Whats your x/y?

as marketers, through positioning done right, done ethically and with empathy “We get a chance to have people remember us”
Seth Godin

We must remember we are doing our work always FOR those we seek to serve not TO them. That is important to remind ourselves of.

What is your position on these axes?
For me I seek to have the X axis at the top be Domain Passion and the Y axis be Domain Knowledge

What are you committed to being on behalf of the people you wish to change?
The leader that seeks to hold the brands “hands to the fire” with regards to it relates and drives value and experiences to its community. The community they seek to serve and to lead a culture within that is extremely generous, mindful and passionate in growing in relation to its ability to remain personally and emotionally connected FOR those that matter most

Keep in mind that this not what you hope people will imagine about you, but what you intend to be.


that big bitten Apple

The magic of positioning.
The Problem is the really difficult task of finding a space for a brand new idea.
The solution in which we create a space next to something we already know…

Positioning done right is meeting the prospect where she is. Meeting her with empathy and also a generous posture because we seek to provide a solution. Not a all inclusive solution but rather a really specific one . A specific offer.

This might be the very reason I feel so passionately about the very passionate and specific brands I have worked with over the past years. Brands that understand exactly “what is on offer and Who its on offer for”

For this lessons questions,

A brand I like is Apple

How is this brand positioned by you?
If you embrace technology and inspiring design this is the brand for you.

Why do choose it instead of other brands?
I work admittedly on a PC based system however for my personal computing, cellular and tablet needs I enjoy the design and features of Apple products. The Apple logo in itself to me underlines the reasons I spend over twice the amount on a Apple product when it comes to my technology purchases.

Why do you recommend it to your friends instead of other brands?
Yes, always however I will openly also layer in the fact of PC being a better and most cost effective business platform and Android as well. This totally flips if its someone in my friend circle- Then it is a I dont care about what these facts are, simplicity and design still make me prefer Apple.

What story do you tell yourself when you choose this brand?
I am Hip, I am Trendy and I am counter stuffed suit culture. I am not a spreadsheet analyst. I am creative and I am use this logo as a statement of reinforcing that very fact.

Are we listening?

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

What does this person believe that you don’t believe? It becomes extremely important in the work we do as change creators to realize each and every situation poses a unique perspective and set of beliefs which we need to understand.
What do they see that you don’t see? This may be the toughest question because we can never truly know until they trust us enough to allow us to see what exactly it is they see through there “eyes”.
What do they want that you don’t want? They want quite simply the least amount of change. The least amount of hassle. The least amount of stress. They might honestly see the solution we have on offer and not want the change associated with even a clear positive change. We often forget that even a benefit that is believed still requires enrollment in change and change is never easy.
What do they care about that you don’t care about? They ultimately care about how is this going to help their business, their life, and all the fluff, external causes etc are nice once they have enrolled on the journey- until then we are talking to ourselves
It is so urgently important that we truly understand the impact that Empathy has on our work.
We never totally know everything but we can try.
We never face their challenges but we can really try to.
Putting them first in a honest manner, asking the questions and listening to the answers even when the answers are not in any way what we want to hear is empathy.
It might mean this attempt to serve is “No Dice” but in that apparent flop might be the start of the trust to return with something they will recognize, something they want, something listening exposed for you and your efforts to serve.
Caring is never a bad idea.
take away the complications. create real value and enroll them on the journey. after all, isn’t it about them?


Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I am going through “The Marketing Seminar” for the second time and as a extra exercise am posting the prompt answers to my blog here also.

Anyone who wishes to engage and discuss any particular posting I would really love that since its only through dialogue and learning to be gain new insights!

Anyhow, Thank you 🙂

This second time around or quite honestly the third has driven me deeper into the questions. The answers no longer being after a prompt. The answers being no longer about a particular brand, product or pitch. The product has become “me”. I sat and watched the video, read the text sitting today in a quite cafe in central Philadelphia. I really want this sprint through the marketing seminar to be special to me. We have until the new years ball drops essentially to go through the lessons and really and truly be honest with ourselves. I know that since I began this journey in the altMBA 6 ( August 2016) I have undertaken a journey. I type this today feeling that yet another layer has been peeled from the onion, as if I am finally digging into real answers.
What is the promise I offer? “Identity & connection”, this varies from customer to customer based on size and situation. What I refer to is that a big brand or established entity is faced with sometimes a entirely different path than a extremely connected and remarkable start up with zero know how to advance and scale. Both scenarios while very different on the surface ideally seek to achieve the same outcome. That is the promise I offer as a change catalyst. That is the promise, To help them tell their best story.
How specific is the promise that I am making? This is where things get dicey. It in some instances is difficult to quantify with # or $ the change being created. Often the opposite of what one would think is the initial measurable impact:
Often its more difficult with the bigger more complex and better funded since a big ship steers much more slowly than a Donzi speed boat for example. A small very connected remarkable brand can be strategically scaled, growing the culture much more quickly and thus exhibiting the rewards much faster in many instances than a large and very well funded or established brand which requires Patience and the strength to do whats right for the grand vision not a impulse quick fix.
What Promise am I willing to keep? The promise In am as a professional willing to keep is that I will not let them off the hook from doing what is right. From doing the hard part and earning the trust required. I as a professional must be always ready to protect them from their greatest adversary- themselves. I must promise to not play it safe for their sake as well as my own. This may even cause the early exit at times for me and I must be willing to accept this. This is something that demands as a professional that I develop a keen stoic passion for Amor FATI, and self-awareness.
Do I need a bigger promise? or Do I need a smaller promise? This is complicated, bigger is not better and for that matter too small and your are not making the impact as a brand. So, the question and the answer always comes down to connection.
What I promise. What I seek to deliver. What I strive to communicate is instilling a culture that seeks connection. A culture that understands that the amazing opportunity available comes at the cost.


its not about them , but it is

Who are you trying to change?
Who are you willing to leave out?

