Rear view mirrors

Dwelling on the past is a handicap if taken to the point of limiting todays decisions Sunk costs and understanding not to allow yesterdays decisions to hinder todays opportunities is REAL But I’m not referencing that… “Sometimes you gotta go back to go forward, and I don’t mean goin back to reminisce or chase ghosts. […]

Social Distancing

This week I deleted #Twitter This week I deleted #Facebook This week I deleted #Instagram Well, I deactivated them. Why? Simply, because I began paying attention to Am I posting for nothing more than social approval? Am I wasting productivity time on mindless scrolling? Am I inclined to break from work that matters to check […]

The Wayfinder

In the cradle of Chaos is where opportunities lie. The world has shifted. The Pandemic, Covid-19 has changed everything that is certain. I have reviewed some statistics by Mckinsey that states 10 years of online sales growth has occurred in 90 days of lockdown! So, the role at this critical point of the Wayfinder […]

Battles and The War

These days really lend themselves to game theory and finite vs infinite games. As we each day enter a new and uncharted world we would be very well served to practice several principles as leaders. I try to wake very early, think and meditate on the day ahead ( the days battle) while keeping vigilant […]

Letting go

Everyday this journey, this path gets more worn and when I step away and look from above I can see something I cannot within the chaos of each day- I am closer to my Goal to make a positive impact. I am closer to my goal of creating something special, something that ultimately advances not […]