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Welcome to the Gun show

Nice title huh? Cheesy yes! I know. This mornings workout was a HIT Heavy Duty Shoulder / Bicep & Tricep day. Since I am leaving all pressing to Chest workouts which will also fatigue the anterior deltoids I am focusing on lateral and posterior deltoids .

What I am attempting to implement in my version of HD is to incorporate much better bio mechanics in the selection of exercises. I am utilizing much of the information lifelong bodybuilding champion Doug Bignole covers in his essential new 900 page ebook. (see link )

Doug Brignole website/ Introduction to The Physics of fitness

Today’s training began with walking in with a predetermine course of events in my mind. I find that showing up and going with the flow is a setup for a junk training session.

Once again, No cellphone, No Texts , No web, no selfies..

and here we go


  1. Seated side lateral machine raises (5-2-5 cadence) 2 low rep warm ups then 1xF 80lbs/7 (last repetition 5 second hold and superslow negative
  2. cable X rear delt extensions (4-1-2) 2 warmups 1xF 22.5lbs/6 repetitions


  1. Standing alternate cable curls ( 4-1-4 cadence) 2 progressive warmups 1×27.5lb/8
  2. Machine preecher curls (5-2-3 cadence) 1xF 110lb/5 with 5 second intense static hold and negative


  1. Seated Tricep extensions ( 4-1-4 cadence ) 2 progressive warmups then 1xF110/6
  2. Seated Tricep Dip machine (4-2-4 cadence with intense lockout contraction) 1×170/9

and thats all kids

Friday Legs is next ….have a great day today

Whatever it takes

I call on inspiration from recently deceased Icon Rich Piana
5% is a attitude
5% is a way of life
5% is Not Ubiquitous
5% is really important to it’s INTENDED







Not the brand


the Silence is Golden

Simplicity + Execution

Willingness to iterate in the moment

all the while making certain I provide my due diligence and always asking first, “Am I iterating for success or to make the path easier?”

Over the next 8 weeks I will be silently journaling each day in my quest , for mind & body,

a simple, real approach the forging a IRON  Will and Body

For me it will revolve around increasing Focus and Clarity , Personally and Professionally

For me it will also revolve around developing a Show & Go Physicality

This journey will become a Free E-book with some collaborative components

the announcement will be mid April with enrollment http://www.Myotropicinnovations.com

there will be no mandatory purchases, just real information

T2 daily episode 1

Welcome , I am so thankful for you even viewing my Video Blog this much! I truly appreciate it. I will promise that as this progresses I will strive to always make it 100% about delivering fully open and transparent Diet, supplement, training information unfiltered to you.

How will this differ from some of the absolutely great work being done already? I hope from my perspective as a 45 year old, lifelong bodybuilder, athlete in my quest for optimizing myself I am honestly able to add value in someone else’s quest towards their version 2.0


So lets begin,

It is at the moment 1:15am Monday January 30th

I am coming off of a loose eating weekend

The last meal for Sunday January 29th was a #Keto dinner at 7pm

I will now Intermittent Fast Monday and Tuesday to most effectively drop into Ketosis

Today I will  wake at 5am to a 16oz glass filtered water with Organic lemon juice and my Core supplements

( Proteolytic Enzyme complex)

( Comprehensive liver Formula)

( formula designed to aide in the efficiency of fats)

I will really limit anything outside of Water and 2 cups black coffee

Update Tuesday 12:15 AM

Day was great

Energy was high

Just wrapping up 18 hours of Hustle and doing

Monday was a Off day from training

Today I will do a brief MWOD session for recovery enhancement as well as to prevent injury.

My diet will be Filtered water and 2 Cups of Coffee

My Meal will be 7Pm

I have been back and forth on training volume/intensity and have settled on a HIT total body program

Total body

A- Chest/ Arm Focus

B-Legs Focus

C-Back /Delt Focus

Each day will begin with one of (A,B,C) followed by 4 exercises 1xFailure each to cover total body stimulation.

Post each HIT session I will consume Carbohydrates ( Undecided in what form) I am actually leaning towards 5% Nutritions REAL FOOD…Its a great Carb product that delivers high quality unrefined carbs which should be perfect!

Stay Tuned Everyone and feel free to ask away with questions








In this the first topic of what I intend to be a insiders guide to the supplement / performance supplement industry I will provide no holds barred information from behind the scenes.

I want to openly state that I am NOT positioning my topics or positions with a pre set bias. I want to also state I have no intention of pulling punches on expressing my feelings. We have enough of that in the world today and the last think I wish to do is add another blog and podcast to line pile of worthless fodder available. Instead I will speak freely and when I feel necessary be very forward in my harshness.

I have (1) objective – Provide information that will benefit the end reader. period.