Be specific. Don’t describe what they look like. Describe what they believe.

the WHO is people seeking connection, brands seeking connection. How do I propose to create this change is through understanding.
Understanding and ultimately respecting the available vehicles available to connect communities.
The understanding that what connection provides is not the stage to speak to everyone but rather the ability to be very specific. Its in this specificity where the beautiful art of what we as change makers do exists.
The products are interchangeable
The missions and values might be polar ends of the line however all that matters is the care towards mattering more towards those our art is intended for.
I see it more and more everyday. The first time through I quickly made this about a product, a brand, a job
The only job actually is that my job is to steer the brands I serve towards doing things right. To help them see clearly.
Its always always always about getting specific
features, benefits, logos, fonts
do they really matter?

In the end one question from Seth remains to be answered
“Will they miss you if you were gone”

because its always about ” wink wink “People like US do things like THIS” my job is to help YOU fill in the US and THIS


Its kinda complicated

The end goal for me as a professional

The end goal for me as a Change Catyist

The end goal for me to jump out of bed with excitement everyday

It’s Not specific to a deliverable, tangible product

Or is it

The WHO is complicated

The WHO is something I have sat and anguished over for two days

Re studying Seth Godins prompt

Re spinning it around in my skull

It is not a question that snapped to me

Yes ultimately in creating the change I seek to create the consumer, TRIBE, that’s who it all is for.

But that’s not my WHO

But that’s not my CHANGE

My Change occurs a step back

My Change occurs in cultures of creators

The WHO I seek to deliver value to

The WHO I seek to deliver change to is

The creators

The remarkable brands

To help create connection

To them tell their best story

One that matters

One that is Remarkablewp-image-776655181

Mathematics and what matters

“People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are more wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.”


I used to believe that procrastination was the culprit. I no longer feel that way. Speaking for myself, which is truly the only person I can speak with true certainty for, I believe it comes down to simple mathematics.

I believe it comes down to taking a personal inventory. Looking at my life from across the table. What would I see? What is my worldview and am I telling myself the proper narrative? As a marketer we strive to express truthful empathy towards those we seek to serve, therefore shouldn’t we regularly take that level of care with our self? For me the journey is about the development of a truly antifragile mindset.

For me personally, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have and the blessings in my life. I have a career doing something I absolutely love with and for amazing people and leading a team I am humbled to have the opportunity to lead. I have a loving family and a daughter who means the world to me. I have within my DNA the passion of a lifetime pursuing passions.

So, then why do I also struggle everyday? Why do I fight the demons too?

  • Fearful of Failure
  • Stressed for Time
  • Stressed over Finances
  • Rushed
  • Insecure
  • Unfulfilled

and these all come as a knot in my stomach everyday, like a old enemy.

The way I have dealt for years is putting my head down and just going forward, which isn’t a bad idea however what remains is not what gets me to that new inner narrative; the inner narrative where the list above “flips” to

  • Self-Aware
  •  Focused
  • Self Confident
  • Antifragile
  • Deliberate

Now, I truly believe the issue is not procrastination. I have truly embraced Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile principles  regarding Things that gain from disorder, in this book the author states,

“Few understand that procrastination is our natural defense, letting things take care of themselves and exercise their anti fragility; it results from some ecological and naturalistic wisdom, and is not always bad–at a existential level, it is my body rebelling against its entrapment. It is my soul fighting the Procrustean bed of modernity”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile

Enter Simplicity, a topic I have danced around for several years. Often citing delivering more from less. I still strongly believe in the active pursuit to eliminate time wasters and negative people, and activities from my life in all areas. however,

Enter Hormesis; “Hormesis is an example of mild anti fragility, where the stressors a poisonous substance and the antifragile becomes better overall from a small dose of the stressor…Likewise fragility is defined as a concave sensitivity to stressors, leading to increase in volatility” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

For me the inventory today as I close in on my 46th Birthday next month my goals are totally within sight. That is the great news! If I am able to change the lenses, the inner narrative.

For this very reason I will assign myself a mission, a challenge, a journey.

On Monday I will begin this day with my framework posted right here. Somedays I will utilize videos on social media, somedays maybe perhaps audio ( after all I did purchase podcasting studio equipment I used once! example of Bad procrastination at work )

The program name won’t be Simplicity because while I will seek to reduce the unnecesary it will not be simple or to create lazy time.

No, the name I prefer at this moment is the cradle of where opportunity is located for those who dare seek its rewards

“CHAOS” mind & body, my journey

The gauntlet is set…Its part Physical…Its part emotional, its totally a Mindset journey and I am looking forward to it


Happy Saturday everyone…LIVE with INTENT 🙂