Welcome to my journey, the “T2 experiment”. As a lifelong physical culture enthusiast I remain as passionately driven as the 15 year old version of myself who first picked up a copy of Muscle & Fitness at my local 7-11 dreaming and tirelessly laboring to emulate the new heroes found within there pages.

Some 34 years later I am blessed to have also stumbled all those years ago onto what has been a amazing career in the dietary supplement industry or CPG/ FMCG marketplace. 

My years have brought me a network of amazing people I am proud to call friends and who’s wealth of knowledge I find to be the ultimate gift. 

As a professional I have been blessed to have been a part of some amazing stories and teams which have experienced meteoric success such as EAS ( still to me the greatest success being Pre connection economy), Garden of Life, Quest Nutrition, Bhu Foods. 

I have honestly learned so much being part of these teams and the powerfully unconventional thinking and execution towards mattering more and risking it all!

I have learned the most though from my failures. Both personally in my pursuit of my physical ideal as well as in my career to be the one that they cannot do without, the anomaly, the Linchpin. I believe in our careers especially we are to quickly inclined to polish up the shine, to avoid the tension and risk that comes with looking anything less than perfectly informed. I believe that is where I excel for my stage in my career and the truthful value I focus on delivering. 

There is not a map and being the smartest is a relative term with very little security in the age of the smartphone and information a swipe away. 

So, the result I seek with this blog, podcast and my journey is to seek the remarkable. As a professional to provide insights and help companies truly become Brands. 

Yours in Health,


Tommaso “T2”


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