As I have been in this beautiful Iron Game since the age of fourteen I truly miss the old magazines, waiting for the issues to show up at local bookstores ( well before B&N became the only bookstores), the mail order supplement companies that would ship my Beverly liver tabs, Aminos and Protein (giving me a head start with it shipping COD- thats cash on delivery kiddies…yes cash or check). I miss the shorter competition lists and the lack of #Pro’s I see cluttered on IG today offering their “Expert” coaching whatever that means. Quite frankly I miss “gear” being a right to only those with intent on competition and even so after they have initially embarked on that journey being boosted only by training acumen and learning how foods effect their personal physiology.

I miss hard work in the gym and I miss fewer gyms. I miss bodybuilding Gyms being a different place than fitness centers. I miss bodybuilding being a right to those who have had the audacity to stand in front of a small crowd of close friends and strangers in shiny trunks Vulnerable and confident at the same time. I miss oriningal MetRx, I miss Original Blairs protein, I miss Phosphogen HP (Fruit Punch please ), I miss Ironman magazines, I miss TMicheal tops and Platinum everywhere. I miss the bonds that came along with being in the Tribe. We totally fit Seth Godins “People Like US do things like THIS”.

We are not Powerlifters, crossfitters, strongmen or ladies, or the endless training modalities I see online today.

We are bodybuilders. Now instead of being concentrated where we go we are divided into misery all separated and in local facilities.

I still believe that there is something special in digging deep and making a special place just for us. Its not a bad thing. Everyone is welcome but with that welcome and cordiality comes the acceptance that we do things this way here. We are bodybuilders and this is our spot.

Sorry for the off daily focus rant above. See, I began this journey daydreaming in high school about being Mr.Universe, about designing my gym. Drawing equipment plans. Designing floorplans til wee hours in the morning. I walked 3 miles a day to train until I could no longer walk. I cannot help at 47 to believe it can absolutely full circle.

From Boodleys gym at Olney avenue shopping center to every awesome gym I have trained in its still alive in me. The question is If I build it…..Will they COME?

and Do they silently miss that community we let slip away?






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