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the Silence is Golden

Simplicity + Execution

Willingness to iterate in the moment

all the while making certain I provide my due diligence and always asking first, “Am I iterating for success or to make the path easier?”

Over the next 8 weeks I will be silently journaling each day in my quest , for mind & body,

a simple, real approach the forging a IRON  Will and Body

For me it will revolve around increasing Focus and Clarity , Personally and Professionally

For me it will also revolve around developing a Show & Go Physicality

This journey will become a Free E-book with some collaborative components

the announcement will be mid April with enrollment

there will be no mandatory purchases, just real information

T2 daily episode 1

Welcome , I am so thankful for you even viewing my Video Blog this much! I truly appreciate it. I will promise that as this progresses I will strive to always make it 100% about delivering fully open and transparent Diet, supplement, training information unfiltered to you.

How will this differ from some of the absolutely great work being done already? I hope from my perspective as a 45 year old, lifelong bodybuilder, athlete in my quest for optimizing myself I am honestly able to add value in someone else’s quest towards their version 2.0


So lets begin,

It is at the moment 1:15am Monday January 30th

I am coming off of a loose eating weekend

The last meal for Sunday January 29th was a #Keto dinner at 7pm

I will now Intermittent Fast Monday and Tuesday to most effectively drop into Ketosis

Today I will  wake at 5am to a 16oz glass filtered water with Organic lemon juice and my Core supplements

( Proteolytic Enzyme complex)

( Comprehensive liver Formula)

( formula designed to aide in the efficiency of fats)

I will really limit anything outside of Water and 2 cups black coffee

Update Tuesday 12:15 AM

Day was great

Energy was high

Just wrapping up 18 hours of Hustle and doing

Monday was a Off day from training

Today I will do a brief MWOD session for recovery enhancement as well as to prevent injury.

My diet will be Filtered water and 2 Cups of Coffee

My Meal will be 7Pm

I have been back and forth on training volume/intensity and have settled on a HIT total body program

Total body

A- Chest/ Arm Focus

B-Legs Focus

C-Back /Delt Focus

Each day will begin with one of (A,B,C) followed by 4 exercises 1xFailure each to cover total body stimulation.

Post each HIT session I will consume Carbohydrates ( Undecided in what form) I am actually leaning towards 5% Nutritions REAL FOOD…Its a great Carb product that delivers high quality unrefined carbs which should be perfect!

Stay Tuned Everyone and feel free to ask away with questions







Why I LOVE the edge

The “thing” about what they leave out

the things they avoid telling us

they say things to uplift

they say things to mislead

they live on building false hopes

false hopes that crumble when tested

They tell you you can eat whatever you want and still attain your target body

Not True

They tell you that you can undue years of neglecting your health with a couple capsules

Not True

They tell you a $9.99 juice a day can replace developing a taste for wholesome foods

Not True

They tell you a Organic seal on a fruit from South America means more nutrition inside that that local farms “un certified” fruit

Not True


Always telling you what they think will get a short term approval, sale, endorsement, vote

and Unfortunately they leave out the piece, the thing, the magic …WORK…..EFFORT…EXECUTION….INTENSITY…

There is a great way I can personally explain this

In training I have always been a disciple of the Arthur Jones High Intensity school of bodybuilding

The sexy parts you see in magazines, HIT Training- massive muscles in minutes, one set to “Failure”, train for muscle in 30 minutes or less

WOW, 1 set to “failure”

So appealing, since the average person REALLY has a grip on what this entails…They do NOT

What it means, What it looks like, I will video the way it looks

Effort, Intensity, the juicy bits they purposely leave out

Its found in a bucket your puking in because you cannot breathe another breath

Its found in literally not being able to even more that bar another inch

its where the Juicy Bits are

In training

In life

In it all

they leave out what most always Trumps talent- WORK, EXECUTION, TENACITY its nice to talk MED (minimum effective dose)

BUT that only matters once you set the standard of EFFORT

Then its a Force Multiplier

Then is lightning  #mecca1BOOM!

What will you offer

Connection Society

People who can :img_1667

Influence your companies growth

Influence your Sales

Companies that could provide rewarding opportunities for you

All a #DM away

The greatest reward will go to the greatest #Hustle #Grind #Work

but lets NOT FORGET one crucial fact:

Deliver #VALUE

Not what YOU perceive as #Value

What “They” see as #Value

Don’t be Arrogant

Don’t be UN Engaged

Offer “Something that they cannot refuse” and

Offer is without a HOOK

Drive #Value and Earn #TRUST

Then , only Then, set the Hook and land the Opprotunity

#Care MORE #peopleMatter

Hope you are seeing this common theme in all I do…Its in my DNA




Take a Practitioner approach to your personal brand

What does that statement mean?

put in the #Work

How and in what way?

