be the calm in the storm

Passion, ambition, emotion, what good are they if they hurl us about? What good are they if they create more destruction to problematic situations?

In my life as I approach my fiftieth year (wow is that really coming so soon) I am more aware than ever that these things are not beneficial if not completely under ones control.

In life the goal I strive towards and has remained very elusive is to be the calm one. To be the questioning one and most importantly the listening one.

In career we find the problem we need to address often is shrouded by tensions from status, whos up, whos down and how that impacts their image to the boss. What is in these scenarios lost is a solutions driven mindset. A growth mindset.

Better to seek to create dialogue after all is not the truest testament towards success the learning and accrual of new skills. The development of learning that provides insights forwards.

A quote I believe to have read is inaccurately attributed to Albert Einstein , but very impactful no matter “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”

So let us all start this week with a couple of deep inhales and exhales and a acknowledgment that everyone is flawed. Everyone is lacking in some manner. Everyone is at some moment vulnerable and the answers to interesting problems are best found through discourse.




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