Ideas, opportunities and identity

I keep coming back to several key points that are undeniable in the full on connection economy

  1. A brands in order to truly be a brand must have a direct line of communication with a specific community.
  2. The internet fundamentally changed the dynamic of how a brand relates with its community and provides the means to do so with regularity.
  3. The internet is Not Mass it is Micro – this is the greatest misconception. Television and print for generations was spend = ROI that was measurable. Not any more. We have the chance to engage , and create valuable experiences for someone not everyone.
  4. A brand indeed has zero true leverage if it third parties it’s entire relationship to wholesale and distribution partners.
  5. Brands that have no clear WHY- WHY THEY EXIST are on a slope to no existence.
  6. More than ever CULTURE is what matters “people like US, do things like THIS” people like WHO? Specifically? Do things like WHAT? Specifically?
  7. Over 75% of browsing is done on a mobile – this is yesterday’s news so brands that do not understand and embrace this are killing themselves daily.
  8. Over 70% of product / item SEARCHES ARE DONE IN AMAZON NOT GOOGLE- so stew on that when you don’t control the biggest stage in the modern age.
  9. Price is a story- what story are you telling? You do get to decide.
  10. Better is a dangerous place to hang your hat. Better is ONLY BETTER IF I THE CONSUMER BELIEVE IT TO BE SO . ( see 1-9)

So we have a choice

Create value, be specific, be clear and be respectful. To create experiences that would make some people miss us if we were gone


We can play the race to the bottom, the abrupt old manner to push our way to the front of the line but it’s time to wake up and say goodbye to that way of existing in the world

Have a great day




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