Lets begin……again

As I have not invested any time in this blog nor have I began my journey that I have planned to journal though blog and podcast I have to take inventory of my inaction, my procrastination, my laziness and my hiding from the work I deep down know I need to do.

So today I deleted my Instagram app from my phone and all the distraction that accompanies it.

Today as I type this into my phone I must begin. Honestly the timing is right on both personally as well as professionally. In my physical pursuits I have spent the better portion of the past 12 months chasing ghosts in my training and arrive today with some decisions. At 49 I thankfully feel 20 and attribute that to a lifetime pursuits of health, fitness and vitality. Those deposits absolutely pay enormous dividends.

However at 49 I have some adjusted goals to set my sights on. At present I am in week one of a “Fat Adapting” phase of five weeks as per “Beyond Fasting” by Dr. Daniel Pompa. I will be starting the T2 experiment podcast here and with starting blood work. It all leads up to a five day water fast to promote autophagy and regeneration of stem cells.

I will open this journey up, the foods , the hacks and the challenges. I figure what a great way to hold myself accountable.

I’ll still be on Instagram but strategically not habitually.

So here is to being back and hoping I finally can do what means so much to me. Adding some value and perspective for the community I love.

Love you all lots





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