For me and my brand the T2 Experiment that means being a information conduit

so where is the #Work?

well its the daily work


  1. Spending hours per day reading the content on my Focus subjects and extracting great value.
  2. Spending hours per day locating #brands, #Trends and #Thoughtleaders who can help increase the value to my #Tribe
  3. Collaborating efforts in a generous way with others in a effort to #Dothework that #Matters
  4. Showing up #Everyday and #delivering #Value to my #Tribe, Going #Deep because I 20140426-140523.jpg#Care. Understanding that #Trust is EARNED EVERYDAY through Showing UP and delivering Value

As I have been digging VERY DEEP in #Self I am exposing MORE and seeing this will be my #ARBITRAGE

My 2017 Commandments to SELF :

I. my  #UTOPIA , My #Bigleague #Goals….No Holds Barred….

For me its NOT a dollar specific goal. For me its not a Possession quantity goal. For me its #FREEDOM to do Whatever I desire (within reason).

 I do have a couple lofty items in my Goals:

1.Ferrari California in bright Red with tan leather guts

2. Home in Haddonfield historic grande style

3.Office in Central Philadelphia with a view of Rittenhouse Park

4. Vacationing property in Italy, preferably Firenze proper

5.  Childrens Boutique business for my wife and daughter

II. I AM MY BRAND…So FOCUS on developing #T2

The big million dollar mistake I feel at this point I have made on many occasions is vest ALL my integrity, passion, tenaciousness in my employer at a cost of not growing #T2, don’t get me wrong, I am pouring it all into my work however understand that the #REDPILL for me is #T2 and the opportunity developing it has for me and as a side effect for all of my work in the process. A true win win. Become a #Linchpin Its #Work to build #T2 so that is not in lieu of my paid work, Thats in addition! So ;

  1. Kill IT in my J O B
  2. #Grind #Focus on my personal brand while my peers watch tv and watch sports…

III.SIMPLICITY , In ALL things- and this is perhaps the most difficult for a high energy #Passion #Driven professional. Its the constant reflection  and question of “How is this getting me closer to my Goals?” Honestly answered this is what can facilitate LESS distraction more FOCUS and with focus , more #WORK


Depth in engagement with #Tribe is a given. It is something I believe deeply. Simplicity is KEY however because taking on too much will assure you can’t be DEEPLY connected and thats what the #WORK demands if we wish to #MATTER. All of these “Rules” I want you the reader to be aware are not simply applicable to the career facet of my life. No, I will apply and regularly post about the benefit of adding all of these “Tools” or lets call them “BLOCKS” to the building of the T2 foundation.


V. ENGAGE like a Mo____

So far I am vigilant on the amount of opportunities I take on. I Focus more. I put in the WORK in going deep with each and that feeds directly into #ENGAGE like a MOFO! Talk to LESS, take on LESS so I can really be present and caring in a meaningful way with the specific TRIBE I am trying to deliver value to. Ultimately whats the VALUE  being provided because that is absolutely what matters most of all.

VI. ” A Tortoise dressed like a Hare” PATIENCE….

Super tough for a “Jump outta my skin, run through flames” kind of personality that I am. Im a Type A++ and anyone who knows me can attest that its in my veins and never staged. So Patience? YESSS, Drive focus in the WORK but at the same point don’t FORCE a result…be willing to TRUST THE PROCESS because you don’t hack your way to a longstanding amount of Brand equity- Thats earned – and as I say often and believe – Re Earned DAILY! i.e. SHOW UP! CARE! So the ability to be patient when it serves the situation is a daily practice. It also ties into another very important habit to develop- ACT don’t REACT! Never reply immediately to a aggravating email or call, WAIT, revisit it, Percolate-BE #PATIENT. Reflect on all decisions and never be afraid to totally change the plan. Thats what Winners do. It starts with a steady hand.


Create your own “League of Extraordinary _”. Find “Like minded” people looking to create value and find creative ways to connect and extend maximum value to those you both serve. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades, master of NONE” rather “Collect” ethical, affluent thought leaders to partner with and help provide the best work you possibly can.