With that in mind here we go,

My first topic Uncoated will attempt to de mystify the protein bar category. I will break this into (4)installments and wrap up the series with a podcast and reveal of “whats next”.

So where to start. Ok, I Hate Protein bars. I always have and thats why I am the most unlikely person to of become so deeply involved and ultimately immersed in the subject.

To properly analyze the current landscape of this booming category I would first like to reflect back a bit. In the 1980s  and 1990s Protein bars were considered a candy alternative and really nothing that dynamically made a impact. The players were brands such as Powerbar, PR Ironman, Tigers Milk, Balance to name a few of the more popular brands. The common theme was “convenience” in a pinch. I avoided these products like the plague.

In the Late 1990s and early 2000s came the dawn of more targeted nutrition bars geared towards high Protein, and lower carbohydrates and sales exploded with Atkins, Detour, Supreme Protein bar , Pure Protein and many new comers boasting next generation specs and decadent taste profiles. Unfortunately all at a cost, Dirty ingredients, hydrogenated oils, Sugar alcohols (in excess) , cheap denatured proteins and very lengthy ingredient panels. Truthfully sales did explode which gave a hint to the possible future.

The dilemma of the 2000s was simple a choice

  1. Organic , natural ingredients however loaded with sugar and inferior protein ( If any added at all)
  2. Performance Macro profiles as a cost of junk processed ingredients, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, just not a feel good scenario.

So the category grew despite the lackluster offerings.

The need for portable, convenience drove many to buy. I myself even would  consume the occasional EAS Myoplex Deluxe bar ( Chocolate Peanut butter which honestly tasted good and featured quality protein blend ( best of the time) but also so much sugar my teeth would hurt.


Rather than go down the rabbit hole and do a historical article which honestly serves no purpose other than to make illustration of my years in this game I will fast forward to what is significant.

It was 2010 and I was hearing constant mention of a passionate group of industry “Outsiders” , a new brand and STORY. The STORY was giving us all the product we wanted but did not think we could have. The brand was Quest Nutrition and the product the Quest Protein bar. I stumbled onto my first Quest bar in my travels in northern New Jersey and still remember like it was yesterday. The flavor was Peanut Butter supreme, I remember flipping the label and seeing the great macros, the remarkable tag line “They said it couldn’t be done” brilliant! The taste – clean, tasty, and then the ingredient panel – short- the only negative was the addition of sucrolose ( a artificial sweetener I and many avoid ).


What happens next, I became part of the Quest early brand direction team. I was extremely proud and passionate about launching and building the narrative to the natural products consumer through our all natural initiative.

I will openly state that the time I spend with Quest and the relationships I forged are priceless to me. However in 2014 I made the difficult decision to move on. I simply believed then as I believe now that Remarkable doesn’t scale to Ubiquity. Mass is not special.

So here I am. As I write this I am aware that my involvement means I absolutely am not without bias. I also realize that I understand this space very well and will simply do my best to direct you the potential consumer towards making your best choice.

In todays marketplace there is a very uninspiring theme of creating a commoditized knock off, dress it up, fund it and hope to pull some marketshare. These are simply JUNK offerings and I will dig into details in part II.

I will not name names. I will instead give my buyers guide that will hopefully help with making the best decision.

I will expose the things to look for- good and bad.

In part III I will call out some small and remarkable brands/stories and why they are so special.

and Finally In Part IV Ill talk about whats next, what we need and sum it all in my T2 Experiment podcast.

Please feel free to ask me to include anything  you wish answered also



Nobody ever said it was easy

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Doing work that Matters

Doing what helps somebody else

People before Profits

but Honest & Truthful work

I can honestly say that it has to be about more

It has to be about generosity and a truly empathetic approach without a bias

but its not easy

but nothing worth it ever really is, is it?

If it was easy everyone would do it

IF everyone was doing it

it wouldn’t be special , remarkable would it?

several years back I was part of a group that was truly #remarkable and always stayed #limitless in #Mindset…until…

Then they bought into a theme of #Ubiquity ( the campaign was actually titled operation Ubiquity)

everyone should of taken heed

the remarkable nature of their #Gift was homogenized

It doesn’t work that way

Its about the gift and the true gift holds integrity

Integrity means not compromising for profits

At this stage in my life and career its honestly more than ever about MORE

Its about being a true advocate of the True STORY….

I always thought I was a salesman…but Im just a Storyteller…

I love it

my “Jerry McGuire” moment

“I’ve lost the ability to bullshit” from Jerry McGuire

So it seems I have as well

There have been many Change Catalysts

The #AltMBA #SethGodin #Linchpin #Pokethebox #Purplecow  #theresistance #dothework #Stevenpressfield #Stoicism #TimFerriss #myFamily #my Daughter #Epictetus #Seneca #MarcusAurelius #GrowthMindset #DerekSivers #SimonSinek #StartwithWhy #ZigZiglar

I am missing many and I will hopefully add many many others I my journey continues

How have I changed?

