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“He with the most who is content with the least.” Diogenes

Step 1 : Appreciate today and what a gift it is. That is could be gone in a instant. Act accordingly and do the responsible things. The stoics termed this “Momento Mori” (A reminder of death or mortality, especially a death’s-head.). So what do I do? What is my recourse? 1. Deny it or 2. Embrace it and act each day accordingly.

Step 2: Eliminate. This is a daily accountability. Finance – do not avoid transparency because it does not help anything but make the monsters larger. Career- stop being whirled about. Be true , be intentional, be driven but also remain very focused. Personal life: speak the Truth- My Truth. Do not complain. Do not gossip. Speak less than I listen. Truly listen.

Step 3: Be Decisive. Decide. Listen. Separate emotion from the thing. Then ACT. ACTIONS lead to a result. A outcome cannot take place without ACTION. Look at what I want. Who I want to be. What results I desire and then ACT.

Step 4: Minimize. Do not get attached to things. I have a personal reminder everyday in the value of traversing this life with as little possessions as possible.

Step 5: Disconnect. Everyday give self a period of time to turn inward. Think. Deliberate. Then ACT.

Step 6: Self Reliance. Stop the daily mayhem and start being the human you are capable to become. That you have strived towards. Eat Better. Train harder. Learn uncomfortable new things. Push yourself because you are not here long and you already have seen more than half of that time expire. Good and bad. It’s not a “do over”. Hunting. Fishing. Farming at home – be part of the solution.

Step 7: Confidence. be humble but be confident. Know your SELF inside out. Self awareness cannot be valued enough.

Step 8: Relationship with God. Not figurines or displays. Pray daily but most important LIVE BY BELIEFS. that’s what matters most. Remember that Faith in God and the relationship I build with him is what , after all the things within my control are inventoried daily Matters most.

Step 9:

Live not as though there were a thousand years ahead of you. Fate is at your elbow; make yourself good while life and power are still yours.

Marcus Aurelius




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