I want to absolutely say Thank You for reading this post. I promise I will have a FOCUS list on what the T2 experiment will be Phase I in the next post. I promise I will do everything to always have FUN and Deliver VALUE to my TRIBE. I started this journey with a mission/vision to deliver a truly Unbiased stream of relevant information to those in my TRIBE and in the process unifying the BEST of the BEST Thoughtleaders I have such humble thankfulness to call friends. I simply want to open the awesome degree of their knowledge to YOU and in the process have fun in my Quest to be the best version of Tommaso I can be – To be T2





The equity in a property resulting from labor invested in improvements that increase its value; also : the labor so invested (Sweat Equity)


It is closing in on 3:00 in the AM

It is the investment I am making

Its not capital I have to commit

Its a different type of currency, one that we each have IF we develop the drive necessary

Its often evenings passed out at a desk, table or sofa

Its time away from “My Job”

Its time to develop my personal brand

after all isn’t that the real dilemma

we often trap ourselves in overworking our job

and neglecting our #Brand

for me its about “Reverse Engineering my #Goals”

ALL of them



ALL…What is the Big Vision ,

Who is it for?

What is my Value Proposition?

and am I self-aware enough to go all in?

For me , T2 its been a real internal battle to release myself from the Matrix

To do something beyond the scope of what I have always done

Its scary but also invigorating

Its about finding a way to deliver Value to a specific Tribe

about Caring and Engaging them because They matter to me

Its about Defining this framework and once defined , once the lane is clear, Shifting into 6th gear, mashing the pedal and GO GO GO

The greatest gift in life I feel is the ability to Focus on delivering value that is needed and embracing #work #Hustle #outworkingeveryone #Dothework

Im Closer than yesterday…Still not there…The Hustle is REAL..

Minimum Effective Dose

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential”

Bruce Lee


The case against “Under promise, Over deliver” for me is simple;

I intend to #Outworkeveryone #Hustle and #Dothework ,

that means being #relentless #grinding #Focus #Flowstate

so again, why the case against?

because to achieve the #growthmindset #limitless #empowered #Positivevibes you have to set the crosshairs on lofty #Goals not undershooting the bullseye or you’ll be shooting into the mud!

For me its about ALL OUT #Intensity and #Drive #Focus on the #Prize, the #Goal

For me its about #Simplicity too

Simplicity of “things”

#Nonewstuffchallenge #Declutterchallenge #Hustle #selluselessstuff

I think of this analogy;

“Which would you choose?

A.a single wheelbarrow with 1,000 lbs to push 10 yards


B. 10 wheelbarrow each with 100lbs to push 10 yards

To break it down a bit more….

A.concentrated effort, with all my #intensity, 1 wheelbarrow 10 yards=1,000lbs/10 yards


B.divided effort, scattered and unfocused , 10 wheelbarrows 10 yards = 1,000lbs/100 yards

I am a #DOIT  guy..not because its faster, because it more direct path to #results IF

IF you can bite down , push, press, fight, drive and #HUSTLE

and I CAN

So this is my approach to #2017 and you are welcomed to join me

Why do I tell this so openly?

because I too believe as #askgaryvee openly states, I can be so generous about this because I know I can and will outwork ANYONE.

How will I hold myself to the task?

-Weekly assessment of past weeks work, meetings, calls, training, diet, everything

What will my goals be?

-(MED) minimum effective dose

The MED is simply the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome and anything BEYOND the MED is wasteful”


So that being said as I end week 1 2017 I will be reviewing these (3) areas in my life and with a bold Sharpie , editing them , making them closer to the (MED)..closer to my goal




Stay tuned and remember #beaAnomaly

The thing with Habits


-manner of conducting oneself : bearing
– the prevailing disposition or character of a person’s thoughts and feelings : mental makeup
– a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior <her habit of taking a morning walk>
– a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance
 -an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary <got up early from force of habit>
-addiction <a drug habit>

As we embark on a fresh new year #2017

Its less about adding Resolutions “To Do”

Maybe its more about simply creating the best Habits?

Our behavior is our habits

Success is build upon a foundation of good habits

Misery is built upon the foundation of bad habits

Good and Bad are relative terms however I would say

If you are not willing to #OwnIt then its not a Good one…

Comes full circle to #SelfAwareness

If you aren’t proud to say you did something

If you are nervous about others finding out

If you know its wrong

Then my friend its a Bad one

and #sloth and #laziness are Bad ones…

Terms that define you are the ones you #own even when others do not agree..thats ok…

Its about being #selfaware in #2017 and #owningyourshit

No one has all the answers…but damn the journey is the prize..

For me here is my Hashtags that define #T2


The people and associations that will help power me?

