1a the act or fact of intending purposeespecially the design or purpose to commit a wrongful or criminal act 

  • admitted wounding him with intent
 the state of mind with which an act is done : volition
 a usually clearly formulated or planned intention : aim 


 the power of choosing or determining : will
 an act of making a choice or decision; also : a choice or decision made

In 2018 Live with a sense of urgency.

In 2018 Embrace ability to identify bullshit
In 2018 I am jumping through my skin
In 2018 there has never been a better time to deliver value……with INTENT
because its FOR them we seek to serve
and with Volition because its deliberate and planned
Probably the greatest skill I need to develop is discarding the unimportant  , It is not  about width…Its always about DEPTH.
Its not about hours logged, it is about Impact and Value created
and with that its also about being very real with myself
Let me clarify ..I do believe we miss so much opportunity when we look past the set of eyeballs across from us at any given moment.
I believe we lose when we attempt to hack, shortcut, game the system because the system is really a person
I believe that saying the right thing is much different than actually doing the right thing.
I want to take this yoke on
My alumni group in @AltMBA has a #30daychallenge group with some awesome friends in it.
what I am looking at this evening is
348 Days
8357 Hours
501437 Minutes
30086230 seconds
I am not doing this for approval
I am not doing this for show
I am doing this to win. I believe as @Garyvee says you either have pessimistic, “Loser” DNA or Optimistic ,”Winner” DNA…..Here goes..
I believe people are for the majority good
I believe so many are holding themselves back through inner narratives
I believe we all need to kick our own asses and be real with ourselves
I believe ANYONE can do awesome things that make a difference
I believe TRULY that social media and internet posses BOTH the ultimate tool to climb out of your rut and also on the other side the ultimate means to waste idly ones life.
I believe I have something I NEED to give
I believe we all have Fears
I believe the key is never accepting limitations
I believe this will be my year
I believe

The board is blank…..2018

“Don’t let your imagination be crushed by life as a whole. Don’t try to picture everything bad that could possibly happen. Stick with the situation at hand.”

Marcus Aurelius

Good-Bye 2017

There is no use in being to nostalgic over the chasm to the new year being crossed this frigid evening.

Time passes, Time waits for no man, Time is the cradle that contains the beauty, pain, passions, thrills and all of what as life winds down matters most, each of our impression, experiences – Our legacy.

For me I embrace the journey I began several years back, a journey seeking tension, a journey seeking creating change, Change that is needed and Change that is wanted.

2017 was a great step

2017 was game changing

I spent last evening  writing notes, lists, reflecting and for me here is what I write on paper and toss out the window at the turn of midnight.






In 2018,

I am determined to ,


Become great at Execution

Become a Practitioner in everything I do with a true vision of 1>0

Disconnect Daily with confidence

Give, do more for others – This is the most important part of my 2018 goal list to me

Put myself out there and embrace building my personal brand as a vehicle to help the community that has provided me all of the great relationships and opportunities I have.

be truly self-aware of who I am and make no apologies- I am a bodybuilder, that is in my DNA

Make a point to reflect daily and remember it must always be about Legacy, and impacting others over currency and profits.



I am absolutely grateful for the 2017 that has opened my eyes and mind in so many ways. I am grateful for all of the friends I have and from a inspirational perspective the gentleman who has influenced me most @thisissethsblog Seth Godin.

Anyone who knows me knows I have been a insatiable reader on a quest for knowledge. Words of the stoic Seneca has brought about such serious reflection that I am committing to a short list of authors, books which I shall keep and revisit regularly.

“It is not how many books thou hast, but how good; careful reading profiteth, while that which is full of variety delighteth.”

Seneca the Younger


2018 for me is the year of Executing and becoming a Practitioner through action


I sincerely wish each and everyone Inspiration and the unyielding desire to create something real for someone….because after all isn’t that what its all for- Someone else?


Felice anno nuovo


God Bless




Grateful beyond words

  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
    “she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support”
    synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanksappreciationindebtedness;

    “Chip was miffed by his nephew’s lack of gratitude”

    So this is what #46 feels like.

    Is it odd it feels the same as 20 did?

    Today, more than usual I am turning myself inward

    Today, more than usual I am thinking about cherished memories

    Today, I am embracing the reality of death that sits with us all

    Today, I understand what matters

    Today, I have no desire for a gift

    Today, I have the greatest gift I could ever wish for in a Mindset that embraces my role

    My role I signed up for

    My role to embrace tension

    My role to Care

    My role to do the right thing even when its in private

    My role to try daily to exhibit true empathy

    Today I look into my daughters eyes and understand what I must provide

    Today I embrace my eventual end happily with a simple approach that the direction is never to scramble at the perceived end to be a good man but as the stoics believed

    “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

    Marcus Aurelius

    I say to my dear friends and family to today, if inclined to do or say a nice thing to me instead do something nice for someone, anyone in your day instead.

