Why it has all changed

I often reflect on my start in this career I feel so lucky to have literally stumbled upon as a young man.

At 47 I was fortunate to begin in a very personal, face to face / relationship driven retail environment.

Everything was different but everything was the same.

The best “brands” understood who it was for- the consumer and the means to reach them was engaged , personal relationships with retailers, category mangers , distribution partners.

Fast forward through the years and who it is for absolutely still remains the end user/ consumer

What has changed is the necessary means to reach them

What has changed is the relationship the connection economy has made available to those willing to truly lean in to create solutions and remarkable personal and relevant experiences for their specific Tribe.

What has changed is that it’s no longer the obnoxious act of handing off the relationship and enjoying the fruits of others labor at the point of contact.

What has changed is they see you as you are

What has changed is that if you provide solutions and show up

And show up

And show up

Trust may be earned

And the ratchet will turn

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it” @simonsinek

We need to STOP the obnoxious spamming

We need to stop the Hacks and tricks

It is rarely awareness that is the problem


And TRUST is earned

As Steven Pressfield says DO THE WORK




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