one life

Momento Mori, “you could leave this life right now” Seems straightforward but upon doing a reconciliation are we conducting our thoughts and actions with deliberate focus on the bigger picture?

We need to surround ourselves only with those who want the best for us but it’s deeper , it’s unconditional love which means not if we contort to their ideal but rather as we are and towards who we seek to become. This is very important because too many times we surround ourselves with those who like us to stay exactly as we are today because it supports them not striving to become more themselves or them simply keeping the status quo. It means a real deep dive into self we want not what we think will impress others.

Extreme ownership – living a truth and deciding how much this means to us. For many the stress of life is self induced and fabricated into a self constructed prison. It means making very difficult decisions , not complaining and cutting through the stress.

Becoming. This is a forceful component. Stop being a slave to stress and social norms and accept that unpopular is often the preferred. Who wants to be ordinary? Like everyone else? Make no excuses and / or apologies for the one life we live. The one as I introduced Momento Mori could vanish at this moment. Forgotten in time. What will your legacy be? Will you have one? Playing it safe is a lie. There is no safe. There is meekly living or raging against the dying of the night.

Speaking ones truth need not be hurtful , ignorant or rude. Just honest. Just truthful. Just truthful to one self.

Life is a mass of imperfections. Own it. Accept it. Be a good person. Don’t make excuses for your shortcomings, just own them and constantly seek you be a better version tomorrow than you were today. Never let those you love ever doubt your love , again Momento Mori.

Find someone who makes you better. Find a way to be vulnerable to them, it is the only way.

Wake up early with intent

Go to bed settling the ledger for the day. Never sleep angry. Always take time to be there for the ones you love

Turn off notifications

Turn on attention

Speak face to face. Look into loved ones eyes.

Thank god when you find someone who makes you better and never neglect to tell them and show them.


Never forget





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