    Thank you

Awareness campaign or Trust mission?

Quite possibly, actually most likely you do not have a awareness issues- you have a TRUST issue….

I have been there myself, Its a awareness issue. We need to create awareness! When the see whats on offer, how special we are, all of our features & benefits they will have to pick us! wont they?
and each time we have gotten it all completely wrong!
It is not that they don’t know about you. Its that they have unlimited selection, they have a entitled choice. WHY should they pick you? oh, sure, spend more, throw money at hacking the system. That just might work however most likely it shall not.
Because when they do not trust you, or whats on offer, spending more and more to bypass steps, to hack does not help- it hurts. it is not a display of caring more and of honest and generous connection. Its a con. a trick.
This is the reason I love Seth and Derek Sivers so much. Look at everything you do, everything and ask how is this creating a remarkable user experience? If its not then its not worth doing!
Every word on your website should be inviting and engaging.
Every social posting comment should be organically replied to.
If you do Everything for that specific person you seek to serve you have a chance.I love when Seth states to seek the SMALLEST group and OVERWHELM them. Overwhelm them with Empathy, generosity and quite honestly just the desire to serve them. Them we have a start
a start to earning the Trust to build upon



Understanding “them” dictates everything

In the world in which I call home to my exciting career I have the extreme privilege of helping remarkable people (brands) communicate their best story. That is when I am successful. To tell their best story the other side of that equation needs to be completed as , to their intended community in a manner that reflects honest empathy, generosity and care.

How does this at all have relation towards this prompt of the Marketing Seminar you ask?

In the brand- the deliverable, and how the intended conceptualize this need or want

Solution based clinical formulations – Existential Need

The story the intended community is telling themselves is lined with a urgent need to find results to a problem

A prime example comes in a clinical tested Prostate formulation- the consumer seeking this is primarily interested in one thing- Addressing a health/ life threatening concern

This completely differs from a men’s prostate product designed with a holistic natural lifestyle brand approach.

It differs in the story the intended are narrating to themselves but also in being very real about the Where we need to meet them to deliver our message.

It really changes so much understanding who it’s for and how they perceive the need or want

A 51 year old male with elevated BPI is telling himself a completely different story when he scours Amazon reviews or Reddit for clinical Prostate supplements than a healthy lifestyle 51 year old looking for one simply to add to his daily care toolkit. NEED vs want completely

all in…

Call them “1st world problems”, This lesson from The Marketing Seminar really has a revealing potential for us students “if” we allow it to spark reflection.
“people like us do things like this” and “would they miss you if you were gone”, these are great lines however they carry along with them a great weight of responsibility.

A responsibility we enrolled for, that never ends.

It is the greatest time to be alive and many more than ever of us are perplexed, depressed, scared, and confused.

Barry Schwartz hits a home run that fits this lesson perfectly in my humble opinion

This directly impacts the work we do
This directly shifts what we as marketers, as brand strategists away ( far away) from Basic NEED and foundation to Specific WANTS and that changes everything!
You cannot pick them all so be specific, your selection matters, who you seek to deliver to and for matters

When there was only one Protein bar it did not matter if the flavor was Chocolate only.
When there was some selection it matter a bit more
Today, In the long tail economy it matters very much, everything matters
so what are you going to do?
I am going to dig deeper into WHO I am
What Inspires me
Personal Brand
Then align generously with my Peeps
Then align them with folks doing SHIT we will LOVE
It Matters…

Whats your x/y?

as marketers, through positioning done right, done ethically and with empathy “We get a chance to have people remember us”
Seth Godin

We must remember we are doing our work always FOR those we seek to serve not TO them. That is important to remind ourselves of.

What is your position on these axes?
For me I seek to have the X axis at the top be Domain Passion and the Y axis be Domain Knowledge

What are you committed to being on behalf of the people you wish to change?
The leader that seeks to hold the brands “hands to the fire” with regards to it relates and drives value and experiences to its community. The community they seek to serve and to lead a culture within that is extremely generous, mindful and passionate in growing in relation to its ability to remain personally and emotionally connected FOR those that matter most

Keep in mind that this not what you hope people will imagine about you, but what you intend to be.