Knowledge vs Belief

I am closing in quickly on year 47

lately I find myself scrambling for meaning and desperate for that one thing.

I find that in my life it is time to put my knowledge to the test. What good is all the reading, blogging and discussing if when put to the test we do not Believe?

So for me it means a refresh,

for me that means Focus

for me that means deletion on anything non essential

Its about getting very real

Simplicity matters, that is for certain

detachment from emotions matters big time too

selfishness matters too, despite what we are told, taking care of self does matter

I am going to blog this journey for myself as a open journal because if I am going through trials and tribulations I am certain somebody else is as well and perhaps I can help then too, or more than likely they can help me.

Think of all the facts you understand, buy into but truly if tested do not believe…how do you fare on this?




Episode 1- Rough & Raw “T2 experiment”

<a href=””>Download this episode (right click and save)</a>




Not exactly as I would of planned but there nonetheless. Shipped episode 1. Its junk audio with not editing but I did not wish to edit the raw nature of my open mic moment/ revelation that has me more focused than ever.

I need to get better quickly at very easily learned skills

  1. Recording my own voice
  2. Utilizing the software
  3. editing and importing
  4. all the extras and fancy things will come

as Seth says Drip by Drip

Its Ugly, maybe even FUGLY but its Shipped.

The journey begins.

One year out from Masters Classic Bodybuilding


Lets Ride!



To quote the iconic band the Clash “should I stay or should I go?, if I go there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double”


We all know it even though it may presently be unnamed

But “it’s complicated”

It is complicated because it isn’t so simple

We need to be very honest with ourselves

As Seth Godin points out, iconic quotes such as “once you learn to quit it becomes a habit” from Vince Lombardi Mislead us

Not always

But sometimes

Because there is this thing that Steve Pressfield coined the resistance, that try’s to dissuade us from doing our best work. The work we need to not quit.

Turns out that we need to develop calmness

We need to develop a means to view every project, every job, every endeavor from outside and determine if the struggle we are feeling is worth the pain and emotional energy

What is this thing about?

Turns out learning what to quit and getting really good at quitting is a great thing

If it’s something worth the struggle then we endure the DIP

If not we move on

Blessed Journey

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” Chinese Sage Confucius

I was a bad student, bad , like staring out the window bad.

Grade school day dreams

High school planning , strategizing,

About what you ask?

Well much about nothing early in freshman and sophomore years but sometime midway through that second year it happened.

Soft hands met knurled barbell. Rust, humidity, pain and pleasure.

The chisel was placed within my reach by the Muse and it’s been grasped with wide eyed, white knuckles for over 30 years and going strong.

Steve Jobs speaks of working hard and finding our passion. I am blessed as I’ve never had a doubt. My Muse has been sitting beside me my entire life.

But oh how I have forsaken her

But oh how I have tried to be what I assumed more socially acceptable

More seeking to fit in, but Why?

More approval seeking of others than myself.

That’s what has me typing this today.

There is a Quest that I am on. That I have been on and I shall always be on.

There are stories to share




Yet another pivot to this thing I seek to create

Yesterday- today- tomorrow

Looking back…

Versions of oneself

Over time

Highs and lows

Fears and aspirations

Hopes and dreams

Anxiety and calm

Love and hate

Smiles and tears

What makes up a life

It isn’t a sprint

It is a marathon

It isn’t speed

It is the perpetual accumulation of knowledge

It is the calm

It is picking your shot

It is acceptance in the fact that it’s a Infinite game

Not finite

It is ultimately about minimizing complexity and optionality with intent

It is about calm in chaos

It is about less is more

It is about the mere word Intent, doing things with intention

Caring about what matters

Not caring about what does not

It is about love

It is not about infatuation

It is about reality

It is not about delusions

It is about focus

About flow

It is about accepting

It is about respecting

It is always about mattering

Not to everyone

Never to everyone

But to really put ourself on the line for someone

It is ultimately about courage

It always come down to Faith

Just a morning ramble

Turns out all this strings together

Makes memories

Makes a life

When we stop

Take a breathe

Look around

The whole thing is pretty damn amazing isn’t it

So what is the string you’ll attach today?

Nothing but luv