I have changed in my #Mindset. Learning every day. Trusting the process more everyday day. Respecting it.


I have evolved

Its left me with that deep understanding that there is MORE I must do

That Products are not remarkable, a True Story filled with #Generosity (for the right reasons) and #Empathy is.

A Story that ultimately tells us WHY you do what you do

and more importantly WHY we should care?

A sense of security that we cannot be everything to everyone and thats actually a pretty great way to be

Its as Zig Ziglar stated and I respectfully repeat daily “Be a meaningful specific, not a wandering generality”

Be a meaningful specific…Matter More, Care More, People DO MATTER

Wake up happy to engage with your Tribe

Live by the mantra Seth Godin states “People Like US do things like THIS” but unlike all the manipulators- MEAN IT DAMN IT!

Going through the #altMBA was eye opening for me and life altering, its really and truly NOT about added features or “Widgets” and its 100% Not about Price manipulations

Its about Mattering to someone dearly and learning how to matter more – showing you care

It brings me back to the manifesto and how this all ties in ( sloppily at times however Im a work in progress…on my way…striving towards that ultimate goal of Virtue)

I LOVE the industries I am in

I LOVE what I do

In general

I HATE, DESPISE, have absolute DISDAIN for the manipulative manner brands position themselves…Its almost as disgusting as #politics

I simply don’t get it

So I feel its my right and responsibility to do my part, my part and not directly for personal gain. I hope that doing the right thing creates a new movement and if I benefit from that- awesome!

Here are the Problems I see

  1. Brands are created out of one sole vision- Money, Grow, Sell. Thats Fine by business standards but we need more.
  2. Brands Create “touchy feely” story based on Spin. A Truthful story as to WHY you do what you do matters. “People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it” Simon Sinek . A brand can create a illusion however eventually they will slip, mis a detail and then we will know its a manipulation NOT a Story.
  3. Brands are created for the Mass- Think about it. Whats so special about mass produced, commoditized goods? In the Natural/sports nutrition industries commodity we have too much of. Give us the “outliers” the “Fringe” “small Batch”
  4. Brands Broadcast they don’t engage- why? you guessed it, they do not care
  5. Brands don’t understand #Remarkable often doesn’t SCALE…
  6. Sales teams Bastardize Science- I can promise that whats coming will be very Unpopular with these folks and embraced by the victims of the lies.

Consider this a sort of Project Veritas of the Natural Products/ Sports Nutrition industries

How? Who? What? Ok, Ok

This will NOT be funded by any Brand or entity.

It will reside here on the T2 Experiment and I will also make content available on high profile industry vehicles

Price Plow

Supplement Reviews




etc ( any favorites- please email me TommasoSalvatore1215@Gmail.com)

also feel free to email me

  1. Topics / categories of interest
  2. people/ thought leaders of interest
  3. anything you would like considered, I am honestly doing this for you

The vehicles

  1. This website http://www.T2Experiment.com
  2. @Romarenegade Twitter
  3. T2Experiment Podcast (Coming Soon)

Well whats First or should I quote Bill Goldberg “Who’s Next”?

Based on the level of time served in the Functional Foods booming category of

Protein bars


I will start there…My Title “UN Coated”  Uncovering the Protein bar confusion

Part 1 will post here This weekend..Please if you know of any “Special” and remarkable brands email me




Extreme times


We live in extremes

Sports- our team

Politics- our Party our Candidate

Indulgences of Food, Drink

Polarized towards a absolute in lifestyle



after all we have to be righteous don’t we

heaven forbid we don’t have it all figured out

heaven forbid we embark on collaboration

but wait,

I would like to state my case for the Balanced life or,

the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

As a young professional  and also avid Physique athlete I made my home in Extremes…

I will not lie in stating that in the short run extreme approaches – immersion, polarization, work and work well

