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Creators syndrome

perception is reality

reality might be in the data, empirical evidence

that might be in your favor

unfortunately it takes much more

Creators often rest on the argument of the data

and often lose

it takes more…

Are you solving a problem ?

do they know and feel it needs a solution?

Are you asking people to make life changes to join?

what is your story? and who is telling it?

The thing about a “Story”

I am a very avid believer in the #BeRemarkable #MatterMore #Mindset however  after my first #altMBA #Collision with the Philadelphia group I was spiraled into a solid day and night of introspection.

the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes

So the “thing” IS- how do we determine what is truly remarkable and worthy?

I use my world as a example, particularly the “Nutraceutical” marketplace

If we truly search out remarkable what does that look like?

Is the Story that matters a small company created to put good products that ultimately help promote increased health and vitality the remarkable on?

or should it be about more?

should it ultimately be about results?

Is the real Story a paradigm shift if what the consumer expectation and experience “Should be”?

with this election closing in on its end its more obvious to me than ever that what we truly never get is “results that matter”

we get “SPIN”

from the laundry detergent company advertising a new spout ( which has nothing to do with results btw)

To any item category known to man…all position stories and there is more

yes more..see that small batch, niche chocolate companies story used to be remarkable and matter

those are fewer since the Ad men caught on to this trend – I call it the Craft Beer Phenomenon

See these little upstarts used to be bastions of purity at al costs

now many are started to sell , nothing wrong with that from a business strategy standpoint ( actually quite brilliant) but it takes effect from day one on how every aspect is approach weather the founders realize this or matters A LOT!

hear me out- IF you are fixing room by room in your home with intentions of never moving and passing it down you’ll always go a bit deeper , spend a bit more won’t you?

Thats at least how I see it and you may not agree, which I totally respect

back to Nutraceuticals, yes there are many approaches, many pivots on dosing etc etc however one common theme

-creating consumers that adhere to a brand and a regular protocol (i.e. a very Pharma approach)

they all have a end target of creating a “USER” – YOU

Remember one of the best quotes ever and it actually was from Seinfeld

“Jerry, just remember. It’s not a lie… if you believe it…”

George Costanza

So what am I attempting to express?

Ask more, Dig Deeper, really embrace brands who identify with their  WHY, their STORY

whats never said that Ill say is


and as for the Nutraceutical world, landscape

what is remarkable to me?

To me its about finding that Human “Restore Factory Default Settings” button

because we are born without need of much

especially not 50 pills/a day

just a thought!FactoryD.jpg

Factory Settings

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”
― Marcus Aurelius

What is the change we seek to create

No matter what the endeavor we must identify this first

Once we identify that Change we must ask ourself ;

  1. Is our desired change Needed?
  2. Is our desired change Wanted?



As I ponder these very questions I reflect upon the the state of affairs in both Natural “supplementation” and Pharmacuetical “prescription” approaches to health.

I see a approach thats broken



or Self Administer

All with the intention of creating lifelong “customers”

But thats really the best in the world approach?


is it about a Virtuous approach

is it about finding the Human Default to “Factory Settings” switch?

Isn’t that what we really need?

Not more stuff to pile on

Not more Things to forget


WHY “Best” doesn’t always ensure success“>Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed

Just because you have something special

Just because you have a wealth of empirical data to support your products

Does not afford you a place on the champions podium

What does?

How can a company increase the odds?

maybe “stack the deck”?

Well as Bill Gross clearly displays “Timing” is essential and the greatest factor

“Is the market ready to HEAR what you have to say?”

thats fact

the greatest factor is to me “Do we mean it?, Do we care? WHY should anyone else care?”

as Simon Sinek states “People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it”“>Start With WHY


Lastly I find that too often high level thought leaders forget the Tribe doesn’t like or enjoy supporting the Pompous and Arrogant.

Assume nothing…Engage Engage Engage

because it matters

Exercise #Emapthy especially towards your #Tribe and honestly Know who your Tribe actually is..CARE

Just because you taught the greatest product, service , tech etc doesn’t get you the win

It doesn’t get you our dollar, our Vote, our Love and support

You still have to shake some hands and  oh yeah  MEAN IT!




In this the first topic of what I intend to be a insiders guide to the supplement / performance supplement industry I will provide no holds barred information from behind the scenes.

