The Wayfinder

In the cradle of Chaos is where opportunities lie.

The world has shifted. The Pandemic, Covid-19 has changed everything that is certain. I have reviewed some statistics by Mckinsey that states 10 years of online sales growth has occurred in 90 days of lockdown!

So, the role at this critical point of the Wayfinder is not to create products and messaging en mass, but to in fact lead the way to something better. The brand Promised Land. The place available to anyone willing to dedicate their efforts towards relieving pain, and providing solutions for what Seth Godin calls the “smallest viable market”, Smallest because the internet is indeed a micro media platform, viable because it needs to matter and in this smallness comes the ability to focus on overwhelming them in a positive manner.

In the Mass era it was a formula and it worked. Average products for anyone and run radio, television of print. Do it enough and the ROI made it work. Until it did not.

I remember the first time I read Kevin Kelly’s iconic article “1000 True Fans” and now it rings truer than ever.

Lets say you have a “brand” and lets say that “brand” has a established name and position, okay,

What is the area where the “brand” owns consumer trust? What is the brands “promise”?

“Who” specifically is the brand deeply serving? or arent they?

Forget the crude “demo graphics” and adopt seeking to understand “Psycho graphics, worldviews, wants and needs”

I promise that IF a brand cares enough to go all in on serving a specific customer/ Tribe the chance for brand magic exists.

I promise that IF a brand seeks to create everything for anyone the magic will never exist.

So as we soldier on, please take inventory on your teams efforts and understand the greatness possible




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