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Take a Practitioner approach to your personal brand

What does that statement mean?

put in the #Work

How and in what way?

For me and my brand the T2 Experiment that means being a information conduit

so where is the #Work?

well its the daily work


  1. Spending hours per day reading the content on my Focus subjects and extracting great value.
  2. Spending hours per day locating #brands, #Trends and #Thoughtleaders who can help increase the value to my #Tribe
  3. Collaborating efforts in a generous way with others in a effort to #Dothework that #Matters
  4. Showing up #Everyday and #delivering #Value to my #Tribe, Going #Deep because I 20140426-140523.jpg#Care. Understanding that #Trust is EARNED EVERYDAY through Showing UP and delivering Value

As I have been digging VERY DEEP in #Self I am exposing MORE and seeing this will be my #ARBITRAGE

My 2017 Commandments to SELF :

I. my  #UTOPIA , My #Bigleague #Goals….No Holds Barred….

For me its NOT a dollar specific goal. For me its not a Possession quantity goal. For me its #FREEDOM to do Whatever I desire (within reason).

 I do have a couple lofty items in my Goals:

1.Ferrari California in bright Red with tan leather guts

2. Home in Haddonfield historic grande style

3.Office in Central Philadelphia with a view of Rittenhouse Park

4. Vacationing property in Italy, preferably Firenze proper

5.  Childrens Boutique business for my wife and daughter

II. I AM MY BRAND…So FOCUS on developing #T2

The big million dollar mistake I feel at this point I have made on many occasions is vest ALL my integrity, passion, tenaciousness in my employer at a cost of not growing #T2, don’t get me wrong, I am pouring it all into my work however understand that the #REDPILL for me is #T2 and the opportunity developing it has for me and as a side effect for all of my work in the process. A true win win. Become a #Linchpin Its #Work to build #T2 so that is not in lieu of my paid work, Thats in addition! So ;

  1. Kill IT in my J O B
  2. #Grind #Focus on my personal brand while my peers watch tv and watch sports…

III.SIMPLICITY , In ALL things- and this is perhaps the most difficult for a high energy #Passion #Driven professional. Its the constant reflection  and question of “How is this getting me closer to my Goals?” Honestly answered this is what can facilitate LESS distraction more FOCUS and with focus , more #WORK


Depth in engagement with #Tribe is a given. It is something I believe deeply. Simplicity is KEY however because taking on too much will assure you can’t be DEEPLY connected and thats what the #WORK demands if we wish to #MATTER. All of these “Rules” I want you the reader to be aware are not simply applicable to the career facet of my life. No, I will apply and regularly post about the benefit of adding all of these “Tools” or lets call them “BLOCKS” to the building of the T2 foundation.


V. ENGAGE like a Mo____

So far I am vigilant on the amount of opportunities I take on. I Focus more. I put in the WORK in going deep with each and that feeds directly into #ENGAGE like a MOFO! Talk to LESS, take on LESS so I can really be present and caring in a meaningful way with the specific TRIBE I am trying to deliver value to. Ultimately whats the VALUE  being provided because that is absolutely what matters most of all.

VI. ” A Tortoise dressed like a Hare” PATIENCE….

Super tough for a “Jump outta my skin, run through flames” kind of personality that I am. Im a Type A++ and anyone who knows me can attest that its in my veins and never staged. So Patience? YESSS, Drive focus in the WORK but at the same point don’t FORCE a result…be willing to TRUST THE PROCESS because you don’t hack your way to a longstanding amount of Brand equity- Thats earned – and as I say often and believe – Re Earned DAILY! i.e. SHOW UP! CARE! So the ability to be patient when it serves the situation is a daily practice. It also ties into another very important habit to develop- ACT don’t REACT! Never reply immediately to a aggravating email or call, WAIT, revisit it, Percolate-BE #PATIENT. Reflect on all decisions and never be afraid to totally change the plan. Thats what Winners do. It starts with a steady hand.


