Until we can “make” more time

Lately I have intrigued by Complexity and how it relates to us as individuals

The timeless quest for more or to add more into the same space

Lets look at this a bit deeper though to try to understand it better.

Seeking “balance”, “order” and “thoroughness” are the themes that fill many a bookstore shelf.

Discipline as a antidote is proposed

The promise of “multi taking” as a solution, a Oasis is embraced- Foolishly

What does complexity mean?

the state of having many parts and being difficult to understand or find an answer to: a problem of great complexity. complexities [ plural ] the features of something that make it difficult to understand or find an answer to: There are a lot of complexities surrounding this issue.

Maybe adding or to phrase it better, accepting Complexities is just a manner to accept procrastination which leads to indecision and excuses?

As a Professional and moreover as a Leader, the number one sign of concern is being scattered, un focused and too busy.

To me there is greatness in poise, focus and attention

Detachment is a amazing skill to practice

But once we STOP (Detach), once we take in a situation(Look Around), the last component and the most vital to growth, and learning is to be decisive (MAKE A CALL)




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