@AltMBA @thisissethsblog @garyvee @Mpigliucci @RyanHoliday @Tferriss @Sivers @olijanderson @Tonyrobbins @Danspena @SPressfield @Peterdiamandis @Toms @Blakemycoskie 

SIMPLICITY (Program Phase I)

“When the intensity of an exercise is increased, the amount of exercise must be reduced. When you train harder, you must train less” Arthur Jones

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” Bruce Lee



I have completed the initial detoxification & Cleansing portion of my Simplicity program.

I extended the Strictest portion of my reset

4 days completed …

First 48 hours:Water Fasting with prior listed Supplement protocol

Followed by Intermittent Fasting (Keto) Days 3,4,5(6) at a 23:1 with the 1 being one solid Ketogenic meal

The biggest misconception I have personally encountered is that it is not the simple elimination of the entire Carbohydrate macronutrient from ones diet that amplifies Ketosis, rather for me it is the Fasting protocol used strategically.

What instead I practice is this first week “reset”

I find that for me and I suspect many others, eating is more habitual and emotional than we realize.

Resetting my eating patterns involves the initial strict fasting followed by sunday ( day 7) moving to a more manageable Intermittent 18/6 (18 hours fasting/6 hours Keto eating).

Key points I am certain I respect in my diet

  1. Macro Ratio- the highest Protein gets in my consumption is 25% (often staying at 20% to prevent

Gluconeogenesis (abbreviated GNG) is a metabolic pathway that results in the generation of glucose from non-carbohydrate carbon substrates such as lactate, glycerol, and glucogenic amino acids.

Its counter what industry marketing will tell you since it more than likely means Less in Protein supplement purchases.

One thing I believe very strongly in especially with a strategy such as my “Simplicity” approach is use of the Best whole Food selections possible.


At this point in the program I will remain Keto simply because it “works for me” however benefits of balanced Intermittent Fasting are also very well supported. I recommend :

Warrior Diet

This is a great book by a exceptional Gentleman who “Walks the walk” Ori was my first taste of a Intermittent Diet, long before it became the “thing to do”.

Dr. Mercola Intermittent Fasting

Probably much closer to my Ketogenic approach. Dr.Mercola is a true industry Advocate I has the letters to validate it.

Dom D’Agostino (Keto and Fasting) Tim Ferriss Show

Tim is the absolute best in the podcast world and his popularity validates it. Dom D’Agostino is the leading authority in the world of Ketogenic Science , Performance and Longevity. This is a absolute listen! Pure GOLD!

I will write in upcoming postings about the Phase II (18:6) Portion of my program.

I will cover the disruptive “Refreed” Debauchery mindset of enduring Pain to afford Gluttony.

From a Philosophical perspective this makes absolutely no sense. It is a Instagram sensation to be ultra “On track” all week and go Gluttony 100% +++ on a EVERY WEEKEND..I will dig into this…All I will say is that as the Stoics taught it is the constant movement towards #Virtue that for me automaticaly a reason not to do so.

From a very traditional Physical Culture standpoint it makes no sense because eating junk will develop cravings for more junk NOT less. Its about breaking past the point of the addiction to crappy food and make no mistake it IS #Addiction

#Sugar and #Processed foods are pinnacle just take a evening to watch

Sugar Coated Documentary


That Sugar Film

Don’t simply take my or anyone onlines word without empowering your own knowledge.

For me a occasional Carbohydrate meal period as needed will absolutely be incorporated however this I assure you will most times be clean Carbohydrate selections such as Baked sweet potatoes, Oats, Rice or the occasional Pizza or pasta ( after all I am Italiano).

Training for me will be a detailed post this week on its on that will lay out the “hybrid” approach that has proven very productive for me.

It is a Multi faceted approach I use

  1. Total Body HIT Training ( 8 exercises maximum) warmups then 1 set to momentary muscular failure

I am a disciple of the Arthur Jones approach and have seen tremendous benefits especially training in a fasting or Intermittent Fasting state.

2.Functional Whole Body training- Brief, HIT

I alternate training every other day and rotate between “Gym” days of Total Body HIT and Home/Outdoor Functional HIT

** I also use Off days as active recovery- there truly should not be OFF Days…

Mobility WOD

Kelly Starrett is a must in keeping you- The Machina running TOP FORM!

So in wrapping up this edition of SIMPLICITY….

I feel the same with this subject as I do with “refeed” approaches.


I cannot stress enough that you should always be cleared by your practitioner prior to engaging in any strenuous  exercise..

please send me your questions, comments,I really look forward to them..

Find me @S.P.Q.R._FIT on Instagram

@Romarenagade on Twitter


Now if you Want it- GO GET IT…..#FORZA