What is enough?

There are those seeking comfort

There are those seeking power

There are those seeking immortality

What drives you?

Who are your “3” people by whom you would build your life around?

What are your non negotiable things?

Do your inventory, are they words or do these things actually hold value you are willing to stand by – even if it costs you something?

In a world with limitlessness all around us it is easy to get distracted and with a world that rewards weakness and excuses it is easy to make excuses too.

No one will know


Part of where we develop depression, self esteem issues and shame come from knowing deep within we could do better. We could be more.

Always realize life is much greater than we are.

Always try to remember perspectives matter.

How we go into situations matter.

So todays rant is to myself and anyone who reads this, lets this week try to pick our 3 that will become our standards

Knowing that the only perfect standard is Jesus the Christ himself, and even he was tested. Why should we ever think we would not be?

Start with this week

Pick our 3,

What about these three do we seek to embody in our lives?

What about them would provide us a sort of superpower?

Then let’s look ahead at the week

What great opportunities are ahead?

What challenges? And how can we prepare to not complain, stress and ensure these but to instead find opportunities in them?

One more thing- not ONE COMPLAINT this week. If we (I) catch ourselves – STOP and thank god we are blessed with a great opportunity to learn.

Lets also stop wasting time

Lift our heads from the addictive social feeds and actually live.

Let’s go. I love you




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