Rear view mirrors

Dwelling on the past is a handicap if taken to the point of limiting todays decisions

Sunk costs and understanding not to allow yesterdays decisions to hinder todays opportunities is REAL

But I’m not referencing that…

“Sometimes you gotta go back to go forward, and I don’t mean goin back to reminisce or chase ghosts. I mean go back to see where you came from, where you been, how you got here” Matthew McConaughey

The mind has been proven to stitch together past “truths” over time so that it holds them as actual truth. Funny how the mind works isn’t it?

However, in the hecticness of life how many of us truly stop and reflect on where we came from? on the events that shape, strengthen and scar us along the way?

How often in todays social media filled lives do we stop and reminisce of loved ones past?

See, it is the little things that are big and these little this are escaping us everyday.

Reflecting and really getting to the nuts and bolts of who we are I believe is the secret sauce towards a fulfilling life. I fear these generations of “scrollers” runs the risk of incredible regret as they begin to realize time has escaped them.

Time, the only resource you cannot ever replenish or recover.

Growing up we honestly were not rich and spoiled with things in my family. We struggled both financially at times and my folks definitely did not spare us the ups and downs as they went through them.

They did spoil us with experiences. Experiences that I hold dearer than any possession.

My father was the king of “taking a ride”, in the fall every Sunday to the mountains to check on our property, maybe check the buck signs, maybe do some target shooting, but always stopping for a breakfast on the way up and maybe a farmers market and then a nice dinner on the return home. Experiences.

Sitting around my great aunts and uncles tables, listening to the stories past, family stories, where I came from….Experiences




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