my office , a cherry wood booth in the back corner, dimly lit, beautiful yet simplistic.

Utopia is having a business that performs without me.

I am unessential to daily operations

Utopia is traveling with my family back to Italia twice per year

Utopia is clarity to be #selfaware of who exactly I am

not to kid myself

not to be insecure in my shortcomings either

to embrace them,

and to also push all 100% in on my strengths, passionately, tenaciously, lovingly everyday

1>o  and to remember the fact that makes the elderly seem wise

that it is always our #Legacy that matters not the currency



Why I LOVE the edge

The “thing” about what they leave out

the things they avoid telling us

they say things to uplift

they say things to mislead

they live on building false hopes

false hopes that crumble when tested

They tell you you can eat whatever you want and still attain your target body

Not True

They tell you that you can undue years of neglecting your health with a couple capsules

Not True

They tell you a $9.99 juice a day can replace developing a taste for wholesome foods

Not True

They tell you a Organic seal on a fruit from South America means more nutrition inside that that local farms “un certified” fruit

Not True


Always telling you what they think will get a short term approval, sale, endorsement, vote

and Unfortunately they leave out the piece, the thing, the magic …WORK…..EFFORT…EXECUTION….INTENSITY…

There is a great way I can personally explain this

In training I have always been a disciple of the Arthur Jones High Intensity school of bodybuilding

The sexy parts you see in magazines, HIT Training- massive muscles in minutes, one set to “Failure”, train for muscle in 30 minutes or less

WOW, 1 set to “failure”

So appealing, since the average person REALLY has a grip on what this entails…They do NOT

What it means, What it looks like, I will video the way it looks

Effort, Intensity, the juicy bits they purposely leave out

Its found in a bucket your puking in because you cannot breathe another breath

Its found in literally not being able to even more that bar another inch

its where the Juicy Bits are

In training

In life

In it all

they leave out what most always Trumps talent- WORK, EXECUTION, TENACITY its nice to talk MED (minimum effective dose)

BUT that only matters once you set the standard of EFFORT

Then its a Force Multiplier

Then is lightning  #mecca1BOOM!


“Fuck you are gonna, GO DO” Gary Vaynerchuk

At some point, Once you see the PRIZE

Put down the books

Stop reading everyones book

and DO

Learn though losing

Let them laugh at you

Let them read

If I told you the #9 start you do will be the ONE how fast would you START DOING?

Once you KNOW





and DO

Lets all DO

Thank you @Garyvee Time to stop #Consuming


The #Resistance hides in #learning because you will convince yourself you never know enough….need a bit more ….one more #Udemy one more #Kindle one more #seminar



Thats it….Time to FUCK UP….See you at the FINISH LINE…GO GET IT!!

What will you offer

Connection Society

People who can :img_1667

Influence your companies growth

Influence your Sales

Companies that could provide rewarding opportunities for you

All a #DM away

The greatest reward will go to the greatest #Hustle #Grind #Work

but lets NOT FORGET one crucial fact:

Deliver #VALUE

Not what YOU perceive as #Value

What “They” see as #Value

Don’t be Arrogant

Don’t be UN Engaged

Offer “Something that they cannot refuse” and

Offer is without a HOOK

Drive #Value and Earn #TRUST

Then , only Then, set the Hook and land the Opprotunity

#Care MORE #peopleMatter

Hope you are seeing this common theme in all I do…Its in my DNA




Let me outline what I am learning in a short form post

  1. Find that “Change you want to make” the #WHY behind what you do, you personal mission statement.
  2. Dig in and understand and most important Accept your Strengths and Weaknesses- Be truly #SelfAware and embrace that. knowing once you accept the stuff you suck at its time then to push ALL IN on the Strengths- Focus on that!
  3. Pick your Platform(s)- what medium- voice, Video, Pictures or written word? Its not about balance , ITS ABOUT DETERMINING WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU



Thats right ladies and gents….WORK

Its not about less, balance yada yada…now its about OUTWORKING EVERYONE…

always remember Tom Brady was drafted #199 overall

Chad Pennington was #18 overall…Brady outworked Everyone…still does! #BeBrady!


I often have issues with brands and the marketing efforts or lack of they project.

Truth is that no marketing firm is going to do whats needed, necessary to be the BEST

Its about #Giving and #Mattering to those you would call your #Tribe

That means IF you have the audacity to claim the title of #Thoughtleader or #leader you owe us #MORE so #CARE and #MEANIT


That is what #AskGaryvee opened my eyes to in #Crushit

once you know the target, the focus, then go ALL IN GIVING, COMMUNICATING, ENGAGING…do NOT wait to respond to comments- Thats Lazy ass shit

NO- its WORK, Thats HUSTLE- Search for groups, conversations, forums, and JUMP IN!

Be Generous and do not try and sell shit….nobody likes that!

instead #Contribute because YES, You #Care

Show #empathy too…be real

Funny thing is it is always about WORK…you simply get to have the privilege to do something you love and are uncontrollably passionate about if you chose to….but you must work…

So #Doit we definitely need more from the ones who care!

Know the secret handshake






All of these hashtags are catchy-YES

But as @thisissethsblog #SethGodin plainly states, Tell your #Story – a #TrueStory vs a #Manipulation aka ( a lie)

#TrueStory is told because it needs to be told.

Not for everyone

For someone, a specific, maybe YOU? Maybe ME? a story that that special someone embraces because it #Matters

a #TrueStory can still have a driving force of creating wealth, revenues however for integrity sake ( NOT as a selling feature), It must have some component of #generosity

It must have a internal worldview that expresses #Empathy- yes

#Empathy does NOT mean to change to stretch the #Story to be everything to everyone

because Thats NOT special

as ZIG Ziglar famously said “Be a meaningful specific and not a wandering generality”

call it whatever you wish, I am all about being a #Meaningfulspecific #Fringe #Purplecow

and then there is the other side, sometimes hard to decipher

The #manipulator

sometimes these companies or individuals  with HIDE and use a properly funded marketing #Manipulation to appeal to a specific #Tribe

sometimes it is dynamic


Often times not truly #Caring means you aren’t one of the #Tribe and remember the secret  club saying “People like US do things like THIS” but they don’t know that ( or the secret handshake)

so they are eventually ( and rightfully ) Exposed…Shameful

see our #Tribes do not mind you being #Pro

we don’t mind you being in it for the money

as long as you are not manipulating us with a buffet of lies

thats where they get it all wrong

thats where the con is up!

For you with your head spinning right now wondering, What do I do when it comes to seeking a great opportunity, a great company to put your skills to the test, how do you not find yourself manipulated?

Best answer I can give is interview your potential new suitor

ask them “WHY”, WHY do you exist as a company? Why should someone care? What is your STORY?

and after asking these questions hopefully your answer will be clear