The thing about connection

As we recover from the global pandemic I cannot help myself from wondering how many will attempt to revert back the the way it was before

I stop myself from writing entries into this blog continuously because I do not seek approvals, ratings or friends.

Ideally when I write it is not for affirmation. Ideally it is for me to spill thoughts into WordPress that I can look back upon. If anyone sees it and it sparks dialogue- wonderful. If no one does, that is fine also.

Seems to me that the time to choose is now

Seems to me its never been easier and its never been more difficult.

Now is the moment to say it because you mean it.

Now is the “all chips in” moment where we get to make a choice.

Trim anything that is between you and those you seek to serve.

Remove the barriers and focus intently on the smallest viable market

overwhelm, surprise, embrace, understand them.

Maybe you’ll earn their trust

Maybe you will earn their attention.

where will you be in a year from today and will you regret passing on the opportunity you have today in your grasp?




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