Has the “WHO” changed? Have we?

As Marketers

As Professionals

Our job, NO, our responsibility to the craft is to deliver Change that is needed and wanted

Change that means things are permanently different than when we began

In this journey we have to be very aware of WHO this change we create is to be directed at

For generation upon generation we created change towards the gatekeepers, category managers, store owners , buyers, all i.e. the Trade

Trade publications thrived

Trade shows thrived,

and then something happened

What happened is connection

What happened is perceived with polarity

The old guard- its Armegeddon

To those embracing the limitlessness of connection its Game Changer!

Game On!

Insanity still holds a obvious endearing place amongst many Brands and executives

but now more than ever Connection is King

Why not jump in!

Its time to get really specific

Its time to get personal

Its time to dial down , its not just demographics

The age, sex, income, activity and lifestyle

Its also time to dial down to Psychographics too…

Worldview and Bias’s of the community we are here to serve, delight and embrace

If it sounds like work-


however it is good work that we do when we care

Ultimately its never about the gatekeepers, never really has been

They were simply inflated in importance because the layer/ wedge they provided between US (Brands) and Them ( the Community/tribe)

That Phone, Those apps, That power, Use it wisely, Use it Generously, Use it…Use it..Say Something that mattersimg_0684




So Much to do and of course the Lizard has a seat directly across from me…

But Seth said it, “This is what we Marketers sign up for” its part of the life
Hello I am Tommaso and I create change, I create change hopefully that is wanted but sometimes it isnt…Thats ok.My intentions are true.
Hello I am Tommaso, You may expect me to do what everyone else is doing- yes, initially “going with the flow is SAFE” but since I am into the “Long Cut”, the “Long Game” its actually the least rewarding, most risky path.
Hello I am Tommaso and the results are only a side effect of the change I seek to make
Hello I am Tommaso- I care. I care so much that when I do not succeed it hurts
but I must push on
as long as there is change to create
I am often wrong and occasionally right but I always care

Certain Ramblings

Some statements are certain
Certain statements or Facts

-Your brand isn't a list of features and benefits
-Your brand isn't guaranteed placement
-Your brand isn't guaranteed our trust or loyalty
-You are not welcomed to spam me
-If I do not trust you I don't care what you cost monetarily because the true cost is what will I tell my friends ( Tribe) and what will I tell my boss
-Marketing is about taking frequent calculated shots
-Marketing is ideally a one on one , eye to eye relationship- scaled
-Only scale to where you are still in the conversation actively
-Show empathy because it matters to you Not because it's the word of the hour.
-Generosity matters most when it's done in privacy
-Caring always matters
-If you don't take time to daydream you are limiting yourself considerably
-Always ask What if? Why not? How can we?
-Habit destroys many , be the car that swings a UTurn, turns off that side road, after all it's the journey isn't it?

Ok good luck everyone

Just some ramblings I thought I'd share

Break it…Til we make it…

It all begins and ends between our ears….in our skulls, our Minds and scratching the surface of just how much we can impact!
A growth Mindset
A realistic and self aware perspective
A true vision of where we want to go i.e. GOAL
A nurtured BELIEF that we WILL ACHIEVE
A ability to disconnect
A deliberate desire to do the work
A posture that always begins in Empathy
A deep feeling of wanting to do good in a generous manner
Ability to accept and more openly to embrace Failures and the fact that we must ship often and failure is inevitable
Crave iteration
Crave knowledge
😊❤️💥😊❤️💥 now let's stop hiding
Let's start Doing
Let's break it til we make it!
Go Go Go

Will they talk about you?

You Care

Your organization did its homework

You identified a problem through empathy and generously wish to provide the solution

You are passionate and now it’s time to put your product before the tribe

But have you forgotten one crucial element to this equation

Have you built into your product/ service the engine for the community to talk about you?

This is where I see caring, empathetic, passionate brands sometimes drop the ball 

And so close too 

From Seths Lesson ” Inverting the first rule of Fight Club”

(Because talking about this furthers my short-term goals)
It might lead to a cultural change that matters to me. (The Women’s March)
It might earn me money. (Affiliate marketing)
It might help me make something happen that I need (Groupon/Kickstarter)
It might make me feel smart. (Early Mac adopters)
(Because the social expectation from my peers inside the organization is that I will)
Some organized religions work this way.
And it’s built into the fabric of network marketing.
As mentioned in the video, AA creates a culture of generosity about the treatment/connection they offer to insiders.
(Because using the product automatically causes me to talk about the product)
The Atkins diet (you have to explain why you’re eating bacon with meat on the side for dinner).
The distinctive look of a Prius.
The tagline in Hotmail that explained that Hotmail was a free service that was easy to get.
When Seth launched the book Purple Cow, it came in a milk carton. The book itself, a book about ideas worth talking about, was designed to give people a way to talk about it…
There are many others. Dig deep and find them.
Then, think about your own service. 

Q- How do you create a posture among your customers that their instinct is to spread the word? 

A-without selecting a specific “product” I would like to reinforce a personal belief that your features and Benefits only matter after we trust you. 

This is where many products and their well intentioned teams get it wrong. It is partly hinged on innovators syndrome however even  when everything is aligned, the brand takes a generous, engaged and empathetic posture it still comes down to SCARCITY. PEOPLE LIKE US DO THINGS LIKE THIS


This is why as a marketer I despise Price promotions and massive ad campaigns 

It’s still about a personal interaction, eye to eye, a wink and a smile, just Scaled! 

Care more

It matters

Share your discoveries and insights here.


My Physique 

Always my greatest area of accomplishment 

“You have amazing genetics that you can literally alter your physiology in weeks” my wife Dana states

People , friends say I have a superior metabolic rate/ efficiency 

Thank you for the compliments 

Fast forward. 

Tony Robbins, BELIEF systems, QUESTIONS, 

Seth Godin, Narrative, Worldview 

It’s NOT the genes

That’s the epiphany 

It’s the narrative , the worldview, the BELIEF SYSTEM

the Placebo is REAL

at Whole Foods Market as I type this blog post I sip coffee and read “Awaken the Giant within”

It , a flashback, hit me like a brick……

At 17 years of age and runt like skinny I became DETERMINED to be a physique chanpion



I know that 

But here is what I suddenly recall

What was the QUESTION I initially asked myself about the things I ate and did?

“HOW WILL ______ ( whatever it is) HELP ME TO REACH MY GOALS” if it did not provide something of FORWARD progress towards goals – I STEERED CLEAR. 



At 45 years young I still have this question for anything I do, it is now a engrained question in my mind. A positive and empowering question. 

For whatever reason I have had this amazing example to utilize in realtionships and career and never done so


You and I are the sum of what we FOCUS ON

4am Tomorrow I UNLEASH HELL! 


Love u all❤️❤️

Nowhere to hide

Nostalgia plays tricks on us all

Passing years seem to highlight and exaggerate the positives and even create positives that never existed

Passing years also seem to dull and in many instances erase the negatives from memory

That seems to be the beauty to some 

That seems to be the curse for others

Technology and the age of connection is not going back

You cannot do the trade show circuit and disappear 360 days a year

You cannot take the market for granted

You need to lead into this amazing time we live in with Caring More

With a enormous amount of Emapthy & Generosity towards the community we wish to provide our change for 

If only they will embrace us 

If only they allow us to earn their trust. Everyday. 

If this seems like a lot if work- IT IS. that’s why the Caring matters. Do you?