Organizing the chaos is a fools errand. Believing that we can somehow create order in a overloaded life is the big scam we have somehow bought into.. Connection that sabotages us, fools us into believing we can somehow do everything, that is a fools errand. I have been on this quest for years. Truly the […]

Brilliance I see

I don’t do social media much anymore, But this post is not about me. This post is about Suz. My Suz. The person who came into my life five years ago and whom I absolutely admire, adore and believe in with every ounce of my soul. The one that has broken down my defensiveness and […]

Speaking my TRUTH

over the past several years But actually much longer . I have stressed, I have made excuses and have accepted guilt in my life. Speak your truth has been a phrase it has taken me so long to grasp the meaning of. So I stand here at 50, just as I stood at 49 or […]

What matters

Experiences. ….. Today. “He with the most who is content with the least.” Diogenes Step 1 : Appreciate today and what a gift it is. That is could be gone in a instant. Act accordingly and do the responsible things. The stoics termed this “Momento Mori” (A reminder of death or mortality, especially a death’s-head.). […]

be the calm in the storm

Passion, ambition, emotion, what good are they if they hurl us about? What good are they if they create more destruction to problematic situations? In my life as I approach my fiftieth year (wow is that really coming so soon) I am more aware than ever that these things are not beneficial if not completely […]

one life

Momento Mori, “you could leave this life right now” Seems straightforward but upon doing a reconciliation are we conducting our thoughts and actions with deliberate focus on the bigger picture? We need to surround ourselves only with those who want the best for us but it’s deeper , it’s unconditional love which means not if […]