They lose the midas touch when we seek a full and rewarding life

when it becomes about the WHOLE and not the parts

the Sprint might be for the extreme

but life isn’t a Sprint its a Triathlon, and one on another level of challenging

Balance, understanding, perpetual growth, steady growth gets us there and gets us there fulfilled knowing we lived well

here is to living well


MILK – does your body good……..raw

I still remember the 1990s and the introduction of Designer Whey to the supplement industry. As far as many today believe this was the introduction of high quality protein products to the market. Make no mistake, I still remember my old apartment on grand moms 3rd floor, stacked on kitchen floor was at any moment 3 cases of the mix able, easily digested Designer Whey. Yes me and my friends consumed plenty. However truth be told whey was new on the scene but once again the standard had been established in the 60s- when RHEO H BLAIR introduced his protein formulations and more importantly the protocol surrounding it. The concept, the legend is based off of a very natural Total Milk in complex with extremely high quality whole egg protein however usage called for mixing with Raw whole milk 1:1with Raw cream. This created a ultra low carbohydrate high Protein, fat shake ( name muscle milk ring any bells). One can search and find volumes of great reviews from former Blair’s consumers – many accomplished competitor as well. One fact often left out was the use of high potency proteolytic enzymes to ease digestion, because you can only use what you can digest. The other component forgotten was the way to consume the shake. Blair recommended crimping the straw and sipping, never gulping. This almost mimics natural feeding and eases potential gastro issues. Great advice in 2014 isn’t it? Enzymes! What was the last big company educating on enzymes or omega 3s? I could never leave the origanol Met-Rx from this equation. Another gem based on the whole milk,milk isolate, milk concentrates. The current additions are so many versions removed from those amazing first couple years. Yes this was a truly amazing protein that seemed to transform physiques almost overnight. I guess that first brings me to what I believe is current state of protein market and my Top 3 (as late night hosts do)
The current state of the category- in my opinion is lackluster at best. When economy tanked, and protein costs soared it seems that all the biggest companies gravitated to value/ economy whey or complexes or they simply put fancy proprietary names to what in essence is nicely labeled crap. Non GMO crap, indigestible manure. Some even have taken to tricks such as amino spiking which is essentially adding indigestible single aminos or collagen, silica to give a basic nitrogen reading that appears to show labeled protein content not truly in product- this is scumbag stuff period. A black eye to us all. Disgusting.
Most reputable brands simply all gravitated to producing standard proteins, nothing special with no science dictating why and ratios in complexes.
The one beacon in my humble opinion was CNP Propeptide- the brainchild of the wisest protein scientist, behind the sciences genius we have been given in recent decades. This protein was special. Truly. Based on milk protein and all intact fractions therein Philip went a step farther culturing “unlocking” this proteins digest ability ” it is complexed along with Egg white albumin as well. This is a amazing product that is all but extinct in the marketplace.
I believe the top 3 protein products available currently are in rank as listed:
3.B’more organic skyr ready to drink shakes
2.Beverly International UMP
1.CNP Propeptide

I am seriously in discussions with the authorities on the topic attempting to bring or source the next generation of protein. 100% as nature intended. Remember as someone very wise once stated at a education clinic I was involved in ” let NATURE NUTURE” the best protein you can consume is not created but found. Thanks Doc Rob!
More to come as I learn more.

Live life passionately,


Keep it Simple

I am a nostalgic kind of person. I realized this long ago. I have been described as “old fashioned” to “a old soul ” and I gravitate if left to my own devices to… Simplicity.
In my 42 years I accept and embrace these “facts” and wear them as medals of honor. I say how absolutely arrogant are we that we believe in essence we can improve upon and innovate on that which needed not improving.
Enter exercise or more specifically bodybuilding. I have spent a career and long before totally wrapped up and fascinated by the ability to sculp, alter and improve what we are given by The Lord as a starting point. I would like to note at this point that ultimately genetics should always with proper diligent work and determination win out.
What I must state, that needs to be said is when I look at my industry in Sports supplements and training specifically it is not improving. In fact it seems transparent to population as a whole- weak.
Not weak in a physical sense but weak, lame, without passion. Oh let me guess another magic pill or amino blend from another dimension!
My memory takes me back. I remember scraping together my quarters, nickels and dimes and begging mom to drive me to Harry’s health food store-Yes at one time body builders and health nuts were one in the very same. This Is exactly part of the concept I intend on attempting to bring back to the sport I love, even if only to the few that embrace my writings. If my writings help a few then I did as intended in paying it forward.
I will be initially posting as often as a possible. My initial focus will be two part- reviewing what confusion is rampant in Diets, Supplements,training systems and yes Drugs. I will have no issue laying negativity to those that deserve it and those complete deliberate frauds beware. I will also happily endorse and advocate the many true beacons that are still present but muted by the fantastic sensationalism and sex appeal of mainstream corporate marketing.
Funny but in the end the only thing true was in the start.
So I will be starting my first posts and reviews discussing Food. No matter your goal and desire Food. Quality not quantity. Learning food in its simplest form will build the start point on which we grow stronger, healthier, more assertive.
So initially I will educate and endorse much. I will enlighten as to ingredients to fear and foods to avoid. I will give credit where it is rightfully due and begin the networking of each that reads my writings to the many that inspire me and deserve it.
So with that being said I end my pilot post as I will all future posts,

Live life passionately