Speaking my TRUTH

over the past several years

But actually much longer . I have stressed, I have made excuses and have accepted guilt in my life.

Speak your truth has been a phrase it has taken me so long to grasp the meaning of.

So I stand here at 50, just as I stood at 49 or 32

Speak my Truth. Well I think I finally understand.

It starts with disconnecting from opinion.

Disregarding gossip and attacks of fools whom should seriously reflect upon their own lives.

Glass houses. Cities of glass.

My Truth, I am a man and most importantly a Dad. I place my daughter and my role at the pinnacle of my life’s journey.

I am imperfect but i am grateful. I do not compare myself to others Only to myself yesterday and being a better person today.

I carry no hate because that’s a weight I need not burden myself with.

I do my best. Everyday. I smile often because life is beautiful

I strive to require little and experience much

In the end I seek only a volume of memories and goodness to have impacted others with




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