Social Distancing

This week I deleted #Twitter

This week I deleted #Facebook

This week I deleted #Instagram

Well, I deactivated them. Why?

Simply, because I began paying attention to

  1. Am I posting for nothing more than social approval?
  2. Am I wasting productivity time on mindless scrolling?
  3. Am I inclined to break from work that matters to check in on the feeds?
  4. Am I emotionally charged by what I am seeing and posting?

Quite honestly, I am becoming disappointed with #Linkdln even now becoming a social approval wheel.

Anyone who really knows me knows how to reach me.

Anyone else that wishes to share ideas knows

Maybe, perhaps the places we hide from our real work are right in plain sight and do not seem like hiding at all?

Maybe a blog and podcast to share thoughts that matter to me is much greater than a “bella Figura” on a social feed?

So that’s todays story. That is my Truth.




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