Create your own “League of Extraordinary _”. Find “Like minded” people looking to create value and find creative ways to connect and extend maximum value to those you both serve. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades, master of NONE” rather “Collect” ethical, affluent thought leaders to partner with and help provide the best work you possibly can.

I want to absolutely say Thank You for reading this post. I promise I will have a FOCUS list on what the T2 experiment will be Phase I in the next post. I promise I will do everything to always have FUN and Deliver VALUE to my TRIBE. I started this journey with a mission/vision to deliver a truly Unbiased stream of relevant information to those in my TRIBE and in the process unifying the BEST of the BEST Thoughtleaders I have such humble thankfulness to call friends. I simply want to open the awesome degree of their knowledge to YOU and in the process have fun in my Quest to be the best version of Tommaso I can be – To be T2





The equity in a property resulting from labor invested in improvements that increase its value; also : the labor so invested (Sweat Equity)


It is closing in on 3:00 in the AM

It is the investment I am making

Its not capital I have to commit

Its a different type of currency, one that we each have IF we develop the drive necessary

Its often evenings passed out at a desk, table or sofa

Its time away from “My Job”

Its time to develop my personal brand

after all isn’t that the real dilemma

we often trap ourselves in overworking our job

and neglecting our #Brand

for me its about “Reverse Engineering my #Goals”

ALL of them



ALL…What is the Big Vision ,

Who is it for?

What is my Value Proposition?

and am I self-aware enough to go all in?

For me , T2 its been a real internal battle to release myself from the Matrix

To do something beyond the scope of what I have always done

Its scary but also invigorating

Its about finding a way to deliver Value to a specific Tribe

about Caring and Engaging them because They matter to me

Its about Defining this framework and once defined , once the lane is clear, Shifting into 6th gear, mashing the pedal and GO GO GO

The greatest gift in life I feel is the ability to Focus on delivering value that is needed and embracing #work #Hustle #outworkingeveryone #Dothework

Im Closer than yesterday…Still not there…The Hustle is REAL..

Minimum Effective Dose

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential”

Bruce Lee


The case against “Under promise, Over deliver” for me is simple;

I intend to #Outworkeveryone #Hustle and #Dothework ,

that means being #relentless #grinding #Focus #Flowstate

so again, why the case against?

because to achieve the #growthmindset #limitless #empowered #Positivevibes you have to set the crosshairs on lofty #Goals not undershooting the bullseye or you’ll be shooting into the mud!

For me its about ALL OUT #Intensity and #Drive #Focus on the #Prize, the #Goal

For me its about #Simplicity too

Simplicity of “things”

#Nonewstuffchallenge #Declutterchallenge #Hustle #selluselessstuff

I think of this analogy;

“Which would you choose?

A.a single wheelbarrow with 1,000 lbs to push 10 yards


B. 10 wheelbarrow each with 100lbs to push 10 yards

To break it down a bit more….

A.concentrated effort, with all my #intensity, 1 wheelbarrow 10 yards=1,000lbs/10 yards


B.divided effort, scattered and unfocused , 10 wheelbarrows 10 yards = 1,000lbs/100 yards

I am a #DOIT  guy..not because its faster, because it more direct path to #results IF

IF you can bite down , push, press, fight, drive and #HUSTLE

and I CAN

So this is my approach to #2017 and you are welcomed to join me

Why do I tell this so openly?

because I too believe as #askgaryvee openly states, I can be so generous about this because I know I can and will outwork ANYONE.

How will I hold myself to the task?

-Weekly assessment of past weeks work, meetings, calls, training, diet, everything

What will my goals be?

-(MED) minimum effective dose

The MED is simply the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome and anything BEYOND the MED is wasteful”


So that being said as I end week 1 2017 I will be reviewing these (3) areas in my life and with a bold Sharpie , editing them , making them closer to the (MED)..closer to my goal




Stay tuned and remember #beaAnomaly

The thing with Habits


-manner of conducting oneself : bearing
– the prevailing disposition or character of a person’s thoughts and feelings : mental makeup
– a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior <her habit of taking a morning walk>
– a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance
 -an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary <got up early from force of habit>
-addiction <a drug habit>

As we embark on a fresh new year #2017

Its less about adding Resolutions “To Do”

Maybe its more about simply creating the best Habits?

