Battles and The War

These days really lend themselves to game theory and finite vs infinite games. As we each day enter a new and uncharted world we would be very well served to practice several principles as leaders. I try to wake very early, think and meditate on the day ahead ( the days battle) while keeping vigilant to the bigger plan ( The War). The greatest habit we can develop is a posture of being open to mistakes and learning because we always have something to learn- always.

  • Begin each day with assessing the “battle” before you, what are the challenges of this day? Where are the opportunities? With this practice we can begin to remove emotional reactions and truly make thought through decisions to win the day and at worst circumvent problems to live to fight another day. We must in the midst of chaos exhibit calm, after all who of us would feel assured in following a panic stricken leader into battle? We must remember that to be nimble and able to adjust is a tremendous attribute however there is a fine line between this attribute and irrationally abandoning a plan because of emotions. General Dwight D Eisenhower said ” Things that are important are rarely urgent and this that are urgent rarely important”. I am trying to be worthy of the test. Anytime I feel my nerves I remind myself of that I must assess today, think and work with my team and together tackle the day while keeping a focus on the plan. The plan hasn’t changed ( this is the long game).
  • Rally the troops and be real with them. This is not a situation anyone enjoys so I choose to lead not micromanage. Leaders that gauge by activity are foolish as they often will attain exactly what they demand. Compliance. Times like these challenge us not because of what we can or cannot do- we are all bound by constraints in these times. These days challenge us because we need to be creative and seize opportunities to add value.
  • Learn to listen- really might be the greatest attribute of a successful leader and removing our ego is key. This is easy to type and I am chuckling because not easy for many to practice. Listening, caring, being open to mistakes.

These are a couple of the things I start my day with. I fall often and I keep scars for each any every one of my team members I have ever let down in any way. I pray though all of this for everyone in my charge, past and present. I wish the best for everyone through these troubling times. I do also remind myself what John Fitzgerald Kennedy said ” Do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men”




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