Organizing the chaos is a fools errand.

Believing that we can somehow create order in a overloaded life is the big scam we have somehow bought into..

Connection that sabotages us, fools us into believing we can somehow do everything, that is a fools errand.

I have been on this quest for years. Truly the aspiration of focus is achieved through deliberate discipline.

Discipline is not achieved through chance. Discipline is willed and that puts me where I am today.

Discipline + Ambition

The hardest part must come first, the deliberate subtraction through personal discipline.

For my journey that takes form in the subtraction of the areas below,

  1. Deletion of social media. providing a 2022 average 147 minutes back to me for purposeful use, aka found time!
2. No TV rule. I admittedly already adhere to this one however making it concrete magnifies what I am gaining. Three hours!

Other areas where we all are losing the battle to be our best are meetings, unproductive meetings..

Obviously these are averages however provide a solid initial guide to where the leaks are that cost us all focus and productivity.

This weeks challenge to myself and any of you whom would like to join me is to start the work towards Simplicity and disciplined focus

For me this will take shape in a simple structure

Wake up Early– 5am Everyday

Cold Shower Immediately! Huberman Lab breaks it down , while I plan to eventually make my own Ice plunge this shower will be a great way to start immediately!

Practice Intermittent Fasting– Evidence supports cognition boost from adopting a fasted early state followed by a glucose driven window daily.

Train!– Mind and Body, daily, the exact workout will gain be simple. Each day followed by 10+ minutes breathing/ meditation work.

Read– This is another area I have fallen off. 30 minutes a day reading something that will provide towards my craft.

What else will I be focusing on this week?


Unnecessary meetings, calls, scrolling, worrying- all time vampires- I will keep a list of every one and then review where I am losing the most time

Unnecessary spending, I am going to track every spend dollar, and determine where I am missing.

Deletion of subscriptions, closing of accounts all will come this week also.

So lets go!




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