Tests and trials and infinite mindsets

One hour to go on a twelve hour flight into Dubai. A new destination in this life I feel so blessed with. The past week has been a test, a test in putting into practice the learning.

Life is a infinite game. There may be many “goals” and they can be very impactful to the overall course, but make no mistake, the game of life is infinite.

Lately I am very much more in tune with stretching myself to be stronger as a father, a husband and a leader.

This week will be my example, Monday I was scheduled for a short flight from Philadelphia to Boston, with a short stop and then a long flight to Dubai. The problem was that Mother Nature evidently was not in accord.

What started as a short wait and glass of Chianti wound up over four hours. When I began to feel frustrated I took the challenge instead to practice what I prefect. Stoicism. So I looked at it as instead my good fortune to be sitting in a comfortable seat with a glass of wine and relaxed.

Once we boarded I heard a nervous woman asking about the connections and hers to Dubai. I spoke up and told her she was on my flight so just follow me and we would get there. All was good. For the moment.

After multiple hours of delays to our landing in Boston we finally were wheels down in the nor’easter. Once again, grateful.

Now however was the real test. After we ran what seemed the entire Logan airport to the gate we only could watch as the door was closed. Frustration set in. A walk all the way back. And a wait in line 2 hours. I prepared myself- ” ok, how about putting me in a room and rebooking me on the exact flight the next night?”

But again, a test. No hotels. A rebook for 5:30 am back south to NY and then another 3 hour layover and flight to Dubai from JFK.

It’s a bad storm- ok.

Oh btw, missing the original flight- a gift, it sat over 3 hours before it was cleared to take off. I was lucky after all.

So it would be great to say that was it but yes another obstacle.

The 5:30 was cancelled. Ugh. Now this was twenty four hours plus going. The airline sent a following email detailing a rebooked itinerary. But wait, the flight to Dubai leaves four hours before I get to JFK. fuck this! Ugh!

Back in the same line AGAIN!

Now it is about 2am. What to do. What to do?

No hotels

After 2 hours I am placed back on the original flight for the evening coming.

The nor’easter is kicking in high gear outside.

So what to do?

It’s now around 6am and I smell fresh bacon and coffee. That’s something good.

So I called enterprise , maybe I can drive the 3 hours to GAT Sport HQ, after all we have many major directives in the USA as well as International.

But let’s back up here. It’s horrible out. Let’s get to a hotel and find a way. That I did.

Let’s get my head back into the game. I need to be there. Rest. And go

So I’m 20 minutes until landing now. Change is hard shit. To push comfort zones is painful. The universe will help with the rep but only after we get it “off our chest”

I am looking forward to the relationships worldwide we can forge with existing as well as new partners. I am looking forward to learning the nuances with each territory and how to best serve their needs to ultimately serve their consumers with wonderful experiences. It’s always about the end consumer.

It is precisely why we see the direct relationship brands not only winning but dominating.

Customer facing 2020

And with that is coming the T2 experiment

I turn 48 in less than 2 weeks! I keep preaching evolving with the serious enthusiast and how brands miss staying vital.

So this is my attempt to make it about me lol. About US – those of us ” seasoned warriors” and our evolved journey forward

God bless




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