I want to openly state that I am NOT positioning my topics or positions with a pre set bias. I want to also state I have no intention of pulling punches on expressing my feelings. We have enough of that in the world today and the last think I wish to do is add another blog and podcast to line pile of worthless fodder available. Instead I will speak freely and when I feel necessary be very forward in my harshness.

I have (1) objective – Provide information that will benefit the end reader. period.

With that in mind here we go,

My first topic Uncoated will attempt to de mystify the protein bar category. I will break this into (4)installments and wrap up the series with a podcast and reveal of “whats next”.

So where to start. Ok, I Hate Protein bars. I always have and thats why I am the most unlikely person to of become so deeply involved and ultimately immersed in the subject.

To properly analyze the current landscape of this booming category I would first like to reflect back a bit. In the 1980s  and 1990s Protein bars were considered a candy alternative and really nothing that dynamically made a impact. The players were brands such as Powerbar, PR Ironman, Tigers Milk, Balance to name a few of the more popular brands. The common theme was “convenience” in a pinch. I avoided these products like the plague.

In the Late 1990s and early 2000s came the dawn of more targeted nutrition bars geared towards high Protein, and lower carbohydrates and sales exploded with Atkins, Detour, Supreme Protein bar , Pure Protein and many new comers boasting next generation specs and decadent taste profiles. Unfortunately all at a cost, Dirty ingredients, hydrogenated oils, Sugar alcohols (in excess) , cheap denatured proteins and very lengthy ingredient panels. Truthfully sales did explode which gave a hint to the possible future.

The dilemma of the 2000s was simple a choice

  1. Organic , natural ingredients however loaded with sugar and inferior protein ( If any added at all)
  2. Performance Macro profiles as a cost of junk processed ingredients, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, just not a feel good scenario.

So the category grew despite the lackluster offerings.

The need for portable, convenience drove many to buy. I myself even would  consume the occasional EAS Myoplex Deluxe bar ( Chocolate Peanut butter which honestly tasted good and featured quality protein blend ( best of the time) but also so much sugar my teeth would hurt.


Rather than go down the rabbit hole and do a historical article which honestly serves no purpose other than to make illustration of my years in this game I will fast forward to what is significant.

It was 2010 and I was hearing constant mention of a passionate group of industry “Outsiders” , a new brand and STORY. The STORY was giving us all the product we wanted but did not think we could have. The brand was Quest Nutrition and the product the Quest Protein bar. I stumbled onto my first Quest bar in my travels in northern New Jersey and still remember like it was yesterday. The flavor was Peanut Butter supreme, I remember flipping the label and seeing the great macros, the remarkable tag line “They said it couldn’t be done” brilliant! The taste – clean, tasty, and then the ingredient panel – short- the only negative was the addition of sucrolose ( a artificial sweetener I and many avoid ).


What happens next, I became part of the Quest early brand direction team. I was extremely proud and passionate about launching and building the narrative to the natural products consumer through our all natural initiative.

I will openly state that the time I spend with Quest and the relationships I forged are priceless to me. However in 2014 I made the difficult decision to move on. I simply believed then as I believe now that Remarkable doesn’t scale to Ubiquity. Mass is not special.

So here I am. As I write this I am aware that my involvement means I absolutely am not without bias. I also realize that I understand this space very well and will simply do my best to direct you the potential consumer towards making your best choice.

In todays marketplace there is a very uninspiring theme of creating a commoditized knock off, dress it up, fund it and hope to pull some marketshare. These are simply JUNK offerings and I will dig into details in part II.

I will not name names. I will instead give my buyers guide that will hopefully help with making the best decision.

I will expose the things to look for- good and bad.

In part III I will call out some small and remarkable brands/stories and why they are so special.

and Finally In Part IV Ill talk about whats next, what we need and sum it all in my T2 Experiment podcast.

Please feel free to ask me to include anything  you wish answered also



Nobody ever said it was easy

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Doing work that Matters

Doing what helps somebody else

People before Profits

but Honest & Truthful work

I can honestly say that it has to be about more

It has to be about generosity and a truly empathetic approach without a bias

but its not easy

but nothing worth it ever really is, is it?

