Observations week one

As I wrap up week one there are several key bits of information I am carrying into week two. All in all

  • Strength is up
  • Body weight is up 200.6lbs ( just under 2 pounds gain)
  • Frequency is definitely to be questioned at this point since as my strength and intensity increases I am experiencing the need to employ logic to my training despite my training enthusiasm. I love training so much and always have that the greatest risk I run with training is my desire to train everyday. Training enthusiasm left unchecked will quickly lead to over training, especially without the additional help of anabolics.
  • Training split I have been utilizing has me training (3) different days.
    • Chest/Lats/Traps
    • Deltoids/Biceps/Triceps
    • Quads/Hams/Calves

I am first making a switch to set training days and keeping the (3) day split. After two weeks if the results indicate the need I shall reduce to a (2) day split and eventually reduce to a (1) whole body original Jone’s style routine once every 4-5 days and eventually increase rest between to 7-8 days.

With this progression my training days shall be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

I do very confidently believe a (2) day split will be the next/ needed progression

I know I missed logging two workouts but rather than do it all here I shall start writing down my workouts in a notebook and making certain to do so daily.

Sundays workout 5/26/2019 Delts/Biceps/Triceps


  • Hammer Side lateral machine ( 2 progressive warmups followed by 1 set to Failure) 1×95/11F
  • Cable X rear delt raises ( 2 progressive warmups followed by 1 set to Failure) 1×22.5/11F


  • Incline dumbell Curls (2 warmups, 4-1-3 cadence) 1×35/11F
  • Machine Preecher curls 110/5F


  • Hammer seated tricep extension 1×110/8F
  • Machine tricep drips 1×190/11F






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