Nostalgia isn’t helping

It can be seen from different perspectives, the change that has occurred in the world and its effects on what we do and how we do it.

It can be seen as dynamic, fluid and inspiring change

Or as we are witnessing as proof – A “Inconvenient Truth”

A Inconvenient Truth that is pushed against and resisted as incorrect or even wrong

Nonetheless it endures

What am I writing about?

The paradigm shift in the manner in which we build brands , how we build relationships with consumers and how we embrace the connection economy which is and has changed it all.

It doesn’t take a MBA , it’s quite simple

The way that worked for so long is dying every day


Mass marketing, Mass distribution, Mass engagement

Seeking the Masses is a lost opportunity taken by a fool who won’t accept the Truth

Someone who is afraid of what this means

All of us are that someone in some aspects

I still hold a nostalgic view on the way it was

But embracing where we are and where we can go is scary but exciting


MICRO MARKETING- for specifically someone

MICRO Distribution because we can reach the “others”

All I can say to all those peers who haven’t embraced the change and the ability to be very specific is that it’s time to accept this Inconvenient Truth that bruises your ego and self confidence- maybe

In pursuit of work that matters and joining the others

Do we really believe these old ways are going to recapture their glory? And why should they ?!

Isn’t the entire purpose to solve a problem for someone ? If connection takes away barriers between you and your community then WHY do you seek to keep them???

If you care to succeed you have to as a brand show up every single day with a generous posture




Gain Permission and sure as hell don’t violate it!

Let the dinosaurs die

Old marketers

Old sales execs

It’s time

It’s now




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