Preparing to test drive Heavy Duty

As I prepare to embark on a 6 week course of Heavy Duty training there are some subjects to cover as well as a plan to lay out so I can document the results and post a program snapshot.

First and foremost is the need for a training partner. I will be going to war with longtime friend and competitor Monte Plumb. The need as our mentor Mr.Universe Greg Long attests is that a good training partner pushes us to go beyond on a daily basis and is absolutely essential when digging deep into the mental part of the game that comes with pushing into the realm of true Heavy Duty training!

Selecting the workout days/ and exercises and further which exact units will be used is key as well since it will allow us to best record and measure progress.

The split Monte and I have chosen is a slight iteration on the Heavy Duty posted program.

Training days will be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

The split will be

Day 1 Chest/ Lats/Traps

Day 2 Deltoids/Biceps/Triceps

Day 3 Quads/ Hamstrings/Calves

This allows one day to be hit twice in a week rotation and that to change weekly. That second workout is where we plan to deploy extra intensification tactics such as:

Rest Pause sets- by resting or taking a 10- to 15-second pause between each rep you can actually help increase your strength Opens a New Window. and muscle hypertrophy Opens a New Window. . Restpause training. Opens a New Window. breaks down one set into numerous mini-sets, with 10- to 15-second rests in between.

Eccentric only sets- (also known as negative trainingis a technique that allows you to push your muscles past their normal point of failure. This allows you to lift, eccentrically, 30 to 40 percent more weight that you could normally handle (concentrically).

Giant Sets- ( a Milos Sarcev influence) Giant sets are an advanced weight training technique used to shock the muscles and increase the rate at which muscle strength, density, and size are realized. …Giant sets are performed on one muscle group at a time and generally consist of performing 3 or more exercises per muscle group.

This weeks friday workout will be at the home gym for Monte and I with Greg Longs Gym just outside Philadelphia. We plan to train there every Friday to do Photo and scale updates and the final workout of each week.

Having the guidance and insight of Greg and Dennis Long will prove extremely valuable and that gym- the best energy and equipment if you are truly seeking to make amazing goals a reality!

Next post I will outline the diet- The “180 Diet” which is the Champion maker and developed over 50+ years by Greg Long and we plan to cover it inside and out both here and in the podcast- stay tuned and empoewered! Your Sacrifice- Greg Long, Champion, Icon, Legend, Friend






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  1. Brian Batcheldor Avatar
    Brian Batcheldor

    Mike Mentzer was a firm advocate of working “pushing” muscles in the same workout, -chest, shoulders and triceps. This was pretty much central to his focus on getting adequate recovery to tackle his protocols.

    1. tommaso1215 Avatar

      Thank You- you are a absolute resource Brian! We shall definitely implement

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