When the formula doesn’t work anymore

There was a formula and it worked, until it didn’t

Create average products + Create and run obnoxious advertising campaigns in Mass media (Print/TV) = drive brand awareness and sales

and then began the shift…..Enter the Connection Economy

What we have now is not Mass Media but rather Micro Media

What we need now is not Madison avenue “ad men and women”

What was once marketing shifted in the Mass era to “advertsing” and it has shifted back

Marketing is Not a hack, hustle or cheat to game the system

Marketing IS not dictating but rather listening

Marketing is connecting the others and leading a Tribe

As we endure the Covid-19 Pandemic and all associated pain points with the lockdown what we see more than ever is the shift

I would stress brands knowing clearly what their purpose is and to whom

To focus on efficiency of operations

To focus on supply chain integrity

To engage their core community with valuable content geared towards providing solutions






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