Our behavior is our habits

Success is build upon a foundation of good habits

Misery is built upon the foundation of bad habits

Good and Bad are relative terms however I would say

If you are not willing to #OwnIt then its not a Good one…

Comes full circle to #SelfAwareness

If you aren’t proud to say you did something

If you are nervous about others finding out

If you know its wrong

Then my friend its a Bad one

and #sloth and #laziness are Bad ones…

Terms that define you are the ones you #own even when others do not agree..thats ok…

Its about being #selfaware in #2017 and #owningyourshit

No one has all the answers…but damn the journey is the prize..

For me here is my Hashtags that define #T2


The people and associations that will help power me?

@AltMBA @thisissethsblog @garyvee @Mpigliucci @RyanHoliday @Tferriss @Sivers @olijanderson @Tonyrobbins @Danspena @SPressfield @Peterdiamandis @Toms @Blakemycoskie 

The thing about a “Story”

I am a very avid believer in the #BeRemarkable #MatterMore #Mindset however  after my first #altMBA #Collision with the Philadelphia group I was spiraled into a solid day and night of introspection.

the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes

So the “thing” IS- how do we determine what is truly remarkable and worthy?

I use my world as a example, particularly the “Nutraceutical” marketplace

If we truly search out remarkable what does that look like?

Is the Story that matters a small company created to put good products that ultimately help promote increased health and vitality the remarkable on?

or should it be about more?

should it ultimately be about results?

Is the real Story a paradigm shift if what the consumer expectation and experience “Should be”?

with this election closing in on its end its more obvious to me than ever that what we truly never get is “results that matter”

we get “SPIN”

from the laundry detergent company advertising a new spout ( which has nothing to do with results btw)

To any item category known to man…all position stories and there is more

yes more..see that small batch, niche chocolate companies story used to be remarkable and matter

those are fewer since the Ad men caught on to this trend – I call it the Craft Beer Phenomenon

See these little upstarts used to be bastions of purity at al costs

now many are started to sell , nothing wrong with that from a business strategy standpoint ( actually quite brilliant) but it takes effect from day one on how every aspect is approach weather the founders realize this or matters A LOT!

hear me out- IF you are fixing room by room in your home with intentions of never moving and passing it down you’ll always go a bit deeper , spend a bit more won’t you?

Thats at least how I see it and you may not agree, which I totally respect

back to Nutraceuticals, yes there are many approaches, many pivots on dosing etc etc however one common theme

-creating consumers that adhere to a brand and a regular protocol (i.e. a very Pharma approach)

they all have a end target of creating a “USER” – YOU

Remember one of the best quotes ever and it actually was from Seinfeld

“Jerry, just remember. It’s not a lie… if you believe it…”

George Costanza

So what am I attempting to express?

Ask more, Dig Deeper, really embrace brands who identify with their  WHY, their STORY

whats never said that Ill say is


and as for the Nutraceutical world, landscape

what is remarkable to me?

To me its about finding that Human “Restore Factory Default Settings” button

because we are born without need of much

especially not 50 pills/a day

just a thought!FactoryD.jpg

“END with WHY”

“People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it”

Simon Sinek



If you are one of the few who has not been “Moved” by this TED talk I highly suggest clicking the link and really paying attention.

Start With WHY

so whats with the END with WHY?

because in a era where being “Best in the world” matters you better be able to tell us your reason for existing..

I like to be much more blunt when I speak to brands

“WHY does your brand exist? and why should Anyone care?” If that cannot be expressed honestly and directly in a sentence or If the terms opportunity, marketshare, market survey comes up- END it there because you are a fraud

remember there are (2) types of STORY and in the short run both work

  1. Manipulation- this is all about the money, marketshare, cash, and not about US the TRIBE the ones who will seek and embrace realness
  2. TRUTHFUL- thats #Remarkable that #Matters thats all about #MORE and that we will drag across the finish line if you embrace us too! Speak UP!

remember- no-one drives a hour to by commodity products…nobody waits on line for ubiquity…sorry…

we want

we need

WORLDS BESTworld-best-1

Factory Settings

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”
― Marcus Aurelius

What is the change we seek to create

No matter what the endeavor we must identify this first

Once we identify that Change we must ask ourself ;

  1. Is our desired change Needed?
  2. Is our desired change Wanted?



As I ponder these very questions I reflect upon the the state of affairs in both Natural “supplementation” and Pharmacuetical “prescription” approaches to health.

I see a approach thats broken



or Self Administer

All with the intention of creating lifelong “customers”

But thats really the best in the world approach?


is it about a Virtuous approach

is it about finding the Human Default to “Factory Settings” switch?

Isn’t that what we really need?

Not more stuff to pile on

Not more Things to forget


Worlds BEST

“Greed is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.” Gordon Gekko

Sounds Powerful, but is it correct? Is it responsible?

More is seemingly in the modern era always infinitely better

If you are going to strive for more Ill venture to say you won’t the Worlds Best in any of the measures that make the ranks of #Remarkable

Maybe its a “old world” or “European” #Mindset

Its exactly what seperates

It is

What makes us really really shine

Its feeling so entranced by a real Story of integrity, uncompromising attitude, Do it right mindset

Its getting geeked up about knowing the origins of a Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive oil from a Artisanal grower limited to numbered bottles

Its Pizzeria Beddia “Worlds Best”

As a aside- please see that Joe Beddia @Pizzacamp is living the #altMBA dream

Pizzeria Beddia Website

Its always about JUST ENOUGH

because its about being WORLDS BEST and goes what WORLDS BEST DON’T SCALE!

Joes model- Finest ingredients period

Artists passion for ONE THING

no credit cards

no call in orders

noon delivery

Open till sold out ( usually within minutes!)

and guess what to everyone who is pissed off when then cannot get one of his beautiful creations? TOO BAD, IF IT MEANS ENOUGH FOR WORLDS BEST- COME WAIT IN LINE!

otherwise its NOT FOR YOU

Its the real Antithesis of MASS

and thats what we Ruckus Makers NEED!


WHY “Best” doesn’t always ensure success“>Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed

Just because you have something special

Just because you have a wealth of empirical data to support your products

Does not afford you a place on the champions podium

What does?

How can a company increase the odds?

maybe “stack the deck”?

Well as Bill Gross clearly displays “Timing” is essential and the greatest factor

“Is the market ready to HEAR what you have to say?”

thats fact

the greatest factor is to me “Do we mean it?, Do we care? WHY should anyone else care?”

as Simon Sinek states “People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it”“>Start With WHY


Lastly I find that too often high level thought leaders forget the Tribe doesn’t like or enjoy supporting the Pompous and Arrogant.

Assume nothing…Engage Engage Engage

because it matters

Exercise #Emapthy especially towards your #Tribe and honestly Know who your Tribe actually is..CARE

Just because you taught the greatest product, service , tech etc doesn’t get you the win

It doesn’t get you our dollar, our Vote, our Love and support

You still have to shake some hands and  oh yeah  MEAN IT!



Nobody ever said it was easy

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Doing work that Matters

Doing what helps somebody else

People before Profits

but Honest & Truthful work

I can honestly say that it has to be about more

It has to be about generosity and a truly empathetic approach without a bias

but its not easy

but nothing worth it ever really is, is it?

If it was easy everyone would do it

IF everyone was doing it

it wouldn’t be special , remarkable would it?

several years back I was part of a group that was truly #remarkable and always stayed #limitless in #Mindset…until…

Then they bought into a theme of #Ubiquity ( the campaign was actually titled operation Ubiquity)

everyone should of taken heed

the remarkable nature of their #Gift was homogenized

It doesn’t work that way

Its about the gift and the true gift holds integrity

Integrity means not compromising for profits

At this stage in my life and career its honestly more than ever about MORE

Its about being a true advocate of the True STORY….

I always thought I was a salesman…but Im just a Storyteller…

I love it