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1a the act or fact of intending purposeespecially the design or purpose to commit a wrongful or criminal act 

  • admitted wounding him with intent
 the state of mind with which an act is done : volition
 a usually clearly formulated or planned intention : aim 


 the power of choosing or determining : will
 an act of making a choice or decision; also : a choice or decision made

In 2018 Live with a sense of urgency.

In 2018 Embrace ability to identify bullshit
In 2018 I am jumping through my skin
In 2018 there has never been a better time to deliver value……with INTENT
because its FOR them we seek to serve
and with Volition because its deliberate and planned
Probably the greatest skill I need to develop is discarding the unimportant  , It is not  about width…Its always about DEPTH.
Its not about hours logged, it is about Impact and Value created
and with that its also about being very real with myself
Let me clarify ..I do believe we miss so much opportunity when we look past the set of eyeballs across from us at any given moment.
I believe we lose when we attempt to hack, shortcut, game the system because the system is really a person
I believe that saying the right thing is much different than actually doing the right thing.
I want to take this yoke on
My alumni group in @AltMBA has a #30daychallenge group with some awesome friends in it.
what I am looking at this evening is
348 Days
8357 Hours
501437 Minutes
30086230 seconds
I am not doing this for approval
I am not doing this for show
I am doing this to win. I believe as @Garyvee says you either have pessimistic, “Loser” DNA or Optimistic ,”Winner” DNA…..Here goes..
I believe people are for the majority good
I believe so many are holding themselves back through inner narratives
I believe we all need to kick our own asses and be real with ourselves
I believe ANYONE can do awesome things that make a difference
I believe TRULY that social media and internet posses BOTH the ultimate tool to climb out of your rut and also on the other side the ultimate means to waste idly ones life.
I believe I have something I NEED to give
I believe we all have Fears
I believe the key is never accepting limitations
I believe this will be my year
I believe

The board is blank…..2018

“Don’t let your imagination be crushed by life as a whole. Don’t try to picture everything bad that could possibly happen. Stick with the situation at hand.”

Marcus Aurelius

Good-Bye 2017

There is no use in being to nostalgic over the chasm to the new year being crossed this frigid evening.

Time passes, Time waits for no man, Time is the cradle that contains the beauty, pain, passions, thrills and all of what as life winds down matters most, each of our impression, experiences – Our legacy.

For me I embrace the journey I began several years back, a journey seeking tension, a journey seeking creating change, Change that is needed and Change that is wanted.

2017 was a great step

2017 was game changing

I spent last evening  writing notes, lists, reflecting and for me here is what I write on paper and toss out the window at the turn of midnight.






In 2018,

I am determined to ,


Become great at Execution

Become a Practitioner in everything I do with a true vision of 1>0

Disconnect Daily with confidence

Give, do more for others – This is the most important part of my 2018 goal list to me

Put myself out there and embrace building my personal brand as a vehicle to help the community that has provided me all of the great relationships and opportunities I have.

be truly self-aware of who I am and make no apologies- I am a bodybuilder, that is in my DNA

Make a point to reflect daily and remember it must always be about Legacy, and impacting others over currency and profits.



I am absolutely grateful for the 2017 that has opened my eyes and mind in so many ways. I am grateful for all of the friends I have and from a inspirational perspective the gentleman who has influenced me most @thisissethsblog Seth Godin.

Anyone who knows me knows I have been a insatiable reader on a quest for knowledge. Words of the stoic Seneca has brought about such serious reflection that I am committing to a short list of authors, books which I shall keep and revisit regularly.

“It is not how many books thou hast, but how good; careful reading profiteth, while that which is full of variety delighteth.”

Seneca the Younger


2018 for me is the year of Executing and becoming a Practitioner through action


I sincerely wish each and everyone Inspiration and the unyielding desire to create something real for someone….because after all isn’t that what its all for- Someone else?


Felice anno nuovo


God Bless




Amazon, Retail and embracing #Antifragility

Taxi drivers hate UBER

but in many ways IF the taxi had concerned itself more with the riders experience and evolving Uber and now Lyft would not be enjoying such success

maybe the Taxi industry should try to be #Antifragile instead of resistant to conditions of change?

Now, even more intriguing is Amazon

Retail Store owner, buyers , representatives and brands hate Amazon

they hated .coms first

they hated Chains too

I have personally been misinterpreted by the angered, suffering  and fed up as I seemingly embrace the #AmazonEffect

I do not love Amazon

I DO love Change that is wanted and needed

I DO love the concept of #Antifragility

its worth all of us embracing Change

but maybe this is about more

In the Chaos lies immense opportunity

Yes, in retail space


where it always has been- In delivering a amazing User Experience

In seeking to get really specific about “WHO IT IS FOR” , this thing you do

I believe once the dust settles the cream will rise,

In this those who see everything as a opportunity to be MORE will excel, rise and enjoy truthful, honest connection.

Brands have let down independent retail for decades

Retail have let down consumers by making it come down to price

psst, Its ONLY about price when everything is equal- Don’t be Equal- be more

be more to less

Brands – start being of value

Brands – Start being patient

Brands – it starts with you


The heart is still beating in the key Independent Natural Products retailer

The heart there is still beating but it needs our help

Partnerships over POs


People DO Mattershake


the PRO

What does it mean to be a PRO?

the PRO is a Practitioner of his/her craft

the PRO understands that success or failure day to day is not ultimately controlled

the PRO understands that they can only Show Up Everyday and do good work

the PRO doesn’t fall in line with the kool aide drinking crowd

the PRO is not afraid to fail

the PRO starts often

the PRO doesn’t need your praise

the PRO knows their value

the PRO seeks “Hell Yeah” opportunities

oh, and the PRO gets paid

in this modern era the PRO must remind him/her self that they do not need to prove themselves for free

they are a PRO, they show up and #work

avoid the reflections…

Identify the GOAL

no right or wrong answer only our personal answer, so what is yours?

the age of sensory overload makes it easy to be overwhelmed with choices

understand and accept

  1. your Goal
  2. your Strengths
  3. your Shortcomings

now, now now


  1. Is your Goal to be linked to a highly capitalized business plan? Thats fine , start the work, start the dialogue , educate yourself and #GO

If it is NOT, then this is for YOU

2.Is it a #Bootstrapper situation? With the equity leveraged being #SweatEquity ? Yes? Start Today, anyway possible, just start.

Realize the money is a Excuse and a Story we will begin to realize that being Bootstrapped many times is a distinct advantage especially early on.

So many times highly capitalized start ups have no true communication with the very people that they are attempting to become important to.A sledgehammer approach. Sure it may catch the Tribes glances at first, after all its the loudest in the room and very shiny! Inevitably they lose out because the devil is Always in the details and the little things matter.Sooner or later  we will know!

The Bootstrapped on the other hand,  they have genuine communication, genuinely care and hold a deep desire to matter to their Tribe. They may not be able to show up as loudly or as shimmeringly adorned but they care. They do great work and the do it everyday. They know the lingo and all the secret handshakes because the are in the club and when we realize that we embrace them and look past their flaws.  Because after all, “People like US, we do things like THIS” , what else we do is help our own get to the finish line because they CARE. As a Small, Niche, Bootstrapper brand we can be very nimble and iterate on the fly.

The most difficult aspect is once a Goal is established and a plan has been set it is time to choose the vehicle…and Buckle IN.

In my humble opinion exhausting Choices are what torment a wide eyed Freelancer or Entrepreneur. Don’t be doomed to the fate such as befell Narcissus;

“Nemesis, the goddess of retribution and revenge, learned what had happened and decided to punish Narcissus for his behaviour. She led him to a pool; there, the man saw his reflection in the water and fell in love with it. Although he did not realise in the beginning that it was just a reflection, when he understood it, he fell in despair that his love could not materialise and committed suicide.”


When their is no wrong answer

Society tells me what success “looks like”

Society tells me how a successful entrepreneur dresses

Society tells me how a successful entrepreneur lives

what he drives

what occupies his free time and pursuits

The internal narrative that is our true DNA is in a lifelong struggle

the battle between what our self wants and what it believes we need

many many times these do not sync

For me , a wide eyed dreamer this has become very obvious

Obvious in setting goals, in what my laser focus is locked in on

for me it is not about material items, possessions

for me it is about Freedom, Experiences, Passion

the problem is that does not always fit the hole of what is reality

So what to do? Soldier on? Hustle? well to Hustle for something that does not contain the potential to dyanmicaly bring me closer to DREAMS is futile isn’t it?

Wow , this is exploding in my mind! Its NOT about jockeying another owners horse to victory


How many owners can I watch  ruin a tremendous  opportunity?

A business is the creators own Oasis, a Utopia, where all the rules are based upon what I Matters most to the creator. Period.

The business can be spectacularly Small yet incredibly large

I am different I guess however I love the nimbleness of the small, being able to make decisions without a week of worthless meetings, calls arguments

I love personal connection, with all partners on the journey, such a deep connection that leaves a virtual “fingerprint” on everything I do

Just because the connectivity of 2017 can allow us to reach the entire world does not mean we need to matter to the entire world.

not only that it is impossible to appeal to everyone and still be absolutely important as air to “someone”

I believe deeply in what artist Kevin Kelly explained in his blog post that started my stepping out of the Matrix

1,000 True fans

I also cling dearly to Derek Sivers manifesto blog post regarding “Opportunity”

Hell Yeah or NO

I am proud to be part of a community through Seth Godins #AltMBA that truly empowers leaning forward always or as we term it to #SHIP to push past #lizardbrain #theResistance

Nothing Wrong with having standards

so where does that leave me at 45 years young and more motivated than ever?


What is Utopia?

Utopia for me is doing work that matters

All things equal my Goals are to afford the ability for my Wife to be able to not work

for us to be able to complete the dreams we have for our happy home,

for my wife to pursue her passions

for me?

to call the shots on my brand that is in everything we do dedicated to someone,

to own a property in the city that houses my personal passion

Cafe Firenze, a place where walking through the threshold transport one to my citta i adore, true #GustoItaliano

my office , a cherry wood booth in the back corner, dimly lit, beautiful yet simplistic.

Utopia is having a business that performs without me.

I am unessential to daily operations

Utopia is traveling with my family back to Italia twice per year

Utopia is clarity to be #selfaware of who exactly I am

not to kid myself

not to be insecure in my shortcomings either

to embrace them,

and to also push all 100% in on my strengths, passionately, tenaciously, lovingly everyday

1>o  and to remember the fact that makes the elderly seem wise

that it is always our #Legacy that matters not the currency




img_0607“Don’t demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well” Epictetus

This passage from Epictetus;  to our inner narrative,

I feel the need to reinforce this in myself and open this thought to each of you as well

events happen…period…

results happen…period…

favorable or not so favorable…they happen…period

the only constant within my (and everyones) control is TO SHOW UP EVERYDAY AND DO THE WORK


it is a beautiful thing..

So today, look at the thing you do, 

So today when you land a big happy but then reflect, It wasn’t because of me

So today when you don’t land a big sale…be content because its not because of me

So today either way minimize the reactions, because you are a Practitioner and the #work is always consistent…You are consistent…Ice in your veins…CLOSER..


“Fuck you are gonna, GO DO” Gary Vaynerchuk

At some point, Once you see the PRIZE

Put down the books

Stop reading everyones book

and DO

Learn though losing

Let them laugh at you

Let them read

If I told you the #9 start you do will be the ONE how fast would you START DOING?

Once you KNOW





and DO

Lets all DO

Thank you @Garyvee Time to stop #Consuming


The #Resistance hides in #learning because you will convince yourself you never know enough….need a bit more ….one more #Udemy one more #Kindle one more #seminar



Thats it….Time to FUCK UP….See you at the FINISH LINE…GO GET IT!!

the thing about HUSTLE

The word definitely has a mystique about it, HUSTLE

but lets be mindful,

mindful that HUSTLE does not become our THING

mindful of where everything layers into reaching GOALS

sometimes our HUSTLE is associated to attaining GOALS, Brilliant, HUSTLE HARD!

in these instances passion aligns with opportunity

but sometimes the HUSTLE is just a HUSTLE

yes short term satisfaction, maybe lots of it,

but when it ends, where/ what will you be?

any closer to the prize?



What will you offer

Connection Society

People who can :img_1667

Influence your companies growth

Influence your Sales

Companies that could provide rewarding opportunities for you

All a #DM away

The greatest reward will go to the greatest #Hustle #Grind #Work

but lets NOT FORGET one crucial fact:

Deliver #VALUE

Not what YOU perceive as #Value

What “They” see as #Value

Don’t be Arrogant

Don’t be UN Engaged

Offer “Something that they cannot refuse” and

Offer is without a HOOK

Drive #Value and Earn #TRUST

Then , only Then, set the Hook and land the Opprotunity

#Care MORE #peopleMatter

Hope you are seeing this common theme in all I do…Its in my DNA