intent 1a : the act or fact of intending : purpose; especially : the design or purpose to commit a wrongful or criminal act  admitted wounding him with intent  the state of mind with which an act is done : volition  a usually clearly formulated or planned intention : aim  volition  the power of choosing or determining : will  an act of making a choice or decision; also : a choice or decision made […]

The board is blank…..2018

“Don’t let your imagination be crushed by life as a whole. Don’t try to picture everything bad that could possibly happen. Stick with the situation at hand.” Marcus Aurelius Good-Bye 2017 There is no use in being to nostalgic over the chasm to the new year being crossed this frigid evening. Time passes, Time waits […]

the PRO

What does it mean to be a PRO? the PRO is a Practitioner of his/her craft the PRO understands that success or failure day to day is not ultimately controlled the PRO understands that they can only Show Up Everyday and do good work the PRO doesn’t fall in line with the kool aide drinking […]

When their is no wrong answer

Society tells me what success “looks like” Society tells me how a successful entrepreneur dresses Society tells me how a successful entrepreneur lives what he drives what occupies his free time and pursuits The internal narrative that is our true DNA is in a lifelong struggle the battle between what our self wants and what […]


“Don’t demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well” Epictetus This passage from Epictetus;  to our inner narrative, I feel the need to reinforce this in myself and open this thought to each of you as well events happen…period… results happen…period… favorable […]


“Fuck you are gonna, GO DO” Gary Vaynerchuk At some point, Once you see the PRIZE Put down the books Stop reading everyones book and DO Learn though losing Let them laugh at you Let them read If I told you the #9 start you do will be the ONE how fast would you START […]

the thing about HUSTLE

The word definitely has a mystique about it, HUSTLE but lets be mindful, mindful that HUSTLE does not become our THING mindful of where everything layers into reaching GOALS sometimes our HUSTLE is associated to attaining GOALS, Brilliant, HUSTLE HARD! in these instances passion aligns with opportunity but sometimes the HUSTLE is just a HUSTLE […]

What will you offer

Connection Society People who can : Influence your companies growth Influence your Sales Companies that could provide rewarding opportunities for you All a #DM away The greatest reward will go to the greatest #Hustle #Grind #Work but lets NOT FORGET one crucial fact: Deliver #VALUE Not what YOU perceive as #Value What “They” see as […]