It is always a war within

Focus and inner peace comes at a price of choosing Less. My war within is one I am not proud of. It is filled with procrastination, negativity, depression, fear, disregard, anger and resentment.

Placing blame on anyone except ones self in most matters is a foolish thing.

The only true resemblance of contentment comes from doing and internally realizing we are striving to do what we know to be righteous or as the stoics said the pursuit of Virtue. They realized this was the ideal however that we are all flawed and so the honest pursuit is in itself satisfying.

At 49 I have attempted avoidance, denial, complaining all at my own detriment.

What I am staring down is Discipline, Ownership, Integrity and focus moving forward as I crest the milestone #50 this years end. I cannot stress and change the results past however my approach towards today and tomorrow and the presence I bring to each day is absolutely within my control.

The “T2 experiment” has always seemed on the surface as a endeavor I was to make related to the physical aspects in my life however now I am seeing this from a completely different angle or vantage point.

Only 24 hours in a day does not change but how we use or waste them we can change in a millisecond

As I wrap this post up I see a lot of “dust”, a lot of noise around me that I stir maybe as perpetual distraction.

Discipline- To train 2 times a day/ everyday as in the #75Hard however once for me is getting good at Focusing, meditating and setting the table for successes

Ownership- To me is financial, in every aspect associated to reducing wasted resources and optimizing. Its not over extending, avoidance or playing in the dark with anything anymore which in past has been a true stress point I manifested.

Integrity- Being firm in my belief standards, my faith and development of a real relationship with God.

Focus- This will come with being hyper organized, disciplined and driven. This will add more focus to what matters and the mindset and awareness to provide myself the breaks I require to be at my best in every aspect of my life.

So I begin, 🙂




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