Deconstructing HIT one repetition at a time

As I have begun embarking on the Heavy Duty journey I am going to write this post to serve the purpose of

  1. Providing the starting point for my journey
  2. Providing the iteration that my particular HD will take on.

*I gave serious consideration to performing the routine verbatim however upon reflection I am choosing to not ignorantly abandon progress and evolved insights. These considerations should prove to impact in many facets of HD version T2 ( nice ring to it ).

The starting point and the scale I shall use at waking point once per week has me at 198.2lbs

I will be doing weekly Sunday morning weigh ins in conjunction with Progress pictures ( just to keep in check that indeed weight gain is not fat gain which I do not desire).

I am ultimately looking to naturally find a good weight that allows me to keep making steady refinements and progress.

As for the training framework I am going to begin posting workouts, all poundage’s and reps (to my best ability as I do lose track when in that zone of torturing myself to the limit)

The split I plan to follow is as follows

  • Back Traps Delts
  • Chest Biceps Triceps
  • Quads Hamstrings Calves

I plan to train by instinct when it comes to days off with limits

  • No more than 2 consecutive training days
  • No more than maximum 4 weekly training sessions

Workouts are going to incorporate Old and New, traditional failure, rest pause and pre exhaustion principles, new innovative exercises and equipment plus standby Nautilus iconic pieces.

The difference will be in the laser focused adherence to HIT principles.

The entire journey will be very interactive and very open to rational iteration IF and when progress should halt.

So, that is my start point. Today May 19th 2019 my workout was as listed below.

7am ( gym doors open time)

  • Cybex Leg press ( 4 second negative cadence , no bounce, 4 second positive ) worked 4 increasing weight sets to final 1×820/13
  • Hammer Hack Squat (superslow) warmup 2x then 1x 250lb/15
  • Leg Extension 1×145/12
  • Seated Hamstring curl 1×145/9
  • Calfs on hammer raise 4x superslow

That is IT

Next workout Tuesday 21st Back Traps Delts

Till then keep INTENSE






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