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I recently heard my mentor @sethGodin go deep on the decision dilemma. why some people have a limitless number of ideas and nothing to show for it. At Quest @TomBilyeu often said “Ideas are Shit, Execution is everything “ and my distant mentor @dereksivers professed that everyone has ideas, and anytime someone wanted a NDA to present one his conversation and interest ended.


Show we someone who understands execution!

In a past blog I described the mathematics behind ideas, execution, degrees of success and failures. I remember watching the video on TED below

Timing – which directly correlates to a organizations ability to execute, pivot and get SHIT DONE! I am certain that speed beats stagnation in the CPG world. We all have heard of paralysis by perfection? Well it is real. It is essentially suffocating your organization through lack of execution.

Back to the mathematics … so if we have a simple multiplication equation , let’s call it IDEA x EXECUTION =RESULT In this equation we have degrees for each 1 = poor, 5= fair, 10= good and 20 = great

Now let’s pretend you have a game changer IDEA (20) x crap execution (1) = that’s worth 20

Now let’s say you have a crap IDEA (1) x Stellar EXECUTION (20) = that also worth (20) , see where I am going yet? So the goal is the UNICORN – GAMECHANGER ( disruption) IDEA 20+ x LASER FOCUSED EXECUTION 20+= 400!!

But what in this do we actually have the ability to control and perfect? Hint- it is not getting great at IDEAS!

EXECUTION. Period. A fair (5) or good (10) IDEA is worth 100 or 200 with a focused execution capacity.

But guess what most organizations seem to mix up with Execution? A couple letter off- EXCUSES. when you as a leader start making excuses it’s a fast slide to ineffective execution. Deadlines matter. Speed matters.

So you might ask- what’s your point?

The point is that it comes down to a few key components and there is NEVER a excuse. Sorry.

1. Culture – not yogurt and not contrived. If you want the best then it starts with empowering professionals and measuring results. Constant radical transparency and a growth mindset that must permeate everything and everyone. Blame and assignment of blame are cancer- and a successful organization has zero tolerance for it.

2. Focus – I call this brand self awareness, understanding who you are, who your loyal customers are and the organizational constraints you have and delivering within this capacity. If you are a founder/ sole employee then embrace that and narrow the focus. Do NOT hang doing the work on waiting for a condition such as “when I hire ___” as the stoics often stated – we have Today , yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not certain.

3. Honor the Critical Path, from the top, there should be a absolute understanding of where the organization is tracking towards. For a CPG brand –

what is the launch? Who is it for? What is the competitive landscape?

What exactly is it? Costs ? Details? Packaging? Manufacturing? Projections based on launch planning?

what is the drop dead date?

What is our marketing / sales build up strategy?

What is the content strategy and deadlines?

What is the Go to Market strategy ?

And Stop allowing for contingencies




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