If it was easy everyone would do it

IF everyone was doing it

it wouldn’t be special , remarkable would it?

several years back I was part of a group that was truly #remarkable and always stayed #limitless in #Mindset…until…

Then they bought into a theme of #Ubiquity ( the campaign was actually titled operation Ubiquity)

everyone should of taken heed

the remarkable nature of their #Gift was homogenized

It doesn’t work that way

Its about the gift and the true gift holds integrity

Integrity means not compromising for profits

At this stage in my life and career its honestly more than ever about MORE

Its about being a true advocate of the True STORY….

I always thought I was a salesman…but Im just a Storyteller…

I love it

my “Jerry McGuire” moment

“I’ve lost the ability to bullshit” from Jerry McGuire

So it seems I have as well

There have been many Change Catalysts

The #AltMBA #SethGodin #Linchpin #Pokethebox #Purplecow  #theresistance #dothework #Stevenpressfield #Stoicism #TimFerriss #myFamily #my Daughter #Epictetus #Seneca #MarcusAurelius #GrowthMindset #DerekSivers #SimonSinek #StartwithWhy #ZigZiglar

I am missing many and I will hopefully add many many others I my journey continues

How have I changed?

I have changed in my #Mindset. Learning every day. Trusting the process more everyday day. Respecting it.


I have evolved

Its left me with that deep understanding that there is MORE I must do

That Products are not remarkable, a True Story filled with #Generosity (for the right reasons) and #Empathy is.

A Story that ultimately tells us WHY you do what you do

and more importantly WHY we should care?

A sense of security that we cannot be everything to everyone and thats actually a pretty great way to be

Its as Zig Ziglar stated and I respectfully repeat daily “Be a meaningful specific, not a wandering generality”

Be a meaningful specific…Matter More, Care More, People DO MATTER

Wake up happy to engage with your Tribe

Live by the mantra Seth Godin states “People Like US do things like THIS” but unlike all the manipulators- MEAN IT DAMN IT!

Going through the #altMBA was eye opening for me and life altering, its really and truly NOT about added features or “Widgets” and its 100% Not about Price manipulations

Its about Mattering to someone dearly and learning how to matter more – showing you care

It brings me back to the manifesto and how this all ties in ( sloppily at times however Im a work in progress…on my way…striving towards that ultimate goal of Virtue)

I LOVE the industries I am in

I LOVE what I do

In general

I HATE, DESPISE, have absolute DISDAIN for the manipulative manner brands position themselves…Its almost as disgusting as #politics

I simply don’t get it

So I feel its my right and responsibility to do my part, my part and not directly for personal gain. I hope that doing the right thing creates a new movement and if I benefit from that- awesome!

Here are the Problems I see

  1. Brands are created out of one sole vision- Money, Grow, Sell. Thats Fine by business standards but we need more.
  2. Brands Create “touchy feely” story based on Spin. A Truthful story as to WHY you do what you do matters. “People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it” Simon Sinek . A brand can create a illusion however eventually they will slip, mis a detail and then we will know its a manipulation NOT a Story.
  3. Brands are created for the Mass- Think about it. Whats so special about mass produced, commoditized goods? In the Natural/sports nutrition industries commodity we have too much of. Give us the “outliers” the “Fringe” “small Batch”
  4. Brands Broadcast they don’t engage- why? you guessed it, they do not care
  5. Brands don’t understand #Remarkable often doesn’t SCALE…
  6. Sales teams Bastardize Science- I can promise that whats coming will be very Unpopular with these folks and embraced by the victims of the lies.

Consider this a sort of Project Veritas of the Natural Products/ Sports Nutrition industries

How? Who? What? Ok, Ok

This will NOT be funded by any Brand or entity.

It will reside here on the T2 Experiment and I will also make content available on high profile industry vehicles

Price Plow

Supplement Reviews



etc ( any favorites- please email me

also feel free to email me

  1. Topics / categories of interest
  2. people/ thought leaders of interest
  3. anything you would like considered, I am honestly doing this for you

The vehicles

  1. This website
  2. @Romarenegade Twitter
  3. T2Experiment Podcast (Coming Soon)

Well whats First or should I quote Bill Goldberg “Who’s Next”?

Based on the level of time served in the Functional Foods booming category of

Protein bars


I will start there…My Title “UN Coated”  Uncovering the Protein bar confusion

Part 1 will post here This weekend..Please if you know of any “Special” and remarkable brands email me