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We have each heard the phrase “silence is golden” at one point in our lives. The silence or stillness of sitting with ones self. What in todays ever busier lives can we learn from this phase and what power can be gained?

For me I start with the calmness of body and mind to truly get to the core of my self. To determine where it is that I am, where I have been and where I want to go. This is not exclusive to any area of my life, each part needs to factor in.

From a spiritual life, where am I in my relationship with Jesus, Where have I been in my fifty years which requires reflection on our closest days and also our most distant days. Asking how we get to a special closeness puts the responsibility right back where it needs to be, on me. On me to do the work where it matters.

So much in each of our lives will become better, more fulfilling and meaningful if we take the time to reconnect ourselves to Christ.

I do not have the time is not a excuse that carries any weight if we wish to be truly be honest with our self and be the person we are capable of becoming.

Like a loved one we have lost contact with or taken for granted, the time to reconnect is now and the how can be as simple as turning everything of and saying hello.

maybe everything in life is as simple as this at its core




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