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  • Until we can “make” more time

    Lately I have intrigued by Complexity and how it relates to us as individuals The timeless quest for more or to add more into the same space Lets look at this a bit deeper though to try to understand it better. Seeking “balance”, “order” and “thoroughness” are the themes that fill many a bookstore shelf. […]

  • where it starts

    We have each heard the phrase “silence is golden” at one point in our lives. The silence or stillness of sitting with ones self. What in todays ever busier lives can we learn from this phase and what power can be gained? For me I start with the calmness of body and mind to truly […]

  • What is enough?

    There are those seeking comfort There are those seeking power There are those seeking immortality What drives you? Who are your “3” people by whom you would build your life around? What are your non negotiable things? Do your inventory, are they words or do these things actually hold value you are willing to stand […]

  • Manifesting

    Organizing the chaos is a fools errand. Believing that we can somehow create order in a overloaded life is the big scam we have somehow bought into.. Connection that sabotages us, fools us into believing we can somehow do everything, that is a fools errand. I have been on this quest for years. Truly the […]

  • Brilliance I see

    Brilliance I see

    I don’t do social media much anymore, But this post is not about me. This post is about Suz. My Suz. The person who came into my life five years ago and whom I absolutely admire, adore and believe in with every ounce of my soul. The one that has broken down my defensiveness and […]

  • Master ones self

    Master ones self

    If emotions affect our actions they must be explored, If fears affect our actions they must be explored, If we make quick or rash decisions based on fears, they must be explored. Stillness is the key to Power Speak the Truth or at the least don’t lie No words truer spoken focus on the things […]

  • Why I am truly deleting my social accounts for good

    Because as I enter 2022 I know. We each only get one life. How long we do not know. If we want the chance, Simplify. Do it willingly. Lets do it by surrender, Do it then. Do it. Make the time count. Make the memories vivid. Do not surrender. Do not relinquish the one priceless […]

  • Speaking my TRUTH

    over the past several years But actually much longer . I have stressed, I have made excuses and have accepted guilt in my life. Speak your truth has been a phrase it has taken me so long to grasp the meaning of. So I stand here at 50, just as I stood at 49 or […]

  • Decide

    Needs vs wants To be truly free recognize the difference Choose needs and be extremely selective regarding wants Live Free

  • What matters

    Experiences. ….. Today. “He with the most who is content with the least.” Diogenes Step 1 : Appreciate today and what a gift it is. That is could be gone in a instant. Act accordingly and do the responsible things. The stoics termed this “Momento Mori” (A reminder of death or mortality, especially